World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 599
I choose Dragon Pearl!” This is Long Xueyi makes Shen Xiang choose, because Dragon Pearl is not only containing the a dragon life elementary force, Dragon Spirit, regarding Shen Xiang, is much more precious than that Dragon Corpse. Du Hai no longer and Shen Xiang chatted, he resumed the beforehand consumption peacefully, making Shen Xiang feel what was surprised, this Du Hai unexpectedly had the means to absorb a very pure energy from thick poisonous mist. Is Immortal Qi, Immortal Qi in Sacred Dan World is everywhere, but he is Immortal, can absorb this energy very much with ease.” Su Meiyao said. Passed more than three double-hour, Du Hai fully restored, at this time he was full of vigor, the whole body passed is sending a threatening aura, this degree of True Qi aura, Shen Xiang when previous time ran into Sister Bai Youyou's Bai Ziqian, could feel. The Bai Ziqian's strength is very strong, but he thought that now this Du Hai is not inferior to that Bai Ziqian completely. brat, can start now, from now on will time, you must find that bastard within three days, otherwise you lose!” Du Hai very earnest saying. Shen Xiang smiled lightly, has put out that Suppressing Devil Mirror, then the zero forward velocity operation, sent out the golden gentle ray until Suppressing Devil Mirror, he stopped revolving. Du Hai looks at treasure mirror in Shen Xiang hand is not the ordinary thing, but he cannot see this thing the origin and concrete function, his congealing eyebrow is pondering, the energy of because on this treasure mirror releasing makes him feel that is familiar. Here!” Suppressing Devil Mirror can feel thing that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable leaves behind, but that thing in fell by that Dragon Swallowing, therefore wants through this treasure mirror, can find that dragon, therefore he so is confident, so long as now he caught up in three days found that dragon that's alright.

Senior, my speed you quick......” he just had not spoken, felt that own arm was pressed firmly between the fingers by a powerful hand, then is gale assails to come, to let his scant of breath, moreover with a pressure, making him very uncomfortable. Du Hai grabs Shen Xiang to dash, but has not actually affected his speed, Shen Xiang cannot see the two sides things now, the speed that because he moves was too fast, he only thought one as if are shuttling back and forth in Hua Hua green passage. Quite a while passes, Shen Xiang only thought that own body must split was the same, at this moment, Du Hai shouted: brat, you have won, remembers our plans, I will consume his strength, then makes you cope with him, you should be able to follow us, I did not lead you!” Du Hai puts down Shen Xiang, suddenly on vanish from sight, Shen Xiang felt relieved, gasps for breath in gulps, if Du Hai leads him to dash again for 1-2 days, when the time comes he will turn into an ice-cold corpse. This fellow was too strong! Sister Youyou, I thought that he is much stronger than your poisonous elder sister!” Shen Xiang gasps for breath was saying that a face has a lingering fear, he does not want the second that experience again. Was difficult saying that should be that rank.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang has rested the moment, then turns into the bird, pursued. I must prepare to cope with a dragon, this is my first time does probably!” Shen Xiang is somewhat anxious at this time, although when the time comes strength of that dragon will be consumed many, but he was worried that after all that is a dragon.

Snort, the dragon of first coping is I, but supreme Imperial Dragon Clan!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said, her first time sees the Shen Xiang's time, Shen Xiang is having her idea. Good, I am the first time must with a genuine dragon fight!” Shen Xiang does not know that at the appointed time will have any situation, in his mind started the combat process that simulates may be able to present variously, this is Huang Jintian trains his many time has said. Fears anything, if not good also has me! You have studied these many Dragon Slaying Martial Art, at this time applied!” Some Long Xueyi excitedly said: Real anticipation that fellow you are defeated, will have what expression? Said that I also calculated your half Master, Hehe!” Thinks one quick can experiment Dragon Slaying Martial Art on a dragon, Shen Xiang is also impatient, this is very rare opportunity, after all can have the dragon of similar strength not to be many with him, and can slaughter! A day passes by, Shen Xiang very close Du Hai, explained that the Du Hai speed is dropping slowly, so long as Du Hai has been pursuing that dragon, that dragon will be also same as him, will consume the massive energies. „The masters of their this rank, True Qi in within the body is vigorous, but fleshly body of that dragon is very strong, even if no True Qi, must cope is also very difficult, Du Hai thinks that also knows this, therefore he almost will certainly exhaust True Qi of that dragon, only stays behind makes him resist poisonous Qi little, when the time comes Du Hai he consumes completely, but when the time comes Du Hai can actually stop the restoration, but that dragon is not good, because there are you to cope.” Su Meiyao said that because this is Shen Xiang first and one can the dragon martial arts contest of Shapeshift, moreover is a strength and a Dan Immortal similar dragon. If your incorrect words, want prompt start to talk, making Xueyi help you!” Bai Youyou also urged. Five days pass by, Shen Xiang now changed the human form, runs swiftly in the ground, follows behind letting Du Hai, Du Hai and that dragon while are dashing about wildly fast, the body can hit these poisonous mist, therefore these poisonous mist penetrating power are stronger, to prevent the autointoxication, they need to release more energies to resist poisonous Qi, therefore they consume very greatly.

Kid who old fellow, where you look for? You think that can cope with me depending on him? little rascal that this Nirvana Realm does not arrive, but also insufficiently I fill the gap between teeth, you are make him bring death radically!” That Dragon said that he has seen through Du Hai and Shen Xiang's plan quickly. Hehe, do not despise humanity, reason that I can such quickly find you, is this little rascal finger of road!” Du Hai said while loudly laughing, although he lost Longevity Fruit for this reason, but he is very excited, the Shen Xiang's strength truly does not arrive at Nirvana Realm, even if that dragon does not have the energy, by fleshly body, is not Shen Xiang can cope, However, Du Hai is confident at this time to Shen Xiang, he knows that he will not misread the person absolutely. Young fellow, you must be ready, although this bastard now is the human form, but compelled anxiously him, he will turn into the true body, at that time looked that did not cope easily!” Du Hai said. Senior, I already prepared, wants to teach the fellow who this looks down upon humanity really!” Shen Xiang excitedly said. Human little rascal, you did not know about our dragon, your ignorant No problem, but such wild words, you will die a tragic death!” That dragon also very has doubts, why Shen Xiang can walk freely in this inside, does not need to be worried about this inside poisonous mist. Shen Xiang thinks very funnily, he can say to the dragon understood, because on him has Imperial Dragon, if he wants the dragon really is very difficult.