World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 581
Shen Xiang made Hua Xiangyue give him to arrange a secret place, Hua Xiangyue not to ask that Shen Xiang must discuss anything with that Fan Yakun. This is in a very deep cave, Fan Yakun and that old man confirmed after here is safe, relaxes vigilantly, sits on the chair. Relax, god child , to enter this Mysterious Realm not to be easy.” The Shen Xiang guess is the Devil Subduing School's god child sends for tracking Fan Yakun. „Does he send for looking for you?” Fan Yakun frowned, could see that he dislikes that god child. Um, he makes me lose to you intentionally, wants through to flatter you like this, he has any matter to go to Sacred Dan World probably very much, but I have not promised him, he now is the Devil Subduing School's being in power person, perhaps this time I will be expelled Devil Subduing School.” The Shen Xiang forced smile said that he has taken down in Devil Subduing School these fierce Devil Subduing martial arts luckily, is only he is very regrettable, cannot use that Big Dipper Realm. On this person, has not matched to enter Sacred Dan World, he abandons Heaven World that outstanding environment to arrive at this Mortal Martial World, perhaps also to seek to go to the Sacred Dan World way, in this Mortal Martial World really has to go to the Sacred Dan World method, but hides very secret, moreover that method is troublesome.” Fan Yakun said that Shen Xiang has not thought he will know these many matters. You arrive at this Mortal Martial World from Sacred Dan World, but can also go back?” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that Fan Yakun this person was good, has the heart of becoming friends with. Naturally, Sacred Dan World and Heaven World are different, that is the world that has aloofly, the space quality is the same with Heaven World, can unable to withstand the fiercest dragon, not because the fierce dragon will appear on the avalanche, words that but must return, I must go to this Mortal Martial World most center.” Mortal Martial World isn't the place of center, that Immemorial Sacred Land? That inside seal a dragon, Shen Xiang took a deep breath: In Mortal Martial World the place of center has a very fierce dragon, moreover that place by the formation seal, was very been difficult.” No wonder, how I and Old Duan looked could not find.” Fan Yakun looked at his behind that old man, that is Old Duan in his mouth, this old man words are few, the strength is very strong, but looks like actually probably is Fan Yakun accompanies to be the same, Fan Yakun strength also in Tempering Realm this, but has powerful Nirvana Realm martial artist as accompanying, obviously Fan Yakun has not the low status in Sacred Dan World.

At this time, that Old Duan spoke. „If only the ordinary dragon, I have the means to cope, but can only delay time, I think that should be able to make Young Master have the time to open space passage.” Half double-hour!” Fan Yakun has pondered the period of time, said. Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang cheers up secretly, because he can go to that Sacred Dan World quickly. I promise you to lead you to go to Sacred Dan World, but has not complied to lead you, said, must return to this world is very difficult from Sacred Dan World, my by chance luck was good, opened Ancient Teleportation Formation, arrived here! Also, I cannot promise you to take other people again, if had been discovered by Sacred Dan World old fellow, I must subject to a penalty.” Fan Yakun earnestly said, the complexion is very serious. Shen Xiang does not certainly fear not to come back, he has Heaven's Crown Gate, so long as has enough energy, can open space passage. Good, when?” Shen Xiang nods to comply immediately, he goes to Sacred Dan World not only to go to experience builds up the Pill Saint place, simultaneously must also go to there to seek for Suppressing Devil Bloodline, this is most has the thing of attraction to him. You are ready the words, immediately can.” Fan Yakun added one: You must promise me, do not tell anybody you to go to Sacred Dan World, this matter must keep secret!”

This easy to do, ten days later, we are at outside the city among that forests the biggest tree meeting, in the evening!” Shen Xiang said: Your these ten days shake off the track of that god child, some of some of my also matters must arrange.” You felt relieved, I was one person who was willing the gambling to concede, I comply with your matter I certainly to achieve, moreover you also had the qualifications to enter Sacred Dan World, I make you go not to violate the Sacred Dan World rule.” Fan Yakun brings his accompanying to leave, Shen Xiang hastily looks for Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue, he has not told them to go to Sacred Dan World, but suggested them, oneself could leave a period of time. In these ten days of time, Shen Xiang direction Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue as far as possible study Devil Subduing Energy, because he has not known when must come back, he goes to that Sacred Dan World rarely, naturally stays a period of time in inside, moreover comes back is extremely difficult, therefore this walks, must go to be very long. Ten days on the past, Shen Xiang left Danxiang Taoyuan suddenly quietly, he arrived in the forest outside city, looks at Fragrance City, sighed lightly: Elder Dan, I am not possibly able to compete alchemy with you, I believe that you can certainly cross Nirvana Tribulation!” Goes to Sacred Dan World is a rare opportunity, Shen Xiang cannot miss, the present range he and Elder Dan initially agreed that has about two years. Arrives by that biggest great tree, all around Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi inspect, in order to avoid the person of bright child tracks. Late at night, Fan Yakun and his accompanied, they came time was very covert, Long Xueyi was hard to discover that they arrived. Brother Shen, you had troublesome!” Fan Yakun sees Shen Xiang, immediately start to talk said that these ten days, Fan Yakun has done a very careful investigation to Shen Xiang, discovered that Shen Xiang suited his taste more and more.

Brother model|pattern what this word?” The Shen Xiang ten days stay in Danxiang Taoyuan, all day and Liu Meng'er also has Hua Xiangyue together to exercise martial arts, naturally does not know matter that outside has. You were expelled Devil Subduing School, they suspected that you kill Dongfang Yao, moreover emits to post a reward in secret, hundred million crystal stones buy your life.” During the Fan Yakun speeches, seeing a Shen Xiang face to be light, cannot help but said with a smile: I think that Brother Shen will definitely not pay attention to this.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I was already used to it, is casual they to be what kind of!” Goes to the Sacred Dan World words, you can promote the strength to come back here again, there time and here different, moreover Spirit Qi and resources compared with here outstanding! I know that some of your many matters could not have put, therefore you will definitely not stay in Sacred Dan World long time.” Fan Yakun said with a smile. Here one month, is equal there two years, this is the superiority of higher world.” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, afterward has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, opened Space Gate, this leads to that Immemorial Sacred Land Space Gate. Seeing Shen Xiang can cause Space Gate to come, Fan Yakun and that Old Duan feel very surprisedly, they can also think that this Space Gate is leads certainly to that Mortal Martial World center the place.