World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 584
Shen Xiang finds from Long Xueyi there that Sacred Dan World is one world that is controlled by the alchemy master, in this Sacred Dan World most bottom, he can see many alchemy master many accompanying, the strength strong and weak that these accompany varies, even the strengths of many accompanying be more intrepid than the master. martial artist needs to attach to the alchemy master to obtain strength, the strength of alchemy master will not be certainly weak, they are bringing many stronger accompanying along, but to appear own status and ability, sometimes they also by own does not accompany the accompanying martial arts contests of other alchemy masters! Did not understand that alchemy martial artist, can climb up a alchemy master, that is very lucky matter. Otherwise must seek for herbs laboriously, then received exchange for crystal stones, purchases expensive pills again. These alchemy Master Weile were been stronger by their accompanying, in the hand is also grasping many fierce martial arts, will let accompany to study, thus lets accompany to them is dead set on. Compared with accompanying destiny terrible is the slave, in this world, the person can buy and sell casually, Shen Xiang passed by one to trade the place of slave a moment ago specially, these slave everybody has, their fates are very pitiful. On the broad street, the pedestrian are many, here person majority are fire attribute, Shen Xiang induces to be very pure to Fire True Qi of many person, looks at many people in alchemy, but does not have no great accomplishment. suddenly, the front comes out together the clear and ice-cold tenderness shouted: Hurrying shunt not awfully!” The person on street depends toward two sides immediately, on the face reveals, but the color, could see that they have been used to such matter probably, but Shen Xiang heard many sounds of whipping. At this time only then he also stands in street, he can see that to make way on a street of road, four are red the guy of upper body, is drawing one large cart that seems like White Jade makes, is dashing about wildly fast, on the vehicle, wears the black skirt, the surface obstructs the tall female of mourning band, is wielding a black whip, is brushing these guys, probably is drives the carriage to be the same!

But that is not a carriage, but is the person car(riage)! Moreover is four True Martial Realm is pulling a cart, they look like the horses are the same, lets the person to brush, even if full is the whip-mark, they also clench the teeth, are drawing that White Jade carriage, dashing about wildly. Shen Xiang first time sees this scene, making his brow wrinkle tightly, he will think clearly, why four True Martial Realm cultivation base guys, unexpectedly will not handle such humble matter, will look like probably is the slave is the same. After responding, Shen Xiang stepped the step, drew back to the crowd, but that car(riage) also drove, in the above black skirt female, that pair beautiful and full was the incorruptible pupil is passing the angry ray, she got angry stared Shen Xiang one, has brushed toward a Shen Xiang whip, above unexpectedly was bringing very strong True Qi, making Shen Xiang think that was a soft sword punctures general. Smelly brat, dares to keep off my road, gives you a lesson!” When the female wields the whip, coldly said. Snort!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, gets rid like the electricity, held that to pull out at an inconceivable speed maliciously to his long whip, then pulled vigorously, unexpectedly has torn off the car(riage) that female. This makes the people look fearful and apprehensive, complexion big change, what person because the person in this city is clear this black skirt female is, no one dares to provoke this woman, but some unexpectedly people dare now! Sees in Shen Xiang the action, all around person after amazed, rapid dispersing, hides in the distant place gives up on the person general look to look at Shen Xiang with one type! The black skirt female is more surprised, she has not thought that some unexpectedly people relaxed receive her whip, probably is grabs the straw to be equally simple, she a moment ago that whip was an angry whip, with foot True Qi, but Shen Xiang actually with ease melted in whip above True Qi her condense with invisible, but also poured into a strong suction, making her hand closely stuck the whip, then removed her!

Big courage, you court death!” Black skirt female voice is similar to from nine conveys quiet general, is bringing cold and gloomy heartless murderous aura. I have not kept off your road!” Shen Xiang also stubbornly holds that whip at this time, his both hands are bringing that fierce appearance gauntlet (glove), that is killer's hand, catches the whip of this female, for him is the piece of cake. Shen Xiang truly has not kept off his road, was only the response was slightly slower than others a point, encountered this female to attack, therefore he was angry. You have this strength, shouldn't be so ignorant? You do not know that who I am? You have annoyed me, I can have over a hundred methods, making you regret to arrive in this world!” The black skirt female pulls vigorously, wants to pull out the whip, even if she has exhausted strength, but Shen Xiang is similar to the great mountain is ordinary, is entirely still. The strength of this black skirt female is very strong, Shen Xiang has just used the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art law of ingenious ample capacity, can melt her strong ferocious overbearing strength. Is you are incorrect first!” Shen Xiang frowned, Long Xueyi had told him before, cannot get rid in this Saint Dan City casually, will otherwise be governed the influence sanction of this Saint Dan City, but now looks like actually probably is not this, because he person the reaction energy of this street sees, this black skirt female usually this here is that show off one's military strength person, moreover can at will fight. Lets loose my whip quickly, I do not have the time today and you fight, I will remember your!” Black skirt female coldly said, but Shen Xiang also lets loose the whip. The black skirt female receives the good whip, jumps up to stop on the front White Jade large cart, to that four naked guy is being a strong drive, but the large cart rapidly is also going on the street, pedestrian whole face helpless standing on road by street, looks that White Jade large cart vanishes.

Young fellow, hurries to escape, you died!” old man of good intention passes through side Shen Xiang's, shakes the head sighs. Many people also shake the head to sigh, dares to resist that black skirt female no doubt courage praise worthy, but actually means that must become enemies with that woman, even if undying, results on has fled the life of far-away place. Who is this woman?” Shen Xiang overtakes that old man, hastily asks. Really is an ignorant fellow, this woman is Saint Dan City City Lord, the strength, although does not arrive at Nirvana Realm, but her background may greatly, her father be Dan King, the grandfather is Dan Immortal, but she is also the female alchemy master who a talent different reported that she governed this Saint Dan City, basically can walk sideways in this city, killed individual anything casually, was a cinch radically!” That old man with pitying the look looks at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang also had a scare by this, this background is truly big, the grandfather is Dan Immortal, is in itself City Lord of this city! Even if so, but Shen Xiang was actually not worried, in his opinion, issue that so long as can spend money to solve, is not the issue, since this woman is a alchemy master, that matter became easy to do, after all among them because of misunderstanding to produce conflicts.