World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 606
The wealth is also part of strength, but Shen Xiang has the so abundant wealth young, this makes Du Yanyao think that he is more mystical. Du Yanyao as City Lord, has met many shape shapes ** person, but first time deeply was attracted by a man, but these are because she thought that the Shen Xiang very mysterious reason, naturally, Shen Xiang in her mind, is a moral behavior very good man, when she is poisoned is in heat, taking the opportunity has not encroached upon her. Yanyao, I imagine you to inquire that a matter of person, I think that you should know!” Before Shen Xiang, has not inquired the Fan Yakun origin in the city, had not heard has Fan Family. You asked!” Du Yanyao graceful sitting down, she still wears this kind of set of black skirt, but Shen Xiang thought that she will wear other color clothing more beautiful. „Do you know Fan Yakun this person of matter?” Shen Xiang has drunk small tea, is waiting for the Du Yanyao reply. I know him, a Fan Family third young master's son, with my peer, in our generation, his strength and alchemy skill is among the best, do you know him?” Du Yanyao knits the brows saying: He had offended the Fan Family family rule a while ago, later I did not have his news.” This, I had disputed with him, this fellow unexpectedly is so fierce, initially added one are one is just small.” Shen Xiang feels the chin. If compares with Primal Chaos Mountain inside fellow, he is only one is truly young.” Du Yanyao said. Primal Chaos Mountain? What is this?” Shen Xiang is curious immediately. Du Yanyao mentioned Primal Chaos Mountain, on the face full was the color of being charmed: Sacred Dan World is other world alchemy masters the world that longs for arriving , the pills civilization in this world truly be in the lead compared with other world, but in Sacred Dan World, the place of origin of pills civilization in Primal Chaos Mountain, in that is a very mysterious world, should be large-scale Mysterious Realm, in the world fringing fields of 18 story-high, my grandfather has stayed in inside a period of time.” Shen Xiang understood, that is Sacred Dan World Sacred Land, inside is also small world.

Young Master Shen, can you help me?” Du Yanyao has nipped a lip lightly, asked in a low voice. Please say that I make contribution!” Sees in beautiful woman City Lord this different kind beautiful stance, in the Shen Xiang heart to acclaim one secretly, cannot help but is staring at Du Yanyao. Two City Lord and three City Lord died, but now the family cannot select some appropriately replaces his position, before Sacred Dan Gathering approaches, will hold a City Lord contest first, is the person who lets various respected families competes with, strives for the Saint Dan City palm jurisdictional control!” Du Yanyao sighed one lightly: When the time comes goes to battle at least needs two people, I do not think that this Saint Dan City the position of City Lord will discard in my this, although our Du Family cannot continue.” Must make me go to battle does not have what issue actually, I will win the martial arts contest as far as possible, but I am not the Du Family person!” Shen Xiang said that contends in martial arts anything, he has most liked, let alone he now also fused Suppressing Devil Bloodline, does not make him get one well, he sleeps thought that the bone is itchy. Du Yanyao face suddenly flies to wipe charming Hong Xia, she said in a low voice: When the time comes I to the outside said that you are my fiance, this is permits.” The Shen Xiang heart jumps suddenly, during is surprised, he does not forget to appreciate this cold beauty at this time that different kind moving beauty. It looks like in Du Yanyao, Shen Xiang is very likely pills aristocratic family juniors of hidden world, not only has many pills resources, but also is powerful, the status is mystical, does not have the arrogant mentalities of these wealthy family juniors, therefore she thought that Shen Xiang will look somewhat down upon her, although her present status looks like is also very honored, but in the eyes of some super aristocratic families, is actually not anything. „Was my request too excessive? This fiance is only one lets you with the excuse that I go to battle with, not real...... I know that this will be definitely influential to you, your wife knows that definitely will misunderstand.” Du Yanyao sighed, actually in her heart also had another idea, although was only short unmarried husband and wife relationship. Did not matter, I and you go to battle with that's it, who made me massacre that two City Lord and three City Lord?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Thanks!” After Du Yanyao hears, in heart one happy, has shown a beautiful smiling face to Shen Xiang.

How do you want to thank me?” Shen Xiang goes forward one step, near distance is staring at Du Yanyao, this makes Du Yanyao be shy to dangle immediately, asked in a low voice: Young Master Shen, some of some of my also spirit herb, I can give you some......” I must make you permit by body, do you want?” Long Xueyi imitates the Shen Xiang's sound, having the expression of sexually harassing to ask. Shen Xiang only wants to tease coldly this ordinary day such as iceberg beautiful woman City Lord, does not want extremely, but Long Xueyi this mischievous Little Dragon Girl may, no matter these many, she Du Yanyao tender body trembles, gained ground, looks at Shen Xiang with the complex look. I...... I was saying plays, do not take seriously!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, in the heart is actually criticizing Long Xueyi, he already was luckily unalarmed by strange sights to this matter, can very good manipulation. Sees this cold beauty City Lord this type charming and is full of the appearance of strange enticement, Shen Xiang wants to hug her very much in the bosom, with her intimate. Snort!” Du Yanyao spat one lowly. She quickly restored past that ice-cold makings, said: Tomorrow will have contended in martial arts, that Sacred Dan Sect Xie Donghao will also participate, if when the time comes runs into him, you are certainly careful, he is not a Lord of being a vegetarian, moreover he so is repugnant you.” Young Master Shen, franks, if I can make Du Family two govern Saint Dan City one after another, I will obtain the rich reward of family, moreover later will again not be arranged many things by the family, can have more time practice.” Du Yanyao looks at Shen Xiang, said sincerely: Therefore, if can win, I will again certainly thank your.”

Sacred Dan Gathering is every hundred years one time, the City Lord palm jurisdictional control is also decides through the martial arts contest every hundred years one time, but Du Yanyao happen to was sent to manage Saint Dan City in this stage, if she can make Du Family obtain the next Saint Dan City palm jurisdictional control once more, this is actually one can let the Du Family proud matter. Hehe, must thank me to be easy again!” Shen Xiang badly said with a smile. Snort!” Du Yanyao lightly snorted: Young Master Shen, no joking!” Shen Xiang likes bean iceberg beautiful, this lets his harmony happiness, he is laughing and playing saying: „After and other martial arts contests ended, said again, you must be mentally prepared!” Next day, Du Yanyao is responsible for registering, this is takes care of everything by Sacred Dan Sect, because this Saint Dan City was Sacred Dan Sect initially established. After Du Yanyao registers, she had a fiance's matter also to be passed on, many young outstanding sigh good dish Gongzhu at the same time, was criticizing Shen Xiang in the heart, therefore Shen Xiang name also overnight spread in Saint Dan City.