World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 608
Shen Xiang comes up from the underground secret room, Du Kangsheng actually walked. A moment ago that was your father?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: In the future father-in-law!” Snort, asked something already known, you were ready, tomorrow must go on stage, according to the rule of martial arts contest, was the life and death struggles, for did not make two influences become enemies, therefore generally was the point, but if the enemy is aggressive, does not need to keep the hand!” Du Yanyao said. To obtain Saint Dan City this fat, each will influence send out very strong person to come, but our Du Family these years, the young generation of outstanding disciples are few, two three City Lord were good, but was massacred by you!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Then, if I do not help you take the victory of this martial arts contest, you definitely will complain my!” Du Yanyao wrinkled the nose, said: This, you, many people do not wish one could you dead but actually carefully now.” Also is not you harms, after becoming your fiance, I probably am in entire Saint Dan City the archenemy of man am same, but did not matter.” Shen Xiang only wants now in this Saint Dan City full goes all out independently, then returns to Mortal Martial World. Soul Martial Realm middle stage, only feared time without enough time, otherwise I can through using Dragon Pearl, enter into late stage! When the time comes will make me stronger, in this Sacred Dan World these famous family juniors, may not be weak!” Although Shen Xiang fused Suppressing Devil Bloodline, but he will soon face, but some Tempering Realm peak characters, these are half treadon into Nirvana Realm Heaven's Chosen Child. 84,000 grains of true element grains, do not know that, compared with martial artist of these Tempering Realm peak, how many disparities?” Shen Xiang in the underground stone chamber, is calculating secretly, at the martial arts contest, will present some sudden matters, causing True Qi to consume very in a big way.

Some many distances, must arrive at the Tempering Realm peak, True Qi that needs to compress are many . Moreover the breakthrough also will obtain each time the strength of granting, can replace the family to strive for this Saint Dan City palm jurisdictional control, these people will not be definitely weak, strength of perhaps also ten times that granting obtains, here is with the Immortal World same world, Divine Level and Sacred Level martial arts are definitely many, worst also will practice Immortal Level martial arts, is far from the Mortal Martial World these person can compared with.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang has put out Dragon Pearl, grasps looks in the control, in feeling that boundless energy. If devour this Dