World Defying Dan God - Volume 6 - Chapter 600
The chase has been continuing, the speed of Du Hai and that dragon became very slow, saying nothing of Shen Xiang can cast off them easily, but Shen Xiang actually encounters their within the body can be vigorous, but is used to resist acute poison, Shen Xiang henceforth can see that the strength of Du Hai that dragon is well-matched, otherwise they have not socialized for dozens years. brat, this you came up, I could not withstand , to continue again, I did not have the strength to resist acute poison to enter the body!” Du Hai at this time looks like very weak. Has been waiting for Shen Xiang, is similar to a greedy person, dashes about wildly toward that dragon, several leaps, he arrives at the front of that dragon, blocks the way of that dragon. I have said that your such little rascal does not coordinate me to fight, my fleshly body is not your this little rascal can cope, do not look down upon the dragon!” Stands after Shen Xiang present dragon turn into a human shape, is a very handsome strong man, on his face full is looks at Shen Xiang that disdains. The Shen Xiang face darken, said: You is a water attribute python, you possibly in the accidental situation, activated the Dragon Clan unique memory inheritance, you are the python, within the body have thin dragon blood, will therefore have such phenomenon! After you obtain the memory inheritance, should grasp taboo devil art in Dragon Clan, through gobbling up baby comes by oneself formidable, can fast Dragon Transformation, grasp formidable strength!” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, that dragon whole body trembles, on the face does not believe completely. Controls one's breathing the Du Hai brow that restores to wrinkle tightly in not far away, Shen Xiang such understands the dragon, this makes him feel surprised.Once it is said passes on, Imperial Dragon Clan will be reckless, even if surmounts myriad world, must chase down to practice the fellow who the Dragon Clan taboo demon attacks! This matter was not average person can find, I in the past was little rascal time, under the accidental chance heard my masters and several old fellow has mentioned. python dragon, Dragon Clan such called generally your!” Shen Xiang said. This is a humble name, one day, I will make pure Blood Dragon that these think oneself infallible know that we evolve the dragon that becomes, be more formidable than them, so long as kills you, my matter will not reveal!” This python dragon dreads Imperial Dragon Clan obviously.

Du Hai and python dragon think clearly, why Shen Xiang cannot see to practice the Dragon Clan taboo martial arts matter. You could not kill me, even if I did not have any strength, immortal tool is unable to cut my body!” python dragon said with a smile severely: brat, I will not massacre you from the beginning, I will chop your hands and feet, then makes you visit me to eat your hands and feet, Ha Ha......” When python dragon laughs, in the Shen Xiang hand azure light dodges, python dragon that terrifying laughter stops suddenly, the complexion sudden change, covers entirely the fear: Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade...... is impossible, did you grasp Divine Art of Four Symbols?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: This should be able to cut your body the blade!” Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, it is said wandered about destitute to Mortal World , not only can cut down Demons, eliminate Devils, can the Dragon Slaughtering Slash god, be azure dragon ginseng and casting in Legend, but afterward Dragon Spirit lost, the might reduced...... the Du Hai voice not to end greatly, only saw Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Shen Xiang hand to tremble slightly, releases together stern solemn and respectful dragon roar, contained to have the dignity of frightening, obviously this has his soul the blade. Sees this blade, python dragon slowly retreat, in deep forest that in azure poisonous mist winds around, his vision had not been affected, is quick he to glimpse on a Shen Xiang both hands pair of white glove. God Slaughtering Hand!” python dragon is the whole body trembles. The pupil of Du Hai contracts suddenly, calls out in alarm said: God Slaughtering Hand personally was being safeguarded by White Tiger, is it possible that you......” Shen Xiang sets firm resolve now, when the enough formidable strength, cannot walks in the dwelling place of celestial beings and Sacred Dan World this higher world, because this world inside person is very insightful, if knows in his hand to have many divine tool, he will be very definitely troublesome. Your collection uneven Four Beast's Divine Weapons?” python dragon clenches teeth saying that at this time Shen Xiang this little rascal makes him feel the unprecedented threat.

Was similar!” The Shen Xiang body shakes, one set of golden light radiant pretty armor suddenly appears on him, making him look like formidable is aggressive, lets Heavenly God of his as if control world. python dragon immediately wild cry one, to Shen Xiang is being a fist, is similar to the thunder lightning is ordinary. This fights with the fists, the energy of erupts, lets ground split open, all around trees explode broken become the powder, must know that this Sacred Dan World is a higher world, but was destroyed by so the degree equally, obviously python dragon the might of that fist was not weak a moment ago. In that instantaneous, Shen Xiang moves aside at the maximum speed, but he was slow little, the body was hit by that swift and fierce fist energy, although he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect the body, but that intense shake strength, can still penetrate the heavily defense, shakes to the body. Shen Xiang has dried the blood of corners of the mouth, eats up flake Hell Spirit Grass, said with a sneer: It seems like this was you last time uses Dragon Force, moreover was so weak!” python dragon a moment ago used is Dragon Force, but the might is actually not very big, henceforth can see the energy in python Dragon Body to be very weak. For all this, injures Shen Xiang very much heavily. python dragon knows that he cannot continue to socialize again with Shen Xiang, once otherwise and other Du Hai restored strength, he thoroughly played. „Is that also what kind of? Even if you have Four Beast's Divine Weapons, you are not my match!” The python dragon body like the flying arrow, ten fingers suddenly revealed the sharp claw to be sharp, seemed like similar to diamond general hard sharp. Shen Xiang only felt that cool breeze blows, five deep cold air delimit, that speed and strength, unexpectedly has had five swiftly and fiercely and intrepidly Qi Energy, flies violently in air China , North Korea Shen Xiang.

A Shen Xiang side shunt, the big tree of that five Dao Qi vigor penetration distant places, lets have row of trees to drop down quickly, was cut by that five Dao Qi vigor. While moving aside, Shen Xiang fierce grasps the hilt, the True Qi steaming spout in within the body, gathers in the dantian, the collision, the fusion, turns into an implication terrifying might the energy, then spread Shen Xiang all the limbs and bones, at the light speed past in his body, carries on instantaneously innumerable circulates, then turns into a white energy, pours into Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Sees on Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to erupt suddenly the white ray, moreover makes surrounding area several li (0.5km) shiver slightly, python dragon is panic-stricken immediately. Feels terrifying aura that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade erupts, Du Hai serious saying: This is Dragon Force, humanity , to use this strength, either itself has Dragon Bloodline, has learned either Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art in Legend!” During the speeches, the Shen Xiang body dodges, only leaves behind a slowly desalination the remnant shade in same place, with brandishes a sword the light that together cuts. Bang!” rumbled resounds, a Shen Xiang incomparably wild blade cuts to fall, sticks out suddenly spark, the sharp knife edge stays, in covers entirely on hard dragon claw of black scales.