World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 585
In Shen Xiang just learned the when status of that black skirt female, he detected immediately several pairs fill the eye of killing intent to stare at him. „The woman has gone out of town, has probably any important matter, otherwise relies on her disposition, definitely meets first takes you, but she does not have, you should better with have a look, can perhaps discover some interesting matter, since she is a alchemy master, can let her so worry matter, I think should with spirit herb anything's related.” Long Xueyi said. Person who the Shen Xiang corners of the mouth went up slightly, sweep these to stare his, he guessed that these people must grasp his, if held him, gave that female City Lord again, definitely will be rewarded. Good, we go out of town to be able this woman, simultaneously dispels the misunderstanding, I may probably dull very be here long, most does not think a rude and unreasonable woman.” Shen Xiang transferred several on the street, cast off that several to track his person very much with ease, went out of Saint Dan City. That female City Lord was staring at with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration by Long Xueyi, but after Shen Xiang goes out of town, turns into the bird in the air speed run, the speed very rapidness, sees that is speeding along not long in the ground person car(riage), that four guys probably are pulls a cart inborn, outside the pulling a cart city dashes about wildly, speed very rapidness. Front good strong Devil Qi! Looks quickly!” Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, Shen Xiang looks immediately to the front. Really, a front big piece of mountain was being covered by black Qi, billowing Devil Qi transmits from there. What's all this about? This is in Devil World massive Devil Beast gather together the time Devil Qi that can present, luckily is black Devil Qi, if invisible colorless, then meant that these Devil Beast are formidable, is Nirvana Realm!” Bai Youyou said with amazement. Possibly was here also had the crack, but not on that and Demon World connected passage like Chenwu Mainland, but here was the Devil World interlinked crack, powerful devil cultivator is unable generally through this crack, will otherwise be torn.” Su Meiyao said. suddenly, under Shen Xiang in that forest, ran out of innumerable has been similar to the bull common giant black wolf, on the wolf back was riding a tall and strong guy, skin very dark colored of these guys, on the face full were the color of evil spirit, the whole body Devil Qi leak, understood at a glance that was a Devil World people.

These Devil World cavalry soldiers tens of thousands, clashes crazily from forest, the shake and that wild roaring of group beast galloping, the deafening sound world, resound through the four directions, stirring. Devil World's demon wolf cavalry soldier, strength has been equal to True Martial Realm 9th Stage, unexpectedly has 50,000, it seems like Devil World for many years, the strength develops so rapidly! However can produce passage Devil World with this Sacred Dan World, is definitely unusual, this Sacred Dan World with the world of Heaven World similar rank, therefore when the time comes with this Sacred Dan World interlinked Demon and Devil World is also the same level rank.” The Bai Youyou's words, let in the Shen Xiang heart with amazement. Five ten thousand True Martial Realm 9th Stage Devil World martial artist, is riding the savage wild demon wolf, moreover is only a small part! That female City Lord stops her person car(riage), the facial expression looks at that to stop sternly in her front demon wolf cavalry soldier army, pulls a cart the four guys of her White Jade large cart, at this time the whole body shivers, trades to be anyone, facing tens of thousands this types demon wolf cavalry soldier who looks like savage, will be fearful and apprehensive. Black fog suddenly comes out from forest, stops in front of the cavalry soldier army, turns into aggressive guy who a whole body whole body puts on black armor. Du Yanyao, do you prevent me? This my army increased to 50,000, decided to trample flat your Saint Dan City, Saint Dan City old fellow no longer the city, their whereabouts firmly are being known by us now.” commander said while loudly laughing of that demon wolf cavalry soldier. Shen Xiang has not thought that such a rude and unreasonable woman, the name sounds is very gentle. You have trampled flat Saint Dan City, you sooner or later will be destroyed completely!” Du Yanyao coldly said, long whip fierce brushing in hand in the ground, sticks out suddenly shakes clearly crack, the reverberation horizon, shakes the earth slightly to tremble, the imposing manner is sufficient, making the black great wolf gallbladders of these mouthful buckteeth tremble. Ha Ha...... Has not thought that your unexpectedly person brings death, how close crack these old fellow should in discussing, but they have not thought that our Devil World armies all do not fear death, we live to slaughter, does not slaughter others, was slaughtered by others, therefore our lives were doomed in slaughtering ended!” That commander said with a smile crazily.

Du Yanyao not only one time has encountered with them probably, at this time facing these tens of thousands demon wolf cavalry soldier armies, unexpectedly is self-poise, this minute of guts make Shen Xiang admire but actually. Shen Xiang is circling on in the air now, looks below sound, these black great wolf and strength wild Devil World martial artist, probably is the energy is in his eyes ordinary, since he grasps Fire God Art after Blazing Dantian, can smelt various energies, but now he longs for obtaining strength, but the best means are to carry on crazy devour. But must have enough thing devour to be good to him, but at present has a troop! Armor is the strength is quite formidable, below has several hundred, looks at the appearance in Spirit Martial Realm late stage this!” Long Xueyi said. This is also the Shen Xiang's essential target, he only then devour these, can obtain the massive energies to smelt to him. Catches this woman exactly, making us enjoy well the taste of this woman, Ha Ha!” That commander is laughing wildly, this makes Du Yanyao be angry immediately. Several instances, wear black armor in army Devil World martial artist, flushed fast, that Du Yanyao surround, there is dozens. Her strength is not weak, but depends on her to face this huge-crowd strategy, how long could not resist, seized the opportunity to get rid, this can melt between you and her the misunderstanding.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang is very certainly clear this, he has circled in the air, was waiting for the best opportunity gets rid, but his goal is that big commander, captures the ringleader first.

„Will this woman such idiot, a unexpectedly person rush? Does she have what to depend on inadequately?” In the Shen Xiang heart has doubts, that gathers round Du Yanyao dozens Devil World martial artist suddenly to get rid, sees only them to send out one to explode the roar intermittently the sound, in the mouth spout black Qi Energy, condense becomes one black lance, is similar to the sudden downpour common thorn to Du Yanyao. Du Yanyao tenderly shouted, jump, shunted these to bring the lance that wild energy condense was becoming, but her White Jade large carts and four pulling a cart guys, turned into the smashing instantaneously. As bang the sound ended, the earth that sways violently is also tranquil, Du Yanyao just landed on the ground, that dozens black armor guys are brandishing the blood-colored long blade, arrives at side her, is one slashes, the blade blade erupts black intense blade Qi, forms innumerable blade Qi, is similar to the strong winds, from covers Du Yanyao in all directions. Du Yanyao does not show weakness, drinks one coldly, lifts the high white hands, lets long whip in the air crazy revolving in hand, forms screw energy shield, is protecting her. Opportunity came!” Shen Xiang has been staring at that commander, at this time that commander is looking vigorously, will not care about a danger(ous) person to ambush in the air.