World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 603
After the box opens, inside thing makes Shen Xiang be surprised, but is actually expected, this is similar to the coffin same golden color box, unexpectedly is a box blood! Red blood, but glittering the golden ray, this is letting the Shen Xiang breath shortness, he believes very that this is he seeks for Suppressing Devil Bloodline! „Is this Suppressing Devil Bloodline that you said? I take a point to come to see!” Du Hai puts out a small ladle, the material quality of this ladle looked like that was the same the fierce killing pig blade with him a moment ago. When this ladle moves these blood, unexpectedly suddenly melts, turned into wisp of golden smog to vanish, this frightened the Du Hai complexion is very ugly. Is impossible, although I do not know that type of stone is anything, but is tenacious, unexpectedly such easily by this blood melting!” Du Hai was saying, stretches out that some fingers of shivering slowly, when he just moved these blood, his fierce receives the hand, another hand puts out that killing the pig blade, reduces his hand with the quickest speed! acute poison!” On the Du Hai face full is frightened: If I were slow a moment ago, I melt now!” Shen Xiang is the whole face is also panic-stricken, looks that Du Hai that only turns into finishing a job of Qi mist, Du Hai is powerful Immortal, moreover is Dan Immortal, can eat some high rank pills frequently, his fleshly body is far from the average man can side by side, but is actually unable to withstand this type of toxin now. Senior, you are all right!” Sees Du Hai to be cut off a hand, Shen Xiang hastily asks. Relax, I have the means to make me regenerate a hand, does not have what to obstruct greatly, is this really Suppressing Devil Bloodline that you seek for? How I thought that this is that Poisonous Dragon blood essence! Otherwise will not have such intense toxin, I dare saying that in Sacred Dan World nobody can withstand this type of toxin absolutely!” Du Hai complexion serious saying, in his look is revealing the fear at this time, he will not be an easily frightened person. Absolutely is not dragon blood, if dragon blood my one eyes can recognize! This definitely is Suppressing Devil Bloodline!” Long Xueyi very affirmative saying.

Shen Xiang arrives by the box, is staring at the golden light Hong studies of this full box, he smiled: This is not Poisonous Dragon blood essence, this is Suppressing Devil Bloodline without doubt!” Saying, Shen Xiang has been extending the finger. Slow!” Du Hai sees this, has a big shock, loudly shouted. In Du Hai thinks when rush over cuts the Shen Xiang's palm, his suddenly has tarried, because after Shen Xiang occupies that blood, the trifling thing does not have, moreover is with smile on the face, has licked that blood with the tongue! Du Hai understood quickly, shakes the head sighs: „Haven't I thought? Your brat cultivates Suppressing Devil Golden Body, Hundred Poisons Immunity, so long as does not fear this type of toxin, if Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable wants to find an appropriate person to inherit this Suppressing Devil Bloodline, this person must certainly learn Suppressing Devil divine art, cultivates Suppressing Devil Golden Body, to prevent to be obtained these bloodlines by others accident, he goes to this place to seek for the fiercest toxin, integrates in these bloodlines!” Must want to let the Suppressing Devil Bloodline security, this Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest truly is the best place, to have the accident, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable still integrates Poisonous Dragon blood essence in the bloodlines, if not cultivates the Suppressing Devil Golden Body person, definitely instantaneously will be killed by poison. This thing was your, I had ten lives or thing of this breaknecking!” The Du Hai feeling said. Shen Xiang has put out Purple Flame Dragon Flower, gives Du Hai, said with a smile: Means what he says, if this thing is my, I take Purple Flame Dragon Flower to give you as the compensation, we reached an agreement before!” This thing is belonged your, even if I had not found, sooner or later some day you also will find, you receive!” Du Hai unexpectedly has rejected Purple Flame Dragon Flower.

Shen Xiang lightly smiled: „Do you want to make me be a person of going back on word? I had won your Longevity Fruit before, obtained Dragon Pearl......” Du Hai said while loudly laughing: Thinks that also really makes me not be feeling well, it seems like I now only then received this Purple Flame Dragon Flower has been able to make me feel better!” After obtaining Purple Flame Dragon Flower, Du Hai is unable to put down looks: Your this mysterious little rascal is any background, unexpectedly can give me such good Purple Flame Dragon Flower . Moreover the meat pain, does not trade to be my me definitely unable to achieve!” This Du Hai is Dan Immortal, in this Sacred Dan World has the right to have the potential, although Shen Xiang now will not be long in the Sacred Dan World stay , will again definitely come to later, can become friends with one in the person of Sacred Dan World shook wind and cloud, why not? Hehe, have you seen my granddaughter? This girl can tell you my whereabouts, thinks that trusts you extremely, contacts the shortly after person to be able by her to be such trusted this with her to be the same with the unheard-of absurdity, let alone is a man!” Du Hai said with a smile, looks at Shen Xiang with an unusual and gentle look. Shen Xiang has coughed two, saying of asking something already known: Senior, what was I saying?” Yanyao this girl definitely to your meaning, said, for many years has pursued her Heaven's Chosen Child to be many, but can make she and my son can have a liking for the eye one not have, but currently at present has one! Hehe, you should unable to have a liking for Yanyao!” Du Hai detected that now more looked Shen Xiang is more pleasing to the eyes. This...... I had the woman, moreover more than one! Can you put in great inconvenience your granddaughter to marry my this womanizer?” Shen Xiang hurriedly said. This has anything, Yanyao does not care about that's it, the man, woman many point is also in any case normal, I have a young body time, the woman are many.” Du Hai curls the lip to say.

Later again said that I must return to Mortal Martial World, now I have a lot to do, moreover my personal enemy are many.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, if made Xue Xianxian know that he was a womanizer here, Xue Xianxian definitely not to look to the good complexion. Also is, said that must you pass Nirvana Tribulation to say again, so as to avoid when the time comes the wound passes the heart!” Du Hai cannot help but sad, can visit him to have this deeply grieved experience. Shen Xiang tears the topic, said: Or we continue here dull a period of time, seeks for that Poisonous Dragon Dragon Pearl.” Does not need to look, since Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable has come, this type of good thing definitely not to leave our, before that python dragon definitely was also comes to seek for Poisonous Dragon Dragon Pearl.” Du Hai beckons with the hand to say. Looks at that box inside Suppressing Devil Bloodline, saying that Shen Xiang muttered: It seems like I must fuse this bloodlines to be good in this inside.” I am looking at the same time and ensure your security, felt relieved!” After Du Hai also wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to fuse, will be what kind. A Shen Xiang inspiration, has put in both hands this coffin same box slightly, soaks, in that braves in the Hong studies of golden light. Once this Suppressing Devil Bloodline moves the flesh and blood, the grow like a weed in the past, in an instant, that box inside blood will have been short.