World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 590
During the dark night, Shen Xiang looked that scatters the strange aura to front that the place, he suspected that there is that Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, can Immortal go in possibly is killed by poison, obviously this forest is terrorist. But Shen Xiang actually did not fear that he cultivates Suppressing Devil Golden Body, can Hundred Poisons Immunity, but how he must have a look at that Du Peng to lead into Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest that Du Yanyao but actually, if they have the means really anti-poison, going in forest, he planned that snatches goes in front of them, robs that Purple Flame Dragon Flower. Since is Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, you were poisoned have also been able to maintain a livelihood, definitely ate up the thing that anything has detoxified, once otherwise in the toxin, the deity could not save you!” Du Yanyao is looking straight ahead Du Peng, making Du Peng feel urgently realizes an inexplicable oppression. The Du Peng nod said: Young lady is really experienced, I truly took have planted flowers, can therefore make me save the life, if under the clothing/taking, I think ahead of time can resist a period of time Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest inside toxin.” Du Yanyao slightly one startled, asked: What flower is Oh?? Your present Anything else? Du Peng said with a smile: That plants flowers outside Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, so-called when things reach their extreme they turn back, that possibility year to year absorbs poisonous Qi, therefore has had the anti- poisonous ability, but am I cannot determine this, but also asked the young lady to appraise personally.” Du Yanyao nodded, then runs swiftly with Du Peng, hurries to toward that Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest. Soaring in the air Shen Xiang, is calculating secretly , to continue with them, snatches in front of them wins that Purple Flame Dragon Flower. First has a look with them, I thought that called Du Peng brat to be somewhat strange, his body was somewhat unusual, but I actually could not see anything to come, in brief very strange that's it.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang followed, all the way Du Yanyao not again and Du Peng speech.

In the morning, the sunlight shines on the earth, Shen Xiang saw front to have one piece by azure Qi mist was covering the forest, these included acute poison Qi mist, in the ascension upper air, under the sunlight illumination, appeared strange sinister. That is Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, one of the Shen Xiang in the upper air looks, that probably is azure poisonous mist sea, limitless general, is hard to imagine, in the past on that Poisonous Dragon is bringing acute poison is fearful, even if died, the pollution that but for many years his flesh and blood caused has not actually vanished. It seems like inside thing, is acute poison is incomparable, the plant or Demon Beast, are very difficult to think that will have many alchemy strange flowers different grass.” Shen Xiang said. This is not strange, that Poisonous Dragon is very strong, the strange energy that the body contains, can multiply a big piece of strange flowers different grass fully, moreover can make these strange flowers different grass have the anti- poisonous efficacy.” Long Xueyi said. Du Yanyao arrived under a young tree with Du Peng, although here is not in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, but can actually feel that threatening poisonous Qi, Du Yanyao and Du Peng must the mouth contain anti- poisonous pills. Because here has fatal acute poison, therefore few people bring death, if did not know that inside Purple Flame Dragon Flower, Du Yanyao will definitely not approach here. Young lady, is this red flower, you appraise, has very strong anti- poisonous ability.” Du Peng said. The Du Yanyao squatting lower part of the body, has taken a black glove, careful takes off one, then pinches the water leakage the safflower, drips into a jade box, mixes in some white liquids. This flower not poisonous, inconceivable, in flowers that outside Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest grows, unexpectedly non-toxic.” Du Yanyao was saying, lifts the hand, takes off the leaf of nearby young tree, closely will be pinching then, saw only in the leaf to drop out the black liquid, these liquids dropped in other jade box, immediately emitted faint trace black Qi, the entire jade box turned into the black instantaneously, understood at a glance that was acute poison.

Shen Xiang also had a scare, is only outside a Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest young tree, implication so terrifying toxin. Du Yanyao drips into the safflower juice that jade box inside liquid, pours into that becoming dark jade box, is only suddenly, the jade box that becomes dark started to have the change, quick changed the actually appearance, obviously that safflower powerful of disintoxicating ability. Really can detoxify!” Du Yanyao takes off a piece of poisonous leaf, the venom in the leaf drips into that jade box, because in the jade box has the liquid of disintoxicating, therefore this venom has not made the jade box grow dark. That safflower not only has the ability of disintoxicating, but can also anti-poison. Du Yanyao after repeatedly several tests, determined that safflower can really anti-poison, can allow them to enter in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest safely, this is the major discovery, because of many years, even if Immortal, does not dare to enter inside most deep place, because in the deep place, poisonous is fiercer. If there is this unusual safflower to protect the body, that does not need to fear. My previous time has eaten one time, perhaps if this safflower had any problem I already to be killed by poison.” Du Peng was saying, takes off one to put in the mouth to chew. Then walks toward Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, Du Yanyao also felt relieved that at this time takes off the safflower to swallow into the abdomen, for safety, she also takes off. However, just walked in her few steps, her complexion suddenly changes, becomes very ugly, Shen Xiang sees her beautiful face to become pale like the paper, moreover covers entirely the scowl, knows the flower that she ate up a moment ago, definitely has the issue!

Ha Ha...... Young lady, aren't you able to use True Qi?” Du Peng suddenly has turned around, on the face full is the deceitful smiling face, understood at a glance that was he has gotten up to any tricks. You...... Du Peng, I usually in wait you not to be thin, Du Family has not treated unjustly you, your unexpectedly makes the action of this sentencing clan!” Although Du Yanyao is angry, but is calm. Words yes right, who makes you so arrogant, moreover makes the man keep thinking, I know that my this whole life no matter what, is unable to obtain you, only then this bad plan! Young lady, I am the sincerity love your, to obtain you, my anything did not fear!” During the Du Peng speeches, in the look full is immoral. You...... You......” the Du Yanyao complexion changes, on that pale face unexpectedly reappears to wipe ruddily. Ha Ha...... Actually that safflower is a Qi obscene incomparable poisonous flower, although there is a very strong disintoxicating anti-poison strength, the person but who eats up, will actually want. The fire commits suicide by fire, if disagreement opposite sex union, by evil fire burning down lethal, Young lady, now helps you detoxify on allows me to come!” Du Peng smiles fiercely evilly, walks, while is taking off the clothes. Du Yanyao at this time becomes delicate, does not have what strength including the speech . Moreover the whole body is dry and hot, she only wants to carry on crazy vent at this time, bites the uncomfortable distress of biting to divulge body that ten thousand insects. Her time whole body is uncomfortable, in mind is reappearing various immoral matters, making her almost lose the normal consciousness, moreover unknowingly, she started to take off her clothes, exudes to be overwhelmed with emotion gently **.