World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 588
All around person will flush, Shen Xiang already expected. Several broadswords cut off, but has actually divided spatial, what because they chop to chop was only a virtual image, Shen Xiang displays Water Mirror Art to avoid, hides airborne. In above!” Good yelled, but his sound falls, sees only a huge golden palm to depress just like the hill generally, contains is having the impulsion, that qi wave becomes the powder the stone brick crush of ground, but that several guys are similar to withstand thousands of jin (0.5 kg) strength such, cannot help but lies to fall to the ground. Bang a deafening sound, the ground trembles, that several guys have not sent out to yell with enough time, is pressed the completely squashed sauce by the palm that golden True Qi condense becomes, gets sucked under the soil. „To kill my person, I will not make generally him live!” Shen Xiang waves, the ground burns the steaming raging fire, is burning these corpses. Snort, do not think own somewhat strength, on show off one's military strength, I told you, this was City Lord's Mansion, you have been unable to escape even with wings now!” Good looks like somewhat distressed, but has not actually been injured. Saying, him one step was stepping in front of Shen Xiang, the fist palm fluttered, the shadow of fresh breeze charged, instantaneous innumerable fist palm appeared, is burning the flaming roaring flame, was having the strength of wild with rage lightning, pounds toward flying that Shen Xiang blotted out the sky. This with fully strength, this suddenly attacked good, was similar to the Thunder Fire tide, went toward a Shen Xiang volume instantaneously, Shen Xiang cannot think that this good attack unexpectedly was so overbearing, he responded that was only slow little, but the upper body was hit ten came the fist. Qi Energy that powerful strength forms, penetrates the Shen Xiang's body, hits on a following stone wall, making into smashing, but aura and sound that at this time here erupts, in this peaceful City Lord's Mansion, but is very big, does not alarm the person is impossible. Stops to me!” Ice-cold loudly shout transmits together, this is the Du Yanyao sound.

But that has probably not heard good actually to be the same, fist above winds around faint trace lightning glow, the flame is welling up crazily, an arm inflates slightly, massive True Qi condense on arm. Drinks one good fiercely, is similar to the flying arrow flies to shoot generally toward Shen Xiang, that including the fist of belt incomparably intense strength, is hitting the air, arouses the genuine airing, as if the space must split general. When the fist arrives at present, sees only Shen Xiang to put out a hand to grasp, on the fierce appearance fist is winding around Universe True Qi, releases formidable strength, when presses firmly between the fingers the good fist stubbornly, melts on that fist wild strength, but Shen Xiang was pushed retreat by that fist dozens steps. The complexion big change, he has not thought good immediately Shen Xiang's strength unexpectedly is so intrepid, but such grasped keeping off his strong fist, must know, if were he martial artist with cultivation base, little said that must the severe wound. Dies!” Shen Xiang complexion sank, in eyes glittering thick killing intent, is pinching vigorously, pinches the smashing that good fist. Sent out one to yell good sad and shrill: Saves me!” No one could save you!” Shen Xiang gets angry shouted, Dragon Force emerges immediately, is winding around the palm of vigorous Dragon Force, is shaking the air, the bang hits suddenly on the good chest, strength of that shake explodes wells up at the same time, resounds pā pā pā pā......” ten resounding, pass through the clouds. Dragon Force urges Shocking Heaven Palm that sends to turn into Devil Subduing Energy ten layers, the might terror, hits after that good body, sees only that good back suddenly split open, the blood fog spout. Shows mercy!” That Du Yanyao sees is Shen Xiang, hastily shouts to clear the way.

But Shen Xiang actually does not pay attention, to severely wounded half dead good is being a series of taking control, holds the palm to bring wild shake strength and Heaven-shaking thunderclap continual resounding, heartless, but the savage bang hits on the good body, is only in a flash, the good body turns into a beach mud. The time is very short, but makes people who these just caught up with feel creepy feeling, shocks and frightened, usually in their eyes keeps aloof, being domineering and tyrannical two City Lord, such died, moreover dies such miserably! Because of Du Yanyao here, other people also await calmly her to order to seize Shen Xiang, but in their heart is not very willing at present this mysterious and fearful male fight, they do not imagine such dead good such miserably. Du Yanyao falls gently gently, stands in front of Shen Xiang, she still wears a black skirt, making her whole body send out a strange beauty, simultaneously does not lose the noble makings, she has an oval face, maturity is beautiful, but this beautiful face probably will be inborn will not smile to be the same, although will be beautiful, but Shen Xiang is actually not able to associate to the appearance that she will smile. What's all this about?” Du Yanyao swept of that turn into a human shape not to be good lightly, although the person of dying was two City Lord, but in her eyes with dying an ant did not have what difference, what status obviously this good ordinary day in her eyes was. A Du Yanyao appearance, Shen Xiang is staring at her, looks unscrupulously that ice-cold and lets the person captivated oval face, in the past he looked at the woman time, looked at the cheek, somewhat will again sweep the stature, it is estimated that a size, but this Du Yanyao facial features were very appealing, making the person unable to bear looks at several. He asked me to come, must kill me, I to protect oneself to hit back.” Shen Xiang replied truthfully, now True Qi condense of his within the body in the four limbs, prepares momentarily to get rid, he not because the opposite party will be a charming female, will relax vigilantly. Du Yanyao has also stared at the Shen Xiang's face to look that they such are looking at each other, did not speak, but on them was actually releasing a invisible imposing manner, making all around person not dare to approach. „Who are you?” The Du Yanyao expression became moderate, asked.

I stayed in the remote mountain greasily, came out to transfer the extension, has not thought that will come across these many not satisfactory matter, oh!” Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs: If you must catch me, on fight, but I told you, must catch me not to be easy.” You walk!” Du Yanyao said that said to the guy: Delivers him to exit, between I and him enmity does not need other people to meddle, otherwise is my Du Yanyao does against!” Is full of might and sound, frightening these to seek the Du Yanyao favorable impression, to the Shen Xiang fight person, hears these words secretly, they later do not dare to get rid to Shen Xiang, moreover they do not have that strength, otherwise their fates are good with. Shen Xiang went out of City Lord's Mansion, relaxed slightly, that Du Yanyao imagines him is more formidabe, previous time looks like, although she was surrounded, but Shen Xiang has not actually seen her true strength, moreover her manner, resembled all around all people a moment ago is ants general existence. This woman came Highest Venerable to be expensive, has decided her disposition, moreover she wheted deficient, if were few spirit, such did not make a great show of one's talents, that was definitely good!” Su Meiyao happily said with a smile: „Did little rascal, have the interest to others?” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Is more honored than the status, Sister Meiyao and are Sister Youyou on the second her ten streets, what she? Let alone this Sir also has dragon brat this noble Imperial Dragon to be the friend of mine, isn't a Dan Immortal granddaughter? The father sooner or later also becomes Dan Immortal.” „, Sister Meiyao now is taken by your this little rascal, your side also has Liu Meng'er this empress and Xue Xianxian this beautiful Little Fairy...... this Dan Immortal granddaughter calculates the fart.” Long Xueyi hears Shen Xiang to praise her, immediately is delighted.