World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 594
Du Yanyao and Shen Xiang cannot help but recalled that at this time same day matter, this makes the atmosphere very awkward, matter that especially Du Yanyao, that feels ashamed for her, she very clear remembers own same day that bashful condition, recalled that she wished one could to erase this memory. Young Master Shen, I am very actually curious, why you have not started to me on the same day, in that case, I am unable to blame you.” Du Yanyao said that at this time she restored the ordinary appearance, she knows , is actually, can comfort the heart that oneself that moves restlessly inexplicably, will otherwise make her the bashful condition in front of Shen Xiang full. Shen Xiang has not thought that Du Yanyao unexpectedly will ask such. Du Yanyao is watching intently her, asked: Is because my charm is insufficient?” Shen Xiang smiled, said: Naturally is not, to be honest, I had many bad thoughts on that day, but I think that my has husband and wife's man, therefore I endured!” Saw Shen Xiang to say one had the husband and wife, in the Du Yanyao heart pulls out suddenly is being painful, the sadness of not being able saying that she actually maintained composure, said: Sacred Dan Gathering that Young Master Shen, Sacred Dan Sect holds, do you participate? Is young alchemy master together competes alchemy technique!” When does Oh? start? I naturally must participate!” Shen Xiang one happy, hastily asked that attended this alchemy competition congress, can make him promote quickly, if can a bit faster here seek for that Suppressing Devil Bloodline, he planned to refine Earth Level Low-Grade Dan to go back here again. One month later, holds in Sacred Dan World, therefore that Sacred Dan Sect seat of honor big disciple can participate! I also will participate when the time comes.” Du Yanyao slightly one happy, because she can have the opportunity and Shen Xiang one high under. suddenly, Shen Xiang felt that an intense aura transmits, pours in Arrogant Potential, only hears the sound to transmit together: Yanyao, did I come you not to welcome me one?” Du Yanyao complexion sank, whispered: This repugnant fellow came, I exit to deal with him!” Du Yanyao just set out, together shadow suddenly dodges, Shen Xiang sees one to wear the white clothing, has hair dishevelled, looks like the haughty uninhibited man appears.

His coldly has swept Shen Xiang, seeing the tea that Du Yanyao makes personally in the, eyes unexpectedly to flash through wipes killing intent, could see that he highly cares about Du Yanyao, cannot accommodate other man close Du Yanyao. „Did you also use me to meet?” Saying of Du Yanyao coldly. Yanyao, my this time, wants to chat our weddings with you, we as early as possible set!” The man said that moreover he completely disregarded Shen Xiang. Du Yanyao sneers: This and you come together at least ten women, your does unexpectedly have the time here and I discusses the wedding?” The man said: So long as you comply to marry me, I can make these women disappear immediately, will not make them appear in your front again.” Snort, after that you meet the woman who I am better, to obtain that woman, will promise also her, will make me vanish? Xie Donghao, do not count on that I will marry you, depends on your this type the manner to the woman, even if the world man died only remained your one certainly, I will not consider your.” The Du Yanyao manner is very firm. Xie Donghao seemed used to Du Yanyao to be the same, could see that he is not one time such is rejected twice by Du Yanyao, he long sighed, then looked to Shen Xiang: I do not know you anyone, but you , if not want with me for the enemy, should better or leave the Yanyao distant point!” Xie Donghao, do not threaten the friend of mine!” Du Yanyao drinks one immediately coldly, the complexion full is the scowl, this makes Xie Donghao hate Shen Xiang, because he understands Du Yanyao, knows that can by few individuals who Du Yanyao is called the friend. Xie Donghao has not cared the Du Yanyao words , to continue to threaten Shen Xiang, said: You should better be tactful, otherwise you are entire Sacred Dan Sect for the enemy, if in your no longer double-hour vanishes in Saint Dan City, you wait and see to me!” Saw Xie Donghao so to threaten Shen Xiang, Du Yanyao has gotten angry thoroughly, just wants to speak in her, Shen Xiang said with a sneer: You also can only move to threaten Sacred Dan Sect others, does not have Sacred Dan Sect, without your grandfather also with the father, you is also only one! But you now in my eyes, are only compared with the fart slightly!”

Xie Donghao was shocked, he has not thought that some unexpectedly people dare such to speak to him, his brow wrinkles slightly, was guessing the Shen Xiang's status, but did not have the clue. Sees Shen Xiang so resistance Xie Donghao not awfully, Du Yanyao worries, cannot help but admires Shen Xiang this minute of boldness, in Saint Dan City, several compared with the character of Xie Donghao talent, but in front of Xie Donghao actually timid, sees Xie Donghao each time, probably is the mouse sees the cat to be the same. You plant, hoping your skill to shoulder your to these words responsibility that I said!” Xie Donghao said angrily, in the sound holds killing intent, then the stride departs. Sorry, making you annoy to trouble, relax, I will process.” The Du Yanyao complexion full is guilty saying. „It is not your mistake, my words have truly enraged him!” Shen Xiang laughed, a point does not care. Young Master Shen, you cannot look down on him , he any matter can do in order to reach the goal.” Du Yanyao said: I have been very repugnant he, but actually cannot be what kind of him, moreover he all day is also entangling me, must make me marry him.” The Du Yanyao worried look is tightening, could see that she is worried about anything matter. Du City Lord......” Called me Yanyao, we are the friends!” Du Yanyao said in a soft voice. Shen Xiang smiled: Yanyao, has a matter I to ask you, was your grandfather missing?”

The Du Yanyao tender body trembles, nodded: Was missing was very long, our entire Du Family sought for his many years, but whereabouts did not have!” Moreover, Sacred Dan Sect knew this matter, without my grandfather, our Du Family strength weakens large scale, Sacred Dan Sect has eyed covetously to our Du Family, wants to annex us...... I was worried when the time comes Sacred Dan Sect Dean strong facilitates me and Xie Donghao wedding.” Du Yanyao is worried about this, although she is Saint Dan City City Lord, but the strength is limited . Moreover the female, is unable to be separated from organizing of family. Your grandfather walks, what clue there are to leave behind? It seems like must find your grandfather is good, some of some of my also matters want to ask him to ask!” Shen Xiang asked. Has the clue, but we actually do not know that is anything! Grandfather's missing that time, he said that he will go to the Sacred Dan World most danger(ous) place, moreover there has the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable vestige.” Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable vestige, Shen Xiang's heart fierce jumps! Sacred Dan World most danger(ous) place where? Shen Xiang has thought quickly of Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, but Du Yanyao immediately has also given him the answer. „The Sacred Dan World most danger(ous) place is Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, the grandfather he is Dan Immortal, so long as there is means to arrive at the deep place, in Sacred Dan World also only then few people dare the going in deep place!”