World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 591
Miss Du Family, pure, keeps aloof, is iceberg beautiful woman who Sacred Dan World became famous, has not thought that today will fall into my hand, Hehe, I sit here, making you look for me, Ha Ha......” Du Peng is laughing. Du Yanyao completely has not lost the consciousness, asked: Why aren't you poisoned?” I have practiced Poisonous Devil Body, Hundred Poisons Immunity, naturally doesn't fear the poison? Do not want to delay the time, nobody saved you, obediently took care this Sir! Young lady the young lady, you have not thought that will have today!” Du Peng grins fiendishly was saying: Quick made you taste the taste of man, came quickly, I here, I know that you really needed the man!” In the Du Yanyao heart resents the extreme, shames the anger, she does not have to think own present unexpectedly like one ** such hunger and thirst, this however she wishes one could to wipe the throat to commit suicide, but she is unable to control her body now. Young lady, after I help you detoxify, you are my person, be not thinking and I perish together, otherwise we died, I will have the means to make today's matter spread over entire Sacred Dan World, do not look down upon me, I had found Purple Flame Dragon Flower in inside, so long as I can obtain, can become the rich character.” Du Peng somewhat excitedly said. Gave up any idea of that I die with will not recite tenderly, the body that you......” Du Yanyao has sent out being overwhelmed with emotion cannot help but slowly crawls toward Du Peng. Shen Xiang that in the place above looks, is startled incomparably, he will certainly not be cruel enough to look that such a beautiful woman had been tarnished by Du Peng this fellow, he thought that the time has not arrived, therefore did not have fight. A bit faster has saved her, what to do waited for her to commit suicide?” Su Meiyao somewhat could not tolerate, she is a woman, hates Du Peng this despicable evil and cruel procedure, if possible, she personally will definitely get rid, making Du Peng ask unable, asked to refuse stubbornly. Shen Xiang from airborne falls, descends in that Du Peng, then melts the turn into a human shape, is knocking out a fist to the Du Peng back rapid heavy bombing. Bang!

Shen Xiang this fights with the fists, the deafening sound world, the wind and cloud color deterioration, the space seemed twisted generally, True Qi rumbled instance, with ten continual crack, turns into more terrorist Devil Subduing Energy, lightning flash thunder cry, epoch-making general, strokes in the back of that Du Peng. Puff back of Du Peng encounters as powerful as a thunderbolt general bombardment, a fierce blowout blood, is similar to the blood fog fills in the air, but in his bodies, by Shen Xiang a that wild fist, had been made big hole a moment ago, frigid incomparable. Sees this, Du Yanyao suddenly was more sober, drops down along with Du Peng, Shen Xiang that handsome facial features print in her mind, she has not thought that unexpectedly saw Shen Xiang, this time was Shen Xiang has saved her, this made her see the hope in the despair, but her the obscenity poisonous was getting more and more heavy at this time, making her want to stop but cannot, although she has a sobriety, but the body was still uncontrolled. You...... Who are you?” Although the upper body of Du Peng left big hole, but had not actually died, on his face full is the hatred, that hatred as if can pass through Nine Heavens to be ordinary, because Shen Xiang destroyed his good deed. Asked that two City Lord go!” Shen Xiang sneered, walked, has been fighting with the fists to his body, one group of flame explode to well up, lets this Du Peng before the point of death, by the pain of ignition, died slowly. Shen Xiang has displayed Grasping Soul Devil Curse, searches for that Purple Flame Dragon Flower from the Du Peng soul in later, then increases the fire intensity, will burn down the ashes! This Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest outside, can hear the Du Yanyao rapid respite clearly the sound, she will exude one to bewitch to seize the soul once for a while **, making Shen Xiang somewhat unable to dominate. „Do you want to do?” Du Yanyao sees Shen Xiang to walk, that hunger and thirst in heart were more intense, because in her heart, Shen Xiang be better than that Du Peng, at least she thought that Shen Xiang looks very pleasing to the eyes, because of this, this makes her act with constraint dissipates slowly. Shen Xiang suddenly anchors the footsteps, this Du Yanyao will look like probably will eat at this time the person to be the same, before her type entered the ice-cold makings outside thousand li(500 km) absolutely not to have, some incomparably intense evil desire, but she seductive appearance of that check person, truly has the incomparable attraction to the man at this time.

