World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 602
Du Hai is looking at the same time scared, his eyes saw that Shen Xiang this forms of defensive action are special, because that strength is not Shen Xiang this rank can display, he saw that Shen Xiang has used any mysterious method, fuses together all around Immortal Qi completely, turns into one type formidable strength that can control by him, changes the nature again, attacks! Normally, the person are utilize oneself body inside True Qi or are fleshly body strength, again through the ingenious strength change, making strength strengthen, but Shen Xiang this situation actually gathers the outside in very short time strength, utilizes some methods to strengthen these strength again. Du Hai thinks one are experienced, Shen Xiang many secrets his one eyes can look, for example that Four Beast's Divine Weapons, but he actually could not see that now Shen Xiang has used any method, moreover this way he has not heard. Also no wonder, Shen Xiang use, but Divine Ability in Imperial Dragon Clan, only then to the person of Imperial Dragon Clan understanding knows that this Divine Ability, but majority do not know that Divine Dao this strength form exists. Huge Dragon Corpse crashes in the ground, Shen Xiang is holding Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, according to place that Long Xueyi assigns, has cut open hole, took out a grain of white bead. Such big fellow, Dragon Pearl unexpectedly is so small!” Shen Xiang looks at the white bead in palm, although this Dragon Pearl he has not imagined is so big, but the energy of implication, makes him feel to rouse. Dragon Pearl the smaller the better, isn't the True Yuan strength of your within the body the smaller the better? The fierce dragon, will result in the sand to be common the Dragon Pearl compression finally, even some dragons can probably look like the dust the Dragon Pearl compression, they can release to attack Dragon Pearl, you think that you words that a grain of True Yuan strength does make, the might big?” Long Xueyi said. Du Hai restored many strength, he walks, looks that the Shen Xiang incision that said hole, on the face full was saying of doubts: I do not know that Dragon Pearl where, your unexpectedly got down to find all at once, it seems like before you, probably had the experience in this aspect! Does not have the slaughter including me dragon!” Shen Xiang receives Dragon Pearl, said with a smile: This corpse was your, that Longevity Fruit?” Du Hai throws to a Shen Xiang black fruit, Su Meiyao sees this is Longevity Fruit, after Shen Xiang attains, immediately puts in the ring. In this dragon also has a more important thing, that was I uses many years to find! I had used very long time in the past, through some clues, seeks for the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable vestige, after coming in this inside, just runs into this fellow, his puts the box of treasure to swallow that therefore I here have played with him for dozens years!” Du Hai sigh with emotion saying.

He used many years to find the thing that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable left behind, but Shen Xiang was relaxed found. Du Hai has put out a golden blade, this seems like kills the blade pig blade such, but this is fierce the blade, a stroke, can cut together deep hole on Dragon Corpse gently. Puts out your mirror, where determines that box! The present young people so are lazy, this matter unexpectedly makes old man do!” Du Hai curls the lip saying that Shen Xiang with Dragon Pearl time is so initiative, but actually painstakingly exactly gives him this type now. Shen Xiang puts out Suppressing Devil Mirror, at the same time said with a smile: Senior you were played by this fellow were so long, the matter of this opening up the stomach naturally must be done to you, this can make you vent spleen!” I had not been played by him, can say the strength of this bastard compared with me, therefore that is also natural!” Du Hai low snort|hum, looks at Shen Xiang to take treasure mirror, seeks place that box is. dragon body is very long is very thick, but Shen Xiang had found quickly the accurate place, he trampled a foot that place, said: Was here.” Not long, Du Hai has put out a very big box from the bloody dragon body, seems like a coffin of golden casting. This dragon is not pure Blood Dragon, moreover cultivates through taboo devil art, this pile of flesh and blood are far from that Dragon Pearl valuable, I owed in a big way!” But Du Hai sighed, he also counted on as refined the Immortal Dan material with this Dragon Corpse, but he has appraised now the qualities of these flesh and blood, disappointing him. Shen Xiang shrugs, says with a smile: Initially was you make me choose.” Du Hai receives Dragon Corpse, said: Relax, I mean what he says.”

Now they look at that to lie low in the golden box of ground, they turned over this box examined carefully, has not discovered the crack, does not know that such opened. Such big box, what will inside install?” Shen Xiang curious saying. „It seems like a specially-made coffin, from the size, is very appropriate you, do you have the means to open?” Du Hai feels the chin to say. Shen Xiang attempts to use Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, but does not have the sound. Has a look with Suppressing Devil Mirror!” Su Meiyao said: Suppressing Devil Mirror directs you to seek for this thing, may is the key!” He already had this idea, but how does not know to do, because on that box does not have the appropriate scoop channel or the jack puts in Suppressing Devil Mirror. Looks that Shen Xiang takes treasure mirror to strike on box, Du Hai also thought that this treasure mirror should be able to turn on the box: brat, this mirror except for can find this box, what can also do?” Also can emit a ray, has very strong lethality to Demon and Devil, this mirror is called Suppressing Devil Mirror!” Shen Xiang said truthfully. After Du Hai hears, exclaims in surprise one: I start to suspect you now, is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable descendant, not only learns his martial arts, but can also obtain he such fierce thing, you stimulate to movement this treasure mirror, emits that light to shine this box to have a look.” Why Shen Xiang does not know, he does not have what vigilant heart to Du Hai, depending on the Du Hai present strength, can definitely solve him with ease, robs his thing again, moreover some people does not know in this, but Du Hai such has not actually done, therefore Shen Xiang trusts him.

After treasure mirror Shen Xiang pours into Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, projects together golden brilliance, shines on the box. Had the response!” Du Hai calls out in alarm one, looking at steadily looks that is shivering box. Shen Xiang complexion suddenly changes, he sent out hoarseness to call, the complexion became pallid, looked like weak incomparable, took away by suddenly in True Qi of his within the body a moment ago most, turned into Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi completely, sprayed from the mirror, shone on the box. I am all right!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, receives the mirror, looks at that [gold/metal] glittering box. The box releases golden light, all around poisonous mist suddenly scatters, probably dreads this golden light. Opened!” Du Hai shouted, he also is very at this moment excited, when his first time builds up Immortal Dan is more excited.