World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 604
Regarding the process of fusion, Shen Xiang already was prepared, fuses the experience of Fire Spirit to open depending on him repeatedly, fuses this Suppressing Devil Bloodline definitely very painful that's it. From the beginning, after these blood enter his body inside, he has not thought to have anything, but felt that a cool energy enters in the body. Du Hai in corner of the eye beat that the one side looks, because this blood, so long as a drop can let his body melting, but Shen Xiang now has absorbed actually the larger part, what he is curious, does the Shen Xiang's blood have acute poison? brat, can you become a poisonous person? When the time comes you can walk sideways!” Du Hai teased. „, After these toxin will not enter my body, was built up vanish from sight.” Before Shen Xiang, question, but he can actually affirm this point now. Quick, unusual blood of box fully entered in the Shen Xiang's body, is very difficult to imagine Shen Xiang's body unexpectedly to hold these many, what making Shen Xiang have doubts, he had not felt that the body has anything to change, has not thought the ache. He has discovered not long the reason, because of that Suppressing Devil Bloodline not with his body fusion, but has substituted the blood in his body, seeps to the skeleton, muscle and five main internal organs (entrails), but he can actually feel that Suppressing Devil Bloodline completely has not belonged his. Under box has the thing!” Long Xueyi shouted, Shen Xiang lowers the head looked that really sees the thing that Long Xueyi said that that unexpectedly is a golden skeleton, complete person skeleton . Moreover the skeleton is very thick strong, is winding around golden Qi mist, is very beautiful. Senior, you come to see, this just appeared probably!” Shen Xiang hastily called Du Hai. Good strange thing, this is not the substantive thing, is not gaseous state condense, but is...... But is extremely formidable Soul Body!” Du Hai suddenly calls out in alarm.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also shouted two characters: Bone Spirit!” Bone Spirit, this definitely is Bone Spirit, when the skeleton is formidable enough, will produce Bone Spirit!” On the Du Hai face full is inconceivable saying: Whose this is Bone Spirit? You must fuse this Bone Spirit, fuses Suppressing Devil Bloodline completely?” What thing this is Bone Spirit?” Asking of Shen Xiang doubts. You want the skeleton are the fleshly body foundation are , the flesh and blood bases on the skeleton to be solid, but Bone Spirit is the soul of skeleton, if after some day own fleshly body completely were destroyed, but the soul and Bone Spirit still, can very relaxed remoulding fleshly body, once more resurrect!” Du Hai was saying, raised itself to be short of an arm of hand saying: For example I now, did not have a hand, needs to let the palm rebirth through some pills, but if there is Bone Spirit, the skeleton did not have, can through absorption world Spirit Qi, quick fast-growth grow the skeleton, from a long-range point of view flesh and blood, but the intensity of skeleton and flesh and blood was the same with before, will not affect!” If you have Bone Spirit, has the formidable soul again, can undying Indestructible!” At this time Long Xueyi added: Person who generally has Bone Spirit, his body was also called divine body, that looks like the Devil Subduing School's god child, perhaps has Bone Spirit, but his soul not strong words, have Bone Spirit not to help matters! Must think become god, Bone Spirit and Divine Soul must have!” In Shen Xiang stares in that box is lying low golden Bone Spirit, golden brilliance suddenly glittering gets up, that Bone Spirit changes to a ray, injected in the Shen Xiang's body. Shen Xiang only felt that these unusual blood of own within the body like lit oil, suddenly seethes with excitement, the scalding hot ache, is flooding him from top to bottom, making him more painful much to neigh.

This is matter that he already expected, but this is actually not able to make him relieve the pain, he can only endure, moreover for many years he also had repeatedly this experience, will not die because of this ache. One side Du Hai also falls back on, he knows that Shen Xiang is not an average person, can deal with this situation, now he must do is ensure Shen Xiang will not be disturbed. Now is Shen Xiang fuses the Suppressing Devil Bloodline process, this process is painful and long, Shen Xiang, twitches and struggles in the ground tumbling unceasingly, the ground full is his grasping mark, but his fleshly body inflates from time to time, from time to time reduces, lives is covering entirely the red blood thread, is very scary. Ten days pass by, the situation was improved, Shen Xiang is only the pain hurts now, the body has not had the scary change. Obtains Suppressing Devil Bloodline, has not let his True Qi enhancement, but makes his fleshly body exceptionally formidable, can compare favorably with his True Qi strength, moreover makes him have the strength of stronger Suppressing Devil! Now his Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, is invisible colorless, this is the fiercest condition, moreover he has not needed desirably revolution Suppressing Devil divine art urges round of Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, because he fuses the Suppressing Devil Bloodline reason, so long as he uses any strength, contains to bring very fierce Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, has the multiple lethality to Demon and Devil! This is true Suppressing Devil Golden Body!” Shen Xiang is staring in the body that golden energy, once this energy the body, will turn into the transparent energy, but is very fierce. physical strength and True Qi strength is completely consistent, is this live Suppressing Devil Bloodline advantage?” Du Hai very envies now, although he has not obtained, but makes him broaden the outlook. fleshly body strength and True Qi strength fuse the together words, then the might is unable to guess that Shen Xiang thinks on the whole body ebullition, he goes out two steps, the earth slightly is shivering, he has not adapted to oneself that terror fleshly body implication now strength.

Well familiar, otherwise you and others shake hand, can the hand crumb of person!” Du Hai said with a smile. Walks from here, should be able to adapt!” Shen Xiang suddenly dashes, looks like probably is a giant beast of going crazy, each step, is containing very terrifying strength, his foot falls to the ground each time, can tread a deep footprint in the ground, but that strength actually passes through the depth place, causes deeply under to send out shivers intermittently. Even if currently does not use True Qi, the Shen Xiang's speed also becomes the rapidness, dashing time, he divulges the fleshly body strength heartily, the body releases one type the imposing manner of being full of the deterrent, he has run the place, will undercut is very deep, he ran the 1st Stage distance only meeting, in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest presented a probably withered great river to be common, the trace that was Shen Xiang ran later to leave. „Will this brat low-key point die? In this is also many fierce fellows!” Du Hai, while scolded lowly, he knows certainly Shen Xiang must hurry back to participate in that Sacred Dan Gathering. Quite a while passes, Du Hai sees that boundless fleshly body strength that Shen Xiang was familiar with him just to obtain completely, on pulling he, was flying from this Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest with the quickest speed! The Du Hai speed is quick, left Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest not long, he arrived on a mountain, loses Shen Xiang in the ground, said with a smile: I have been missing these many years, many trifling things must process, I walked one first step, we later will again meet, remembered well to Yanyao!”