Do not be afraid, I am a good person!” Shen Xiang hurriedly said, he is also in a dilemma at this time, if this Du Yanyao is unable to eliminate the obscene toxin in within the body, might die very much, but must detoxify, he must make very big sacrifice. Du Yanyao does not know the strength of which coming, fierce swoops, unexpectedly throws Shen Xiang to the place, closely is hugging Shen Xiang, sends out to be overwhelmed with emotion **, her on Shen Xiang is wriggled by the tender body that the fragrant perspiration soaks, her pair fills seductive appearance, but in hunger and thirst beautiful eyes, full is the complex color. I am quite uncomfortable!” Du Yanyao has chanted in a low voice, is kissing the Shen Xiang's nape of the neck, on her remaining are only wrapping the thin cloth and silk of chest, the snowy peak that pair clear very curls upwards, is rubbing gently the Shen Xiang's chest unceasingly. Shen Xiang is swallowing the saliva fiercely, he felt the thing that oneself that stands upright spiritedly, was being rubbed gently by the lower abdomen of Du Yanyao, this regarding him awfully, he does not want to do now is impossible, he also wishes one could to execute a captured offender on the spot Du Yanyao , helping her detoxify well. Sister Meiyao, do I want such to do?” Shen Xiang fierce stand up, twining her Du Yanyao according to ground, whatever she is incapable of struggling **. little rascal, the strength in meditation is good!” Su Meiyao by heart acclaimed one, said with a smile tenderly: I also think that you will take advantage of somebody, gave to manage her.” „Am I likely that person?” Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly: A bit faster tries to find the solution, in does not detoxify, she was dying!” „Under that type of safflower obscene toxin building up, then practices pills to take to her with the remaining parts, how as for must refine, watched your experience! Best to be quicker.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang loosens that by him according to Du Yanyao of ground, then arrives at side of that piece of safflower, picks several fast, loses into Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, releases the produce fire flame, displays Refining Simulation Technique, starts to burn to build up these safflowers, quick, he discovers in these safflowers to have red white herbal Spirit Qi, that red part is bringing obscenely poisonous, he this fractionation, letting remaining white herbal Spirit Qi and white herbal powder keeps in pill furnace.

This safflower also calculates that is easy to refine, but needs to be able condense to become pill pellet, he has in a big way to pick one losing into pill furnace refines. Earnest alchemy he, suddenly felt that a gentle and charming body lies on him, his back top that two groups to contain the elastic snowy peak, this lets his mind, exposed, he has almost not thought that desire unexpectedly of this woman is so big, can crawl to pester him. Quite uncomfortable!” Du Yanyao lies on the Shen Xiang's tiger back, both hands hold in the arms Shen Xiang, grabs the Shen Xiang musculus pectoralis, closely pastes together by own tender body and Shen Xiang, is rubbing gently, she crazily is also kissing the Shen Xiang's cheeks. Miss Du, endures again, I must build up!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth saying that at this time he by one beautiful peerless, and has eaten ** the woman is pestering, he does not have the idea is impossible, he is also restraining himself now. Du Yanyao is also maintaining a reason, because of Shen Xiang to her fight, this has not been making in her heart lose, therefore enlarges her desire, needs to vent. I cannot bear, give me...... I am quite uncomfortable!” Du Yanyao spits Youlan in the Shen Xiang ear, the sound is filling to charm, making the person want to stop but cannot. Shen Xiang also almost accidentally discharges, but his sense of principle is very strong, after Liu Meng'er and Su Meiyao this peerless goddess **, has very strong resistivity regarding this aspect, therefore he can also calm the mind now alchemy. This is to his one disciplining, is not each alchemy master has this opportunity to temper the strength in meditation!