World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 587
Passed for three days, Shen Xiang on completely these energy devour, melts refined into pure True Qi, compresses in true element grains in dantian, making true element grains increase 4000 grains, now altogether 84,000 grains, he also wants recompression massive True Qi, shone 4000 grains again, can break through, then obtained Martial Dao the strength of granting! He comes out from mountain forest, dashes toward that Saint Dan City, he must make the best use of the time, seeks that Suppressing Devil Bloodline as soon as possible, then returns to Mortal Martial World, in this Sacred Dan World, same meets danger(ous) heavily, so long as here has the formidable influence, grasps him of massive spirit herb resources, sooner or later can have the conflict with these influences. In Saint Dan City, after Shen Xiang goes, immediately felt on each face were many a heaviness, obviously was they knows not far away outside the city had a space crack, many Devil World's devil cultivator and Devil Beast came from that crack, this made them somewhat somewhat worry. But Shen Xiang actually does not care, in this world that has Immortal to have, that crack will be blocked quickly, moreover does not bet, these devil cultivator and Devil Beast that coming cannot make a name. Shen Xiang strolled most of the day in Saint Dan City, inquired that has the detailed matter about this Sacred Dan World much, for example influence distribution in this Sacred Dan World, as well as other major events. This Saint Dan City City Lord Du Yanyao, is Du Family, Du Family is a very big family, has distributed in Sacred Dan World 18, the Saint Dan City that Du Yanyao governs, is in Sacred Dan World the biggest city. little rascal, you stared!” The Long Xueyi reminder said. Strength is not strong!” Shen Xiang also just discovered that he paid attention slightly, discovered that tracks own person to have eight, the strength above Tempering Realm, these people looks like is very ordinary, but True Qi is very vigorous purely, only then cultivates high level martial arts or takes pills to have this degree of True Qi for a long time. Is because my previous time offended that female City Lord?” The Shen Xiang heart said that continues to stroll on avenue, but person who that is tracking his also slowly walks. Quick, Shen Xiang by these eight people encircling.

We are City Lord's Mansion, two City Lord have the order, must lead you to go to City Lord's Mansion.” A guy ice-cold said. This Saint Dan City three City Lord, big City Lord is that Du Yanyao, two City Lord and 30% main are also the Du Family people, but does not have the bloodlines of Du Family, they are the people who Du Family trains, is loyal and devoted to Du Family . Moreover the itself strength is also good. Other fight moves the foot, I with your that's it!” Shen Xiang said low and deep, in the sound is bringing gloomy and cold, making that grab the person whole body of his arm to tremble, somewhat panic-stricken looks at Shen Xiang. Then, Shen Xiang was encircled by these eight people in the middle, moves toward City Lord's Mansion. That two City Lord male, moreover grows up in Du Family at a young age, Shen Xiang inquired before some rumors, in other words these two City Lord and 30% hosts want to obtain Du Yanyao, but they regardless of the strength or the status, is inferior to Du Yanyao, therefore definitely is hopeless. City Lord's Mansion is very big, guards very sternly, has large formation to protect, Shen Xiang stands outside a luxurious house now, in a well-dressed good-looking male hand is holding appreciatively three grains of beads, walks slowly from inside, then several person hastily put out on a luxurious chair, making this man sit down. This man is two City Lord, named is good, the manner is arrogant, moreover is small-minded, method very ruthless, is an extremely sinister person, can arrive this step in Du Family this big influence, does not have a method is incorrect, at this time he entrusted with heavy responsibility by Du Family, becomes this Saint Dan City two City Lord, moreover in Du Family, he naturally cannot receive too many restraints, reveals his natural disposition with nothing left. Sees two City Lord, hasn't saluted quickly?” A guy exclaimed, a fierce foot held on the Shen Xiang's knee, but Shen Xiang actually immovability, steady standing there, although that foot vigorously, the foot trampled the broken stone very much, but he resembled the bystander to be the same. Shen Xiang looks straight ahead that two City Lord to be good, coldly said: What matter asked me to have? The words that being all right, do not waste my time!”

Good frowned, looks the scowl, sees only guy loudly shouted: Dissolute, two City Lord summoned you, that was your being honored, you not only did not salute, but also was impolite to two City Lord, courted death!” Saying, the guy has been hitting to a Shen Xiang palm of the hand. Was too slow!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, the palm like the thunderclap, is having the prestige of thunderclap, a palm pats on the wrist|skill of that guy, sees only a flame to explode dodges, the guy pain shouted one, on that wrist|skill unexpectedly braved smog, Jiao Rou a flavor scattered in this yard. After a Shen Xiang palm discards the arm of that guy, on the foot is wrapping one group of intense flame, is spraying boiling hot burns the heat breath, the lightning flies to kick generally, the ejection, kicks from bottom to top in the chin of that guy, all around person only hears a skeleton disruption the resounding, the guy flies upside down, falls sends out the pain in the ground **. Snort!” Shen Xiang gets angry coldly snorted. Was lawless, gives on me, takes this bastard!” A guy comes up on the strategic place. Slow!” Spoke good finally, the sound, Shen Xiang got rid truly to make him feel languidly a moment ago surprisedly, but he actually does not fear Shen Xiang. Good lazy stands, at the back of both hands, put on a high and mighty act trend Shen Xiang, his voice ice-cold said slightly: I worked as these two City Lord already 30 years, first time some people dare so to hate the hand under my front!” Not person who I pay attention, I usually did not fear that his life pays attention to!”

Good voice suddenly is fierce, whole body murderous-looking, five fingers, curving powerful, is similar to the goshawk catches the rabbit to be ordinary, is bringing strong True Qi, is attacking the air, toward Shen Xiang's head flexure in the past. Shen Xiang early is prepared, a yawn roar, a clear dragon roar explosive suddenly gets up, the acoustic shock eight sides, in his mouth True Qi of azure light sparkle changes to one to bring the lightning astral wind together, is mixing with together the wild angry thunder, the instantaneous bombardment on that good palm, sticks out suddenly a crazy lightning explosion sound, but is bringing incomparably wild lightning astral wind, blows that good hair chaos, whole body ragged. Shen Xiang has utilized strongest Azure Dragon True Qi, roars Azure Dragon Roar, but such roared, not only melted that good evil and cruel attack, gave back to come to be caught off guard good. Two City Lord!” Sees after all around that several guys, shouts that flies to abundance, has drawn out the sharp knife, slashes carelessly toward Shen Xiang, the blade sword strap intense True Qi, is wishing one could to chop completely squashed to be broken Shen Xiang.