World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 605
Suppressing Devil Bloodline has succeeded in obtaining, but Shen Xiang has not actually been able to go back immediately, because he cannot return, but he can go back, is only his present strength is insufficient, is unable to open one to pass Mortal Martial World Space Gate using Heaven's Crown Gate. He can induce in the mark to Mortal Martial World through Heaven's Crown Gate, this lets he most inspired matter, after all Mortal Martial World is only a low status world, the space is very weak, from the higher world in the past was very easy, but that Heaven's Crown Gate made Shen Xiang be surprised, can surmount the same rank the space, but can also go to the low status world from the higher world now, this made him suspect that this Heaven's Crown Gate was not the Mortal World product. Goes out in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, Shen Xiang hurries back to Saint Dan City on hastily, he planned to use Heaven's Crown Gate, but discovered that here space is very firm, must open the Space Gate words to be together difficult, the consumption is very big, moreover really requires the time, will also have very big sound, this is he has not come across the matter. Therefore he can only hurry along. Such anxiously does? To tell that beautiful woman City Lord, you made her grandfather, quite made her thank you, sought her favorable impression?” Su Meiyao teased, was having the jealousy. Do not speak irresponsibly, I want sharply to go back to participate in Sacred Dan Gathering, I must make the best use of the time, refines Earth Level pill, then promotes the strength, returns to Mortal Martial World.” Shen Xiang said that he always thinks this strength, in this has in many Immortal world, the security sense does not have, to return to Mortal Martial World, even if he cannot hit, can run away. In Saint Dan City, started becomes very lively, the street above pedestrian were more than in the past, after all Sacred Dan Gathering is the meetings of some talent extremely high alchemy masters, these alchemy masters in this Sacred Dan World, quite in elite same existence, are controlling this world, in martial artist, family and sect, the alchemy masters were being supplied. Now Shen Xiang understands, why Nirvana Realm accompanied, because this in Sacred Dan World is very common matter. City Lord's Mansion yard. Shen Xiang just went, saw a white clothing man, this delicate and pretty white clothing man has one black hair that made many females envy, in this white clothing man behind, but also stood some strengths not to be weak accompanies. This looks like the status honored man, is that Xie Donghao, is Chief Disciple of Sacred Dan Sect in Sacred Dan World first layer, is the Sacred Dan Sect Dean grandson.

Shen Xiang also sees in the yard to place many White Jade boxes, understood at a glance that this Xie Donghao is proposes, although Xie Donghao can enter City Lord's Mansion, but he actually does not dare to excel at rushing to the Du Yanyao house, but Du Yanyao does not see him, therefore he can only wait here. Sees Shen Xiang to arrive, in the Xie Donghao eye full is the loathing, looks at the Shen Xiang's time, in the look once for a while glittering the sinister and ruthless ray. „Do you do?” Asking of Xie Donghao coldly, looks at his facial expression, probably wishes one could to massacre to be the same Shen Xiang. I live in inside, you said that I do come to here to do?” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying that with long hurried strides moves toward the Du Yanyao house, this makes Xie Donghao hate to clench teeth tightly, can live with Du Yanyao in a house, this not only makes Xie Donghao envy, Xie Donghao behind accompanying is also so. The gate closely is closing, Shen Xiang knocks on a door, light shouted: Yanyao, is I!” Let the matter of drop blood Xie Donghao hates occur, sees only Du Yanyao to open the door quickly. Yanyao, aren't you are closing up?” The Xie Donghao fist is gripping tightly immediately, resented that must stare Shen Xiang. I just went out! What matter do you have?” Du Yanyao should say icily that then looks to Shen Xiang, in the look reveals a care the temperate ray, making Xie Donghao almost envy to explode. Under Xie Donghao restrains by force the anger in heart, although this is not Shen Xiang's is wrong, but he has actually despised Shen Xiang, this makes Shen Xiang feel bewildered. I come to propose to you, this asks the wedding!” Xie Donghao calms down, said.

After that five White Jade boxes open, sees only inside medicine fragrant drifting, the ray sparkle, understood at a glance that is very precious spirit herb. This is five Good Fortune Fruit, Yanyao you should value!” Xie Donghao sees Shen Xiang to stare at that five White Jade boxes, secret haughty, gains ground slightly, proud looks at Shen Xiang, he thought that he occupies a winning side in front of Shen Xiang finally. Du Yanyao sees five Good Fortune Fruit, is slightly one startled, but actually still surface, if cold frost, saying of coldly: My pills knows that I had not felt to you, I had said was inferior . Moreover the marriage is not the transaction, I not for these five Good Fortune Fruit have sold itself, please return!” Shen Xiang suddenly smiled: Thanked Young Master, you were delivered the box, five small fruits, unexpectedly installed with such a big box!” Shut up, you know how many alchemy Master Qiangpo heads these five Good Fortune Fruit can let?” Xie Donghao suddenly explodes shouts to clear the way, on the forehead full is the blue vein, his once again Du Yanyao rejection, moreover in front of Shen Xiang, this lets him angrily. Shen Xiang understands now why initially Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou must make him take Good Fortune Fruit with every effort, even if this type of thing in this pills rich resources world, is so expensive. This thing I have a wicker basket!” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying that although the wealth does not appear externally, but sometimes needs to reveal. Talks big must tally is actually good, if you wicker basket, I cut the head to you, when chamber pot!” Xie Donghao said with a sneer. Shen Xiang flexure scratching the head, said: „A wicker basket truly does not have, but a less than half wicker basket I have!” When Xie Donghao wants to speak the satire, saw only Shen Xiang to put out a wicker basket, the ray that inside sent out, sent out to return stronger compared with that five White Jade boxes, that fragrance was rich incomparable, let the person scant of breath.

Xie Donghao just arrived at the words of throat, inside has suppressed, he stares focuses on the bead greatly, dull looks at that worn-out wicker basket inside Good Fortune Fruit, truly only then a less than half wicker basket, but actually 20-30, look like quite shocks, impact on that vision, dismayful. Treated as to ask the wedding with this thing too to be also poor, in my there, at least was also Heaven Level High-Grade spirit herb was living Immortal Dan and so on thing.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying that receives that wicker basket. This not only lets Xie Donghao and his accompanying shock is incomparable, Du Yanyao is also unbelievable, she wants to know where very much Shen Xiang comes. Xie Donghao was also softer at this time, in this Sacred Dan World, but attaches importance to the alchemy resources, because that can bribe some alchemy masters, can hit relationship with some high level alchemy masters. Although sees Shen Xiang to have many Good Fortune Fruit, but Xie Donghao ridiculed several sourly, then left. Saw Xie Donghao to walk dingily, Shen Xiang shook the head sighs: This fellow also bullies the weak and fears the strong.”