World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 598
Shen Xiang came for that Suppressing Devil Bloodline, he must explain the matter now, otherwise when the time comes this Du Hai can rob that Suppressing Devil Bloodline with him, he may snatch such Immortal. Senior, I openly expressed the words, I am not the person of this world.” Shen Xiang has given careful consideration, earnestly said. Sat restores True Qi Du Hai to open the eye in the ground, indifferently said: I know that I stayed in Sacred Dan World was so long, I could certainly look!” I am come to here to seek for Suppressing Devil Bloodline, how as for obtaining that Suppressing Devil Bloodline me not to know that in brief this is my goal!” Shen Xiang said. In box that if that domestic animal swallows has this thing, when the time comes you can take take, I will respect the choice of Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, you do not need to be worried, but you must compensate me, after all I to obtain this thing, have consumed for many years.” Du Hai said Shen Xiang thinks that Du Hai for many years stayed in this damned place, is not truly easy. Purple Flame Dragon Flower, I will compensate you with this, sufficed!” Du Hai opens the eye suddenly, a face asked inconceivable: You come from Heaven World?” Shen Xiang smiled: „It is not, I come from mortal world.” Really interesting, little rascal that mortal world comes, the skill is not really small, that purple flame Dragon Guo found from here?” Found in this Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest.” The Shen Xiang nod said. I restored, I look for that domestic animal, this fellow does not dare to leave Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, otherwise he definitely meets does not hunt and kill!” Du Hai said with a sneer: Who lets him is the dragon that becomes from the python evolution, dragon of this being unfit to take a higher post but unwilling to take a lower one, object but who many old fellow hunt and kill!”

Long Xueyi coldly snorted and said: No wonder such familiar aura, this fellow definitely used Dragon Clan forbidden skill to become such looks like the person!” What forbidden skill?” Su Meiyao asked. Eats one to five -year-old child specially!” Long Xueyi angry saying: Must kill this fellow, otherwise in any event I if wants the means to relate Imperial Dragon Clan, making them lend a hand to solve this bastard!” Shen Xiang is also filled with fury, he can think that snake definitely has eaten many children, can evolution turn into dragon. brat, do you name?” Du Hai asked. Shen Xiang.” Yanyao knows that you do look for me?” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Does not know that I have not told her.” Du Hai cannot help but lightly sighed one, he guesses correctly Du Yanyao probably to the Shen Xiang's sentiment. You are the alchemy master . Moreover the alchemy level is not definitely low, can have so fierce Fire Spirit alchemy master, is rarely seen in Sacred Dan World, if makes that Immortal World nonsense Fire God Palace know that you have such fierce Fire Spirit, you will be very definitely troublesome!” Du Hai closes one's eyes, indifferently said. In the Shen Xiang heart is one startled, said with a smile: I do not fear Fire God Palace, I already did against with Fire God Palace!”

Thing that not only so, you must obtain, is Suppressing Devil Temple these old fellow is long-awaited, although you cultivate refined into Suppressing Devil divine art, this, because becomes the Suppressing Devil Temple's being in power person, but Suppressing Devil Temple's old fellow definitely is not willing to cup one hand in the other across the chest to give you such a big influence! You can know that perhaps the Suppressing Devil Bloodline matter, from Suppressing Devil Temple there learned, as far as I know, hundred years ago, has Suppressing Devil Temple's old fellow to relate Sacred Dan World, wants to seek for that Suppressing Devil Bloodline!” This Du Hai is really fierce, unexpectedly these many matters, Shen Xiang rejoiced really one have not talked big before him, will otherwise certainly be revealed. The words that I have not remembered incorrectly, Sacred Dan Gathering must start quickly, since you are the alchemy master, you don't plan to attend the alchemy competition? If you are the outstanding alchemy master, I think that you should know this competition, is a way of breakthrough.” Shen Xiang said: Yanyao has helped me register, currently also has less than one month must start, I hurry back to participate as far as possible!” You did not have the time, must look for that bastard not to be easy, my this time looked for his three years.” Du Hai sighed. My three days can find him, do you believe?” A Shen Xiang eyeball revolution, reveals one to cheat to smile, said. Does not believe!” Although Du Hai knows that Shen Xiang is the rare talent who ten thousand years rare meet, but regarding this matter, he affirmed: I found he least time to use for two years eight months, he goes into hiding the method to be extremely high, I traced his more than 40 years, I have known about him, but was still actually hard to be relaxed found him.” „Does if wanted bet one?” Shen Xiang has hit a yawn, saying that does not care about, this Du Hai is Dan Immortal, is rich flows oil that is the affirmation, in the hand definitely has precious Immortal Medicine. „Do you come to bet with me with what?” Du Hai some saying of disdaining: Can I stop up person, in this Sacred Dan World also few, although my strength is not in this Sacred Dan World is strongest, but financial resource......” Purple Flame Dragon Flower, did this suffice?” Shen Xiang smiles lightly. Sufficed to suffice, but didn't this give my compensation? Although was unable to determine in that box to have anything now, but you obtain that Suppressing Devil Bloodline accidentally, you must fulfill your commitment.” Du Hai knits the brows.

Soul Creation Fluid in Shen Xiang hand may be many, in his ring that piece of medicine garden, has three to burn likely the purple flame flower, this is Su Meiyao creates with Soul Creation Fluid. I had said I do have Purple Flame Dragon Flower?” The Shen Xiang look is full of the provocation: Senior, don't you dare to bet?” Du Hai suddenly laughs: Good extremely arrogant brat, even if Sacred Dan World these strongest old fellow does not dare such to provoke I, your brat plants! Bets on the gambling, so long as you use Purple Flame Dragon Flower, I will also use the same level thing!” Longevity Fruit, the value of this thing you should be clear, this is can make these old things snatch thing of broken head!” Shen Xiang very satisfied nod of: „After eating up, can have ten thousand years of life essence thing!” Right, but must eat up one entire to have ten thousand years of life essence, but understood that the alchemy words, can Longevity Fruit refined into two grains of Longevity Dan, the value also promote one time.” But this thing Immortal Fruit, takes away the words that Mortal Martial World sells, definitely will make many old fellow lose everything, thing that reckless must take. Has bet, three days of time, I will lead you to find that fellow!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Was right, if butchers that dragon, we do want such to divide his corpse? This thing is also worth very!” Dragon Pearl and Dragon Corpse, you choose one respectively!” Du Hai narrows the eyes to focus slightly: Your this brat also is really not the lamp of province oil can teach such fellow you, I guess that at least is also the Immortal rank.” Shen Xiang at least smiled, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou these two mysterious peerless beautiful women are his teacher, afterward also had Huang Jintian this old fox and Long Xueyi this deceitful Little Dragon, if he lamp of province oil is strange.