World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 582
In Heaven's Crown Gate had to go to the Immemorial Sacred Land record, therefore now Shen Xiang is very relaxed can open a door to go. So long as steps into this Space Gate, will arrive at Immemorial Sacred Land, must cope with that dragon immediately, did Senior Duan prepare for?” Shen Xiang asked. Called me Old Duan that's alright!” This Old Duan also very much has the favorable impression to Shen Xiang: Relax, I momentarily can deal with that fellow.” Shen Xiang nodded, then three people have stepped into Space Gate together, after going, they induce to an intense dragon breath immediately, afterward is crazy dragon angry roar, such as the blade common astral wind assails with one. Old Duan immediately the diving posture, under the nighttime sky, he is similar to from the ground missile, but meteorite, dashes to that dragon. Bang a deafening sound, entire Immemorial Sacred Land violently sways, the ray sparkle, dragon roar is intermittent, inside ruins by Qi Energy that erupts shaking the powder, that intense strength wave, making Shen Xiang be sweating profusely, uncomfortable. Relax, has Old Duan to force, we a bit faster go to the center!” Fan Yakun is also first time sees the dragon, but this dragon is very in his eyes weak, otherwise by Old Duan constraining. Had the Long Xueyi's direction, Shen Xiang confirmed quickly the place of center, bringing Fan Yakun to dash. In this Immemorial Sacred Land, violent swaying and angry dragon wild cry, Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, is very continuously scary, making Shen Xiang be worried slightly. Was here!” In Fan Yakun hand were many a slate of wash bowl size, at this time above is sending out luminously, along with luminous glittering, that slate also slowly increases, quick becomes can accommodate several people big.

So long as I pour into enough energy, can stimulate to movement this ancient formation plate, delivers to Sacred Dan World us.” Fan Yakun said that the release energy of being full, pours into formation plate. With is the same, this that Shen Xiang thinks is really formation plate, moreover that type can increase changes is small, this explained that refines the formation plate material to be rare and mysterious, can facilitate to carry formation plate. Can help?” Shen Xiang asked. No, this formation plate can only absorb my energy, Old Duan must support!” Fan Yakun brow tight wrinkle, at this time he and Shen Xiang places oneself in expert great war, is resisting that wild strength air waves, thinks very strenuously. Shen Xiang releases a waterwall, keeps off in front, such one, he and Fan Yakun are hit by qi wave that great war will erupt, how long but the waterwall could not resist, quick was defeated, he has to release, his True Qi was in any case vigorous. No wonder must this dragon seal here, here be in Mortal Martial World the space weakest place, is other people of world the place that is easy to break through, this dragon is also equal to protecting this world, must know person who many external world, has the aggressiveness, for example that Fire God Palace and Devil Subduing School, are the restless good intentions! But they are grasping very fierce Teleportation Formation, can make them not transmit here.” Fan Yakun said. „Since so that's how it is, no wonder, little has had the influence of external world.” Shen Xiang looks that distant place that erupts the great war place, that side originally great mountains, but is actually razed now, in the billowing mist and dust, Shen Xiang cannot see clearly the appearance of that dragon. The time in the past, under the Shen Xiang foot spirit pattern on formation plate were also little getting more and more, although this formation plate is not big, but above that dense and numerous, spreading across tiny spirit pattern, lets him look at big, spirit pattern are more is abstruser, meaning this formation is stronger, the energy of needing are more. Quick, half double-hour on past, has seen only entire formation plate to stick out suddenly a white light, Fan Yakun is also the face whiten.

Old Duan, with the big [gold/metal] net!” Fan Yakun shouted loudly one. Shen Xiang saw only that great war place suddenly to dodge golden light, continuously Immemorial Sacred Land suddenly that shivered violently was also peaceful, saw only Old Duan to graze to come, to descend on formation plate. Walks!” All around Fan Yakun shouted, Shen Xiang only sees is a white piece, moreover entire formation plate suddenly fast upward raising, the speed rapidness, making him feel a very tremendous pressure, is similar to ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) pressure body is ordinary. „Do I want to go to another world? Sacred Dan World!” Shen Xiang is excited is gripping tightly the fist, some cannot believe that this makes him feel he is having a dream, Sacred Dan World also wants the higher world compared with Heaven World, will have Immortal in that! He does not have to think one will quickly contact such this higher world, let alone the person in Mortal World, many people in Heaven World very yearned for this world! Ring inside Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are also at this moment excited like Shen Xiang, if Shen Xiang can seek for the fierce alchemy master here, refines pills for them, perhaps they can restore the strength ahead of time, although this has the possibility, but hopes to be uncertain, pills that because they need is rare, the refinement difficulty is also very big, even if there is alchemy master of that rank, herbs is also a big difficult problem. As a white light explodes dodges, Shen Xiang suddenly breathes to he has not breathed the fresh air, moreover feels a strange energy to wind around in all around of his body. Welcome to Sacred Dan World!” Fan Yakun said with a smile. Shen Xiang only sees itself on a piece of prairie, here is still night, the star light that but the innumerable stars in sky send out, is illuminating the prairie of this release strange fresh air.

Here unexpectedly does not have Spirit Qi, what strength is that?” The Shen Xiang doubts said that his unexpectedly cannot absorb that energy. This is Immortal Qi, has not arrived at Nirvana Realm unable to absorb, to absorb, can only transform through formation.” That Old Duan said. Although comes back, but Old Duan and Fan Yakun complexion is not attractive. Brother Shen, I am because offends the clan regulations therefore to hide Mortal World to go, does not suit me in the life of Mortal World, I think or come back be quite steadfast, even if subjects to a penalty.” Fan Yakun sighed: I, as soon as appears here, quick will be discovered by the people of my family, for does not implicate you, I and Old Duan will be far away from you first, therefore Brother Shen you put best into it, I believe that you can certainly survive in this world. This world is also very dangerous, you must be careful!” That had another chance to meet, I not here dull too for a long time, moreover my present strength, is very definitely difficult to mix in this world, therefore I collect the sufficient resources, the method of finding I will immediately leave.” Shen Xiang said. We will again also meet, when the time comes again one high under!” Fan Yakun laughs was saying that afterward and Fan Yakun leaves fast. Looks at the stars in sky, Shen Xiang murmured: „A I completely strange world, how can I seek for Suppressing Devil Bloodline here?”