World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 583
Suppressing Devil Bloodline can bring many advantage, Shen Xiang does not know, but that god child does not hesitate to get down to Heaven World on, making Suppressing Devil Temple cause such big action, definitely is not the simple thing. Now Shen Xiang only knows that Suppressing Devil Bloodline in this Sacred Dan World, but he has the opportunity to arrive, naturally must try to seek, that will be lets him from now on to have with the strength capital that Fire God Palace this rank will influence contend with. Here Immortal Qi is really rich, but you actually cannot absorb.” Su Meiyao said. Is uncertain, with Engulfing Devil Art perhaps.” Bai Youyou refuted immediately: Gives a try!” Shen Xiang is feeling all around rich Immortal Qi, immediately displays Engulfing Devil Art, quick felt that massive Immortal Qi emerge his body, this lets be what is surprised, these Immortal Qi are tyrannical, moreover muddy, although contains very rich energy, but smelts with Blazing Dantian, costs the time. Considers as finished, you are not Nirvana Realm, cannot depute directly, absorption such tyrannical Immortal Qi enters the body, may not have what advantage.” Bai Youyou said. At this time two females are very both excited, but they do not dare to come out, although this is Sacred Dan World, but beforehand that Fan Yakun has urged Shen Xiang, here is also very dangerous, so long as the places of some people, generally are this. Where should I start now? It seems like I must go to the places of some people first, understood that this world is good.” Shen Xiang looked at all around, does not know that which direction should in walk. Wait / Etc., best to know that you come from other world, most alchemy masters in Sacred Dan World, very much look down upon the person who other world come.” Long Xueyi suddenly said. How Oh? do you know?” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, before Long Xueyi may not have to mention these with him.

My inheritance memory told me.” Long Xueyi proudly said. „Does inheritance remember? How didn't you say this Sacred Dan World matter with me before?” Shen Xiang is pleasantly surprised, if Long Xueyi knows about this Sacred Dan World, he naturally does not need to ask around to have the matter about this world. I arrive at this world, inherited the memory to jump, that was hides in the memory of my innermost soul, when necessary will appear, otherwise all memory suddenly concentrated together, that will make the persons head pain die.” Long Xueyi said tenderly. Shen Xiang is walking in the prairie, urged: Said that with me this Sacred Dan World matter, where do I want to go to be good now?” Sacred Dan World is the multi-step, looks like the staircase is the same, is getting higher and higher, but the region that now you are is lowest, if you want to go to be higher, must go over hill and dale, across some danger(ous) place, can on, this Sacred Dan World altogether 18, highest that matter, be in Sacred Dan World the strength is stronger, Sacred Dan World strongest influence strongly.” Long Xueyi said. Person in this region, strength Tempering Realm are quite many, but Nirvana Realm goes to a higher level, there is more suitable they to promote the strength, if they mix on this, will only let here person ridicule.” Shen Xiang sighed: Then, good thing in a these higher place?” Naturally is not, good thing in first layer, because first layer is biggest, moreover very suitable spirit herb grows, here can also meet Immortal to seek for herbs, here the city, that is Sacred Dan World several biggest influences simultaneously governs, in that city, regardless has done any misdemeanor, has been sheltered, no one can in inside fight, otherwise quite in Sacred Dan World most these influences is the enemy!” Long Xueyi said. Why is this? In order to protect strength faint person?” The Shen Xiang doubts said.

That city, but many influences are used to purchase herbs, first layer is so big, but the strength faint person are most, they can seek for herbs easily, to let them has a safe place to stay trades, therefore establishes, otherwise no one dares to leak the wealth.” Sinks to think that this Sacred Dan World biggest trade place, unexpectedly in this first layer, he now naturally must go to that city, that inside good and bad people mixed up, all expert have, moreover in the absolute safety, truly is a very good destination. According to the Long Xueyi's direction, Shen Xiang changed the direction, directly soars that Saint Dan City! dragon brat, this Sacred Dan World memory is your father?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Naturally, my father is so fierce, can arrive at this Sacred Dan World not to be strange.” Long Xueyi said proudly: My father in the past here probably also in looking for any thing, is in first layer seeks, concrete he has not told me.” Shen Xiang did not certainly count on that comes to here to seek for any precious herbs, that spends the time, might as well purchases directly, in his hand also grasps the massive wealth in any case, especially these can refine Heaven Level pill's herbs, in Sacred Dan World is also very expensive. This is Sacred Dan World used to trade generally? True Elemental Dan in my present hand are quite many, if not want True Elemental Dan, I must seperately collect.” Saying of some Shen Xiang worries, in Mortal World, True Elemental Dan and crystal stones are the currencies of circulation . Moreover the use is very big. Here, so long as crystal stones, but the strength faint person are quite here many, your True Elemental Dan should also be able to trade many crystal stones, should not compare in Mortal Martial World the low price, especially in this person of many first layer.” Long Xueyi guessed. Saint Dan City is a big stone wall surround giant city, and has very strong formation, is unable from airborne to fly, is unable to fly, turnover can only through these city gates, once commits a crime in inside, to run away is very difficult.

After entering a city, Shen Xiang saw many pills shops, this inside person are many, walks he can discover some Nirvana Realm martial artist on the road. Although here is Sacred Dan World, but is no one alchemy, is only here pills civilization is quite ancient . Moreover the alchemy masters are very outstanding, other relative world are quite many, the high level alchemy master is also everywhere, even still Dan Immortal above some little Dan King exist! Dan Immortal, can refine the Immortal Dan alchemy master, this alchemy master is extremely rare, trillion people do not have one, this is in the Heaven World's situation, in many influences is very honored existences, the authority is next to being in power person. In Saint Dan City has strictest alchemist assessment, this may the rank of Danxiang Tower be different, concrete I do not know that in brief this is the most authoritative alchemy master showed!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang strolled several pills shops, very rare pills sell in some in Mortal Martial World, although the price is very expensive, but the quantity are many, this explained that the resources in Sacred Dan World are truly rich, making him feel what feels relieved, he finds from these pills shops that True Elemental Dan has the market, especially some super influences, need this pill.