World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 595
Shen Xiang has not thought that such will quickly have the Suppressing Devil Bloodline clue. „The matter of that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable vestige have you heard?” Under Shen Xiang returns to normal that excited heart, asked. No, no one has heard, we know that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable matter, he for many years Sacred Dan World, he had made anything at that time, no one knows.” Du Yanyao shakes the head to say. Du Yanyao sees Shen Xiang such to be interested in that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable vestige, more curious Shen Xiang's origin, but she does not have to ask. Young Master Shen, did you have the wife really? She is very outstanding!” The Du Yanyao sound is somewhat low. In the Shen Xiang heart sighed, said difficultly: Actually I am not the good person, so far has the status woman to have one with me, moreover...... In addition has two sweethearts.” Du Yanyao sighed: Formidable man, side woman are many some is also normal, my mother is my father 18 th woman!” Did not say this, I will find the way to go in the Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest deep place, found your grandfather, when the time comes you did not need to marry that pest.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Does not use, when the time comes I hide that's it, you cannot go in the risk, who knows my grandfather really in inside!” Du Yanyao shakes the head to say. Shen Xiang no longer said that this matter, he must decide, that inside has Suppressing Devil Bloodline, in any event must go to have a look. Was right, does the competition of that Sacred Dan Gathering, what have to reward?” Shen Xiang asked.

Naturally has, that is the mysterious reward that Sacred Dan Sect provides, when the congress will convene announced that this congress every hundred years one time, the alchemy master who will participate are many, the reward will not be definitely bad!” On the Du Yanyao face revealed the rare sweetness to smile: Young Master Shen, do not want to obtain that reward, you must win me!” Then, Shen Xiang asked has the matter about Sacred Dan World, the Du Yanyao very patient explanation, finally she has also discussed a alchemy attainment with Shen Xiang, making them benefit. The weather is gradually late, Du Yanyao said: You keep City Lord's Mansion, that Xie Donghao has not dared to act unreasonably here, your here absolute safety.” Then, Shen Xiang kept in City Lord's Mansion, Du Yanyao knows that Shen Xiang is the alchemy master, therefore provided one to be secluded, moreover deeply the house in secret room gave him. Shen Xiang deeply in following stone chamber, had just been taking a bath, sees Su Meiyao to lie down on stone bed, puts on the light white silk group, inside all partly visible, her inside unexpectedly anything puts on, what awfully is, this peerless outstanding person also makes the stance of caressing flatters to arouse, the coquettish look like the silk, small mouth micro, gently the charming smile, making Shen Xiang almost look at the soul to leave the hole. Sister Meiyao, your should not be made to pay for one's evil doings!” Shen Xiang deeply has attracted several tones, walked quickly. Elder sister I wants to have a look at me to compare with that Yanyao, some big charm, examines your strength in meditation while convenient!” Su Meiyao caresses light saying with a smile that flatters. Shen Xiang steps onto stone bed, holds down Su Meiyao, said with a smile evilly: You are my young woman, what strength in meditation do I want? I eat you, will not think that insufficiently goes!” Saying, his big hand was away from the light transparent silk skirt, was rubbing Su Meiyao's snow rabbit gently. little rascal, the elder sister I worried that you have harbored evil thoughts, gave you a benefit to taste, leaves extremely! My present body is very weak, cannot withstand you to toss about!” Su Meiyao affectionate saying, that tender dī dī sound, making the Shen Xiang bone numb, his stand up, making Su Meiyao lie on his body.

Sister Meiyao sympathizes really!” Shen Xiang was saying, has collected the mouth, is kissing with the Su Meiyao fervor, a pair of big hand is also walking randomly on the tender body of her perfect non- flaw, is away from the tissue to touch her gentle and charming body, making him have the different kind feeling. After fervor, Shen Xiang hugged beautiful woman heavy to fall asleep, Su Meiyao also depended in his bosom, was listening attentively to the heartbeat of that little man, was hugging the Shen Xiang's body, Mei Mei was sleeping soundly. Next day, Shen Xiang and Du Yanyao have said a hello, said that he must close up alchemy, plans to attend that congress, then hurries back the basement, puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, starts alchemy. Black Sun Fire Pill that he must refine now, he must a better familiar refinement, the previous time be able to succeed is because is competing with, in that case, the ultra level display is also the normal matter. After he is familiar refines Black Sun Fire Pill, he can start to refine other Profound Level High-Grade Dan, so long as grasps three types, even if basically grasped to refine a rank pills. Now he had the Suppressing Devil Bloodline clue, so is not anxious, he was planning that if wanted goes to that Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest to seek for the Du Yanyao grandfather now. Builds up two furnace Black Sun Fire Pill again, hopes to hurry back to participate in Sacred Dan Gathering.” alchemy of Shen Xiang in secret room, but at this time in Saint Dan City actually many people ask around his matter, wants to know his origin, but actually has achieved nothing. Du Yanyao has also helped Shen Xiang enter for Sacred Dan Gathering, although when the time comes can with the Shen Xiang competion, but she thinks anticipated very that she does not know why more and more want to be intimate with Shen Xiang. Three days pass by, Shen Xiang comes up from the underground secret room, he has succeeded to refine five furnace Black Sun Fire Pill, although failed three times, but enables his refinement to the Black Sun Fire Pill to grasp well.

This time is night, Shen Xiang stands in Du Yanyao out of the door, after Du Yanyao opens the door, his then hurriedly said: Yanyao, I have the matter to leave, if I do not have to come back to participate in Sacred Dan Gathering Alchemy Competition promptly, did not use I.” Du Yanyao has not asked anything, but sighed gently, then nodded: Is more careful.” Shen Xiang smiled to him, then hastily leaves, he turns into a black butterfly in the place that in City Lord's Mansion nobody sees, departs City Lord's Mansion in the dark night, he can also see several person who in the City Lord's Mansion entrance is responsible for following closely, he guessed that definitely is used to track his. Not long, he left Saint Dan City, what making him surprised is, around City Lord's Mansion outside, unexpectedly has many people to stare, he thought that definitely is the person who Xie Donghao sends. Initially he contradicted Xie Donghao time, Xie Donghao has treated as the deceased person same to regard him, once were found the opportunity by him, he will definitely not let off Shen Xiang, whenever especially he thinks that Du Yanyao looked at the Shen Xiang's time with the gentle look, must drop the blood on the heart on the envy, wished one could to be cut to pieces Shen Xiang. What origin hasn't looked up his?” The Xie Donghao sinking sound asked. At present only looks up him once fight in City Lord's Mansion to kill that two City Lord to accompany with his several, moreover gets rid very savage, the strength should not be weak, was so long, we his name cannot look up, he probably is suddenly braves is the same!” old man said.