World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 586
Turns into Shen Xiang that bird in the air circles, when flies that commander place above, suddenly changes the turn into a human shape, in the hand also left Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is sparkling the azure ray, as he pours into strong True Qi, chops chops, the weight of knife can be ten hundreds of millions jin (0.5 kg)! The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade above golden color gloss winds around, this is Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, has very fatal lethality to Demon and Devil, when he from airborne falls, he condense energy is more formidable! He not only need use Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, but must use Devil Subduing Energy! Since he learns Devil Subduing Energy, has not practiced on Demon and Devil, the present is a good opportunity. suddenly presents in the air Shen Xiang, is similar to is sparkling golden light fierce positive crashes generally, in that instantaneous, incomparably boundless murderous aura spout from him, unexpectedly covers Devil Qi of these tens of thousands demon armed forces, making all people on the scene shock incomparably. That commander discovered quickly murderous aura from airborne transmits, he looks up, the golden light stabbing pain that the Shen Xiang body sends out his both eyes, that ray is shining very uncomfortably him, when he just wants to dodge, pā pā pā pā pā pā......” rapid and clear continual thunderclap deafening sound vault of heaven, that thunderclap sound, as if can pass through the space to be ordinary! Divine Blade cuts, is bringing surging forward strength, destroys the hardest defenses, sweeps away all obstacles, even if that commander has a fierce armor, at this time from the beginning was also cut the leg root by Divine Blade, cuts two halves. After chopping next, Shen Xiang like the lightning, presses firmly between the fingers that white Qi ball that braves from the commander body, then squeezes in the mouth, revolution Blazing Dantian, the strength of release smelting, fast smelting! An audience silence, they cannot believe that their commander unexpectedly was cut two in the flash, that is commander that they worship, the strength is powerful, but actually dies now such suddenly!

Dies after the general silence, is intermittent crazy angry roaring, surrounded Du Yanyao that dozens black armor guys to be insane generally, overran toward Shen Xiang. Places oneself in army middle Shen Xiang, the complexion is natural, unexpectedly also shows a smile, his suddenly emits golden light, golden Qi mist shakes along with his body, blows to eight sides, this is Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, after these devils move, cannot help but retreat comes, on the face full is the color of loathing. Several swoop suddenly from the Shen Xiang recent black armor guy, holds up the broadsword in hand, is slashing to Shen Xiang, but when they swoop, Shen Xiang waves Divine Blade, the speed must unable to see how quickly he brandishes a sword, can only see two golden circular arcs to stay in the air, but several black armor guys who that swoops around the middle broke off, afterward is torn to pieces, energy Qi ball in dantian actually completely by the Shen Xiang induction port. These Devil World martial artist majority of energies in fleshly body, these energy Qi ball only account for 10% of their whole body energy, very few, but is actually on them the purest energy. Also died several small commander, moreover is an instance, adds on Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi that on Shen Xiang braves, many Devil World martial artist secretly fear, especially they by that invisible when terrifying murderous aura covers, thought that the death is the same in them at present. Has killed him!” A black armor guy flew, but Shen Xiang actually arrived in this time suddenly jump airborne, only listened to a clear cry to eat delicacies in the reverberation in the horizon, Shen Xiang's back suddenly spout two groups of flame, pair of huge fire wings suddenly condense behind him. Huge Vermillion Bird Fire Wings spreads the wings thousand zhang (3.33 m), incomparably covers burning hot immediately, that type scalding hot sweeps across under with Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, lets these Devil World martial artist immediately the muddy heat radiating from body uncomfortable incomparable. Du City Lord, fast is far away from this place!” Shen Xiang yelled, an intense flame imposing manner explodes to well up, presses the following demon wolf and Devil World martial artist sends out one to explode the roar.

Du Yanyao complexion still ice-cold, she also has one inexplicable fear to Shen Xiang at this time, dreadful murderous aura, the incomparably fierce flame, this is she is unprecedented. Du Yanyao several graze, arrived at the distant place, at this time she sees the Shen Xiang suddenly zero forward velocity operation of in the air, then revolves along with him to huge fire wings, produces qi flow, quick turns into huge Fire Tornado, is involved in which these Devil Path Martial Artist and demon wolf, this makes her look dumbfoundedly, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly can by a person of strength, eliminates these tens of thousands demon wolf cavalry corps. In her opinion, if no Nirvana Realm strength, that is absolutely impossible to accomplish, but she actually saw that Shen Xiang's cultivation base does not arrive at Nirvana Realm, otherwise that group of demon wolf cavalry soldiers already unravelled. Engulfing Devil Art!” In the Shen Xiang heart drinks, was burnt remaining energy Qi ball completely to absorb by the Suppressing Devil flame these, this incomparably powerful energy emerges his body crazily, making him feel that in own meridians from top to bottom has the innumerable great rivers to attack turbulently is being same. These energies enter his body, the strength of instantaneous smelting builds up, revolves through him again Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, emerges in the dantian rapidly, condense in these beast image! Enters Soul Martial Realm Shen Xiang, these True Martial Realm 9th Stage fellows in his eyes are similar to the ants, kills these many True Martial Realm 9th Stage Devil World martial artist all of a sudden, in his opinion is also very normal. Energy were too many, does not know that can my condense 8000 grains of true element grains, I be able to enter Soul Martial Realm late stage like this!” The Shen Xiang heart said that at this time his body was winding around by massive energy Qi ball, is waiting by his devour. First was far away from that woman to say again, so as to avoid being attacked by her!” Long Xueyi said.

Shen Xiang suddenly stops displaying Purgatory Tornado, flutter that to huge fire wings, several are far away from this piece of Devil Qi has been covering mountain forest suddenly, has been far away from Saint Dan City! Du Yanyao deeps frown, she is searching the memory in mind, wants to have a look at the Sacred Dan World anything family anything influence to have this freak to exist, unexpectedly is so formidable, seeing Shen Xiang to leave, she relaxed, she will also be worried about Shen Xiang to her fight, because before , she and Shen Xiang has had the conflict. Shortly after Shen Xiang expels, one group of flame suddenly behind burn in Du Yanyao, a middle-aged person appears, although is long the overwhelming power to be valiant, but does not have what dignity. This middle-aged person is throwing over a black robe, his took a deep breath: This degree is murderous aura, is my first meeting, Yanyao, did here have the matter?” Father, went back to say again.” Du Yanyao was considering if wanted keeps secret the Shen Xiang's matter, sees an appearance of her face thinking, that middle-aged person has not asked again, he understands his daughter. Shen Xiang hides in piece of very bleak mountain forest, builds up these also to wind around in his body outside energy cyclone. If several groups of this demon armed forces, do not know again can I arrive at the Peak Realm peak?” Shen Xiang very longs for obtaining stronger strength now.