World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 607
Because Shen Xiang came from Mortal Martial World, therefore nobody has his detailed material, only knows that he lives in City Lord's Mansion at present, has killed two City Lord with the savage method, not only had not been investigated by Du Yanyao, but also became the Du Yanyao fiance. This initiates many people's guesses, most people converge juniors kind of hidden world family him. Because the present is eve that Sacred Dan Gathering convenes, in Saint Dan City gathered many famous family juniors, the person who so long as knows about Saint Dan City, will conduct a time Saint Dan City palm jurisdictional control before then the martial arts contest congress, decided through the martial arts contest. But family that has the right to compete, is the respected families, has many industries in Saint Dan City. Cousin, this wedding is you decides? Has not obtained the agreement of your grandfather and your parents, your unexpectedly secretly and others become engaged, you had no regard for elders and superiors!” Shen Xiang comes out from the underground secret room, hears a man to have the angry expression to reprove Du Yanyao outside the hall, this person is the Du Yanyao cousin. Walks into the hall, Shen Xiang saw a big tall and strong middle age, wears golden magnificent and expensive clothes, the heavy features, is having the beard, at this time a face indignation. „The Tempering Realm peak, this arrives at this rank age, was finished.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said. Sees Shen Xiang to walk, that Du Yanyao cousin turns suddenly, the anger is staring Shen Xiang. Du Yanyao frowned, she sees this cousin so impolite treatment Shen Xiang, immediately is angry: My wedding has not been one's turn others to say this and that is I marries is not other people!” Please leave City Lord's Mansion, I do not welcome you, you think that I do not know you and that Xie Haodong is a friend?”

Sees Du Yanyao to get angry, moreover there is a meaning of fight, the cousin slightly is also startled, this makes him believe the matter of Du Yanyao engagement, because he first time sees Du Yanyao so to care to a man. Snort, waits and sees!” Cousin coldly is staring Shen Xiang: brat, you used any demonic technique to confuse the person......” Slanders me again, even if you are the Yanyao blood brother, I will certainly not ask you to leave am leaving City Lord's Mansion!” The Shen Xiang fist grips tightly, unemotionally looks at this present middle-aged person. Shentu Yong, hurries to give me get lost!” Du Yanyao has gotten angry, coldly shouted. This Shentu Yong is shouldering both hands, sneers to look at Du Yanyao: Cousin, even if you collaborate with this brat, perhaps is not my match! Your other persist in your own wrong doings, this brat evil technique, have not repented and been saved!” Angry Du Yanyao, just wants to get rid, but took several steps, felt that gust suddenly passed over gently and swiftly from her side, the deafening angry tiger's roar transmits together, she then sees that Shentu Yong that big body to be covered immediately by innumerable white tiger head, incomparably dreadful murderous aura, gushes out from the Shen Xiang's body, panic-stricken. Although Shen Xiang is angry, but has not actually lost the reason, he has used God Slaughtering Hand and white Tiger King fist attacks that Shentu Yong, moreover gets rid is fleshly body strength and True Qi strength fusion, the might is very powerful, tens of thousands of fists erupt instantaneously, contains strength that wild incomparably is filling to murder, that imposing manner, making the person fall into the endless death fear. Innumerable fist bang hit on the body of Shentu Yong, immediately erupts pā lā pā lā crack, shakes the small house violently to sway continuously, inside some furniture majority were broken by the strong sound wave, this unexpectedly is Devil Subduing Energy! Fused in Suppressing Devil Bloodline, this Devil Subduing Energy becomes savage, Shen Xiang were also frightened one, although he currently uses a Devil Subduing Energy skill. Shentu Yong had not been hit to fly, but was being pulled by a suction, making his body as if hold to the Shen Xiang's fist to be the same, was wreaking havoc by the Shen Xiang wild white Tiger King fist.

Looks at that violent anger white tiger fist angry roar the hit on Shentu Yong, the hit, blows out each time together dark green crisp crack, shakes the person tympanum to pain, most makes people feel what fear is that swift and fierce Slaughter Qi, this Slaughter Qi makes people think that Shen Xiang probably Devil God that came from Hell is ordinary! The skeleton of Shentu Yong lower part breaks to pieces completely, the meridians explode, covered with blood, he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly meets suddenly fight, moreover gets rid also so savage, lets him instantaneously irresistibly, is seriously injured, moreover is radiant his body with very suitable strength, lets his experiencing suffering pain the radiance. Forgives your life!” Shen Xiang that winds around the foot of Devil Subduing Energy to fly to kick on the Shentu Yong abdomen, a thunderclap crack, Shentu Yong spat blood to fly, fell in the City Lord's Mansion entrance. Shentu Yong accompanies to see, in abundance pursued, but Du Yanyao also immediately ordered, once the Shentu Yong person wanted fight to counterattack, completely grasped takes! You started to be too ruthless!” Du Yanyao sighed lightly, although she said that but does not have the meaning of blame, moreover to Shen Xiang's procedure appreciation. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Who makes him enrage my fiancee!” Although Du Yanyao found Shen Xiang to crack a joke, but face is slightly one red, in the heart is secretly happy. The Shentu Yong severe wound was lifted the City Lord's Mansion matter, quick spreads, because that is the Du Yanyao fiance hits, Shentu Yong was also known, after all he was the Shentu Family juniors, moreover knew juniors who many famous family aristocrats, the personal connection was very broad, but is actually hit the life unable to take care of oneself now, this was equal to provocative Shentu Family, provocative Shentu Yong some friends. Shen Xiang does not fear these, so long as he has supported Sacred Dan Gathering, hides Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest to practice, waits for the similar time, returns to Mortal Martial World, in Mortal World, even if were Immortal cannot bear his anything, because Immortal cannot go to that place. In the Du Yanyao house, a manner uncommon middle-aged person asked: Fellow?”

Du Yanyao spits the tongue: Is closing up! The father, do you such have the time?” Has not helped the son-in-law who my element has not sought a meeting clean up the mess, although some family inside old fellow are many you to say this and that said anything to have no regard for elders and superiors, does not notify them arbitrarily to decide anything, but the father believes your vision!” The middle-aged person said with a smile. Shen Xiang looks at all these with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, after he fuses Suppressing Devil Bloodline, Divine Soul expanded much, can let him in the daytime, patrols the 1st Stage distance. Du Hai that fellow came back, doesn't Du Family know?” In the Shen Xiang heart has doubts, at this time he sees that and Du Hai is also long several points of similar middle-aged person, is the Du Yanyao father, Du Kangsheng! Father, this matter has the reason, I and he are not the true engagement......” Du Yanyao careful said the process that she and Shen Xiang knows, but has actually left out in her obscene poisonous that 1st Stage. This brat is the same day one person destroys completely of Devil World army, is really not the common character! You and his how I will not manage, but you should better a little discretion, do not make yourself sad!” Du Kangsheng knew about own daughter that he saw certainly anything.