World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 589
After leaving City Lord's Mansion, the weather is gradually late, Shen Xiang looked for an inn to stay, calms the mind to think the plan, now he must seek for Suppressing Devil Bloodline in this Sacred Dan World, a clue did not have, does not know where since should from look. Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable is a character, our Imperial Dragon Clan very much respects him, if he has come Sacred Dan World, old undying in this Sacred Dan World definitely will know his something, if can contact these old undying to have the means.” Long Xueyi said. Previous Shen Xiang comes time, but also meets some Nirvana Realm takes a walk on the avenue, but one, has not actually met today, Long Xueyi previous time has said that may also meet Immortal in this Saint Dan City, but Immortal not necessarily is these old undying, to find these to know very well that the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable fact old fellow is not easy. „Isn't that Du Yanyao grandfather Dan Immortal? Can become Dan Immortal definitely lives was very long.” Su Meiyao said: Depending on the intuition of woman, I felt that this Du Yanyao does not dislike you, perhaps also wants to become friends with you.” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: It seems like tonight must go to be able she to be good, since she is the alchemy master, that is easier to do.” I help you pack Good Fortune Fruit, takes away to give to her, should not be a problem, even if this Sacred Dan World has this thing, but will not be many, will give to her definitely not to reject.” Su Meiyao said that this thing Shen Xiang can make many, gives a present with one, receiving in exchange has the news about Suppressing Devil Bloodline, at is not anything. City Lord's Mansion by large formation bit by bit, went in coldly is quite difficult, only if from entrance. But in the dark night, Shen Xiang turns into a black butterfly, has submerged very much in City Lord's Mansion with ease. dragon brat, a bit faster looks for that woman!” Shen Xiang said. What you consider to peep she to take a bath anxiously to change the clothes?” The Long Xueyi accent said with a smile: Looked together, I also like looking the pretty woman does not wear the clothes time.” little pervy dragon, you compared with me badly, I at most have thought that you actually dare to do!” Shen Xiang ridicules to say.

Long Xueyi can adolescence, on the one hand because of Shen Xiang become stronger, has again is she all day can eat rare and precious spirit fruit and pills, she thought that in Heaven World, she is not possibly able to eat these many things, therefore she did not regret to the initial decision that with Shen Xiang is a very correct choice. Disappointed you, this woman has not taken a bath again, probably was walking toward the City Lord's Mansion entrance, such late has she can go to look for the man?” The Long Xueyi doubts said. Quick, Shen Xiang saw Du Yanyao, he does not dare to move at this time, the incarnation for him of butterfly, Jing Jing (quietly) lies on a tree, this Du Yanyao and other martial artist are different, he worried that will be discovered. After waiting for Du Yanyao to leave City Lord's Mansion walks away, Shen Xiang following on the heels quietly, has Long Xueyi with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, he will not be worried with losing. She sped up the footsteps, can go out of town?” Long Xueyi said. With knew!” Shen Xiang turns into a bird, speed run. After half double-hour, Shen Xiang looks at behind in the upper air, only sees in Saint Dan City glittering the lights, looks from afar that pours is also Mei and Jing, but he is still following close on Du Yanyao now. His mother, I am the second time with this woman.” The Shen Xiang heart said that this Du Yanyao this time has not chosen a person to pull a cart, but is not so fast but so slow neither is walking. suddenly, Long Xueyi had discovered on a front piece of wilderness is standing a person: Is a man, strength in Tempering Realm early stage this, practice Fire True Qi, looks at the appearance is a alchemy master!”

This female City Lord is really comes out to look for the man.” Shen Xiang also saw that prairie above man, that is one is long very high, but very thin man, the appearance is handsome, will put on very on, making the person seem thought that very comfortable person, on the face will hang the amiable smiling face, in the hand is taking a folding fan, will look like gentle. Young lady, a half year does not see, you are also more attractive!” The man said with a smile, although in his mouth shouted Du Yanyao for the young lady, but he looked like with Du Yanyao probably is the good friend is the same. Du Peng, when do you return to the city continue to work as three City Lord? Died good, wants me to manage Saint Dan City, I may unable to endure.” Du Yanyao expression unexpectedly became gentle, but sounded actually still to aloof, ice-cold bone to inter the body. Young lady, I heard that Qian Family that famous flame immortal proposed to you, haven't you accepted?” Du Peng asked. Rubbish, leads me to look for that Purple Flame Dragon Flower quickly.” Du Yanyao complexion sank, sound compared with a moment ago ice-cold. Good, but that place some danger(ous), there are the miasmas, that type of toxin I think that the young lady also knows.” Du Peng shakes the head sighs: I to drive the toxin in this year, have not returned to the city. Young lady, your grandfather is missing for many years......” Cannot raise my grandfather's missing matter!” Du Yanyao loudly shouted, is looking angrily at Du Peng in vain: You worried that I was poisoned unable to solve?” Du Peng sweats profusely immediately, said: Yes, there poisonous and fierce, I from afar saw that Purple Flame Dragon Flower to walk on hastily, otherwise was slow, perhaps I must die in inside.”

In the Shen Xiang heart is secretly surprised, Dan Immortal unexpectedly in that Du Family Legend was missing for many years, but Du Family has been keeping secret, to avoid going to enter by other influences, Du Yanyao so will be no wonder discrete a moment ago. Naturally, what making Shen Xiang more accidental is, that Du Peng unexpectedly had found Purple Flame Dragon Flower, this is Immortal Medicine, the flowers of Immortal Level, a moment ago after Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou heard, simultaneously called out in alarm. It seems like I do not need to waste Good Fortune Fruit, the grandfather of this woman has been missing, but fortunately, I think I can obtain that Purple Flame Dragon Flower quickly.” Shen Xiang excitedly said, that is can refine the Immortal Dan flower, but he is Hundred Poisons Immunity, must enter that place simply is easy as pie. Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest? This forest truly very danger(ous), but also only then this place can grow Purple Flame Dragon Flower this type of thing! You dare going in deep place, the courage is not small, but you can live, is the miracle.” Du Yanyao looks the startled color, said. Long Xueyi at this time shouted: I know this Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, that is because antique time, day of Poisonous Dragon dies there, included the acute poison body to melt, has polluted a big forest, unusual vitality that because in the Poisonous Dragon flesh and blood contained, these flowers and plants trees not only has not died, instead also grew very well!” Now Shen Xiang understands why that Du Yanyao said that only then in that can grow Purple Flame Dragon Flower this type of thing!