World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 593
The place that Shen Xiang is at now is not most deep place, but actually meets so fierce Demon Beast, place of deep place also? Hurries, is very fierce in this inside Demon Beast, perhaps also has existence of Immortal Beast that rank!” Long Xueyi urged, she worried met suddenly to jump some fierce fellows, because here likely was not Mortal Martial World, here was the Immortal World equally higher world. Shen Xiang has gone well now, so long as leaves this place earlier, although this inside toxin does not have what power to injure to him, but in this adolescence in Demon Beast that gets up, the strength is not definitely weak, especially guards that Purple Flame Dragon Flower Demon Beast. Dawn, he went out of this sinister terror Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, he knows that in definitely also has to grow many rare and precious herbs, that Purple Flame Dragon Flower that since he obtains, inside Immortal Medicine will not be definitely few. The Saint Dan City entrance, is decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, the city gate was dressed up very grandly, like is welcome the above great person to come. After Shen Xiang walks into the city gate, only sees a long red carpet, the shop on the avenue, the luxurious construction of direct link distant place, this makes him express admiration secretly, is only one day, this Saint Dan City has the so huge change. The two sides of that red carpet stand some powerful valiant martial artist, the waist are hanging the broadsword, the solemn silence, does not allow other people to step into on the red carpet, this makes many people very discontented, but they actually cannot be what kind, so long as is not stupid, knows the person who must come definitely has very high status. Obviously this street to City Lord's Mansion, the person who comes does not go to Saint Dan City, that Du Yanyao status was very high, but now some unexpectedly people are higher than her, this lets Shen Xiang curiously, he walks on the avenue, could not eavesdrop on that anything, many people are also same as him, is very curious to the person who that will soon arrive. Before Du Yanyao has said that so long as he came back safely, goes to City Lord's Mansion to look for her, Shen Xiang walks now on going to the City Lord's Mansion road. Du Yanyao has very high status in this Sacred Dan World, experienced, Shen Xiang already wants to find a person such to eavesdrop on the clear this Sacred Dan World matter.

Arrives at the City Lord's Mansion entrance, defends has not blocked him in the entrance guard, they were under the order of Du Yanyao, can make Shen Xiang go. In City Lord's Mansion, Du Yanyao grasps a thin sword, brandishes a sword in a garden, Shen Xiang sees her exquisite physique from afar, although her sword technique is very swift and fierce, moreover is bringing murderous aura, but in actually does not affect her aesthetic sense, but also makes people think that has a strange beauty. Can look that Du City Lord City Lord brandishes a sword, but also is really enjoyment!” Shen Xiang applauds to say with a smile, what he said is the truth. Du Yanyao sees Shen Xiang to arrive, in heart one happy, but has not actually revealed that is still maintaining her ice-cold makings, she does not want to make Shen Xiang see her mood to fluctuate. This Young Master, I to the present have not known that your name, whether to consider?” Du Yanyao receives the sword, Shen Xiang now in her eyes, but is mystical, but the manner is very honest, especially passes through the previous that matter, Shen Xiang has very good impression in her heart. This is for her rare, because of many years, can not be been many by the man who she pays attention. I called Shen Xiang, Du City Lord did not ask me to go to sit, drinks the cup tea what?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. In the Du Yanyao house arranges very succinctly, could see that she does not like decorating like other women, she looks that soaks the tea that drinks up after her, seeing a Shen Xiang satisfactory facial expression, in the heart slightly to relax, she does not know one so will be why anxious, this is she is unprecedented. Young Master Shen, have you attained Purple Flame Dragon Flower?” Du Yanyao asked in a low voice.

Shen Xiang nodded: Has attained, but also asked Du City Lord to help me keep secret.” In Du Yanyao eyes flashes through the surprised color, said: Um, felt relieved! Young Master Shen has helped these many, I will not harm your!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, is staring at Du Yanyao, looks at that ice-cold and beautiful facial features, before reminding him cannot help but, she is poisoned the stance that type is full to charm. So long as Du Yanyao does not know that Shen Xiang is thinking anything, but sees Shen Xiang such to stare at her, making her heart be similar to the fawn proceeds along no particular course to be the same, she is first time this feelings, at this time she hates herself inarticulate, suppresses to be why inborn is icy, does not understand the attraction man, but she actually does not know that such she also attracts the man. Du Yanyao suddenly was silent, she does not know that should say anything, although on the face full is the ice-cold color, but in the heart is anxious and shy. Shen Xiang sees Du Yanyao to purse the lips lightly, that ice-cold face is slightly red, thinks somewhat inconceivable, said: Du City Lord, I return to the city outside sees to make such grandly, is who can come? I just came out from the mountain, such did not know about this Sacred Dan World that can say with me?” Du Yanyao hurriedly said: That is Sacred Dan Sect sets up in the seat of honor big disciple who first layer divides the gate, is Sacred Dan Sect Dean one in more than 100 grandson, the natural talent is remarkable, in addition has the excellent alchemy talent, obtains the vigorous cultivation of Sacred Dan Sect, young, was the Tempering Realm peak master.” This Sacred Dan World 18, 18 th is fiercest, but first layer is lowest, but can in a big influence mix a chief big disciple here, that is very fierce. „, Was no wonder right, why that many Nirvana Realm did suddenly vanish?” Asking of Shen Xiang doubts, previous time he comes time, can occasionally see 1-2 on the avenue, but cannot see now.

Your previous time also saw crack between that Devil World and Sacred Dan World, not only had in first layer, one to 18 had, now they have sealed up the first layer crack, was second layer, third layer and fourth layer......, but a higher place, more was difficult to seal, but must resist these devils, therefore the big influence in Sacred Dan World, summoned that many Nirvana Realm went to seal up the space crack.” Du Yanyao said on and on. Was same as the Chenwu Mainland past situation, at that time also summoned many expert sealed up the crack together. „Does this fellow do? Also such high-sounding talk, he usually is such?” Shen Xiang curious asking, his suddenly wants to go to such a person very much, after all that is a strength and alchemy level very strong person. Right, therefore I am very repugnant he! Right, Young Master Shen, you also make alchemy probably, I thought that your alchemy skill is not weak, for instance can also......” say here, the face of Du Yanyao flies to wipe Hong Xia, blushes before the man, before this is her, matter that is unable to imagine. Shen Xiang was being entangled by oestrus Du Yanyao at that time, for instance can calm the mind alchemy, this strength in meditation is no one can have! cough cough, but also is good, Du City Lord is also the alchemy master, we later have the opportunity to discuss well.” Shen Xiang has coughed two, remembers on the same day in Du Yanyao the obscene poisonous appearance, in his heart cannot help but ripples.