World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 596
Outside Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, Shen Xiang stands here, he looks that this piece is filling the green poisonous mist deep forest, this deep forest is very big, has any danger(ous) in most deep place, nobody knows. Where I should start to look, in this is so big!” Shen Xiang 1 : 00 clue does not have at this time, he thinks that the Du Yanyao grandfather may in inside, he cannot determine that Suppressing Devil Bloodline in inside. Said advanced again, when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang turns into a bird, is soaring in the deep forest, this can make him very safe, only if meets some to capture and kill fierce Demon Beast of bird specially. These time goes, he is far away as far as possible presents the Purple Flame Dragon Flower place, has a fierce fellow there, at this time definitely is getting angry, moreover may is Demon Beast of turn into a human shape. All the way, Shen Xiang when enters this Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest deep place, has met many fierce poisons, majority are the insect classes, speed very rapidness that but he flies, even if were discovered by these poisons, he can shunt, moreover he has Hundred Poisons Immunity Suppressing Devil Golden Body, if were nipped, will not have any matter. He flew -and-a-half days of time, goes to a deeper place, but this inside toxin is also more intense, now he realized that Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest this name does not have unearned reputation, even if is really Immortal, if no good protective measure, will come in definitely to be poisoned to death. Does not know when that Poisonous Dragon does die? If Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable wanted hidden thing in the past, here is the best choice, moreover he cultivates Suppressing Devil divine art, naturally is also Hundred Poisons Immunity!” Shen Xiang said that this makes him even more affirm, in this will have that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable vestige. Um? Suppressing Devil Mirror has the sound probably!” Shen Xiang slightly one startled, the hastily turn into a human shape, takes that Suppressing Devil Mirror, only sees this treasure mirror to shiver. Suppressing Devil Mirror is he when King Martial Dao meets, enters in Evil Demon Mysterious Realm to obtain, at that time he had experienced fierce of this treasure mirror, especially copes with Demon and Devil time, has sends the fatal injury, can make him jump the ranks the second to kill Demon and Devil, seems inborn cutting monster slaughter demon divine tool.

This can Suppressing Devil Mirror direct me?” Shen Xiang is rotating the body, when he changes to one reverse, Suppressing Devil Mirror mirror surface suddenly has shone, glittering gentle golden ray. Shen Xiang is pleasantly surprised, receives good treasure mirror, turned into the bird to fly fast. This does Suppressing Devil Mirror have other uses not to be discovered by me? unexpectedly can have this spanning space sensation strength! Has the time I to excavate the function well.” Shen Xiang initially obtained this Suppressing Devil Mirror time, although gained had the detailed news about this treasure mirror, but looking back now, this treasure mirror also some unknown effects. Refining Master refines magic treasure time, generally will iron a Little Duan news above, lets magic treasure owner recognition time, this news transmission in the past, the person who let had the magic treasure material quickly. Has the person!” Long Xueyi has called out in alarm one: This person came, speed is quick!” The sound falls, Shen Xiang only thought that strong strength wave attacks, a naked white hair old man, from the distant place dashes about wildly, but, that pair of skinny palm waves crazily, intermittent swift and fierce palm wind explodes to shoot, is bringing wild strength, is sweeping across the big piece deep forest, that strength wave attacks, a big number is similar to the straw is harvested general, is cut off completely. The Shen Xiang accident was discovered, but afterward he discovered that this old man's goal was not he, but was a wear beast skin man, speed unexpectedly of this man was also quick, if not for Long Xueyi reminded, perhaps he is unable catch to the form of this man. Walked, their speeds are really fast!” Shen Xiang relaxed: „Can the old man be the Du Yanyao grandfather?”

Has the possibility very much, pursues to have a look, but that old man's strength has not achieved the Immortal rank!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang who must by that strength storm blowing a moment ago, but Long Xueyi is tracking them with Divine Sense, therefore he can with these two people. Old man's strength is very strong, but he got rid a moment ago has not actually exhausted fully, he must capture alive that male.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang turns into the bird now, the speed is not slow, but equally was actually thrown by that two people by far, obviously he with the strength phase difference of that two person is how big. Cannot overtake! What had to discover?” Shen Xiang only sees many great trees to be similar to all the way the sharp sword same strength wave shutting off. Their speeds slowed down, moreover that old man's strength is weakening probably , the strength wave that he releases is weaken!” Long Xueyi said that this makes her somewhat have doubts, because in her opinion, these two people have strength, will be impossible more to run is slower. Shen Xiang followed for quite a while, he observes carefully the trace that old man and man leave all the way, truly discovered that their speeds are reducing speed unceasingly . Moreover the attack of that old man also weakened. Night, Shen Xiang pursued continuously for day a night, without resting, but that two people are also so, weakens along with strength of that two person slowly, he has pulled closer the distance, if continues, he can see that two people. Perhaps they were poisoned, therefore their within the body has strength spatially, but little was actually limited, perhaps that old man is really the grandfather of that ice beautiful woman.” Su Meiyao said: Also only then this Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest has this toxicity, can let one Dan Immortal also move, is that man who then he pursues who? unexpectedly can also resist this type of toxin!”

Because Shen Xiang has Suppressing Devil Golden Body and grasps 72 Transformations this Divine Ability, can very safe entry to such deep place, if other people, must come , the strength must be very good. In the process of chase, Shen Xiang observed that Suppressing Devil Mirror, discovered that Suppressing Devil Mirror still has the sound, but he in the hand, has not known where the goal will aim. Overtook, early knows that asked Du Yanyao takes her grandfather's portrait!” Shen Xiang saw that old man's back, their speeds were slower, the attack of old man also large scale were weaken, but they were not exhausted. suddenly, the old man explodes roars: Bastard, I will definitely hold your!” old fellow, these words you said many years, Ha Ha......” only heard that male big laughter to transmit, but that old man actually suddenly stopped the step, is sitting down immediately same place. In the Shen Xiang turn into a human shape of distant place, hastily has put out Suppressing Devil Mirror, he aims at the place that man vanished, Suppressing Devil Mirror unexpectedly glittering gets up. Strange, will Suppressing Devil Mirror such trace a person?” Shen Xiang doubts, if locates a thing, lives is being a place, that is very normal, because this can establish long ago, person but who can actually move now. Who there!” The old man shouted to clear the way low and deep, breath raided all at once swiftly and fiercely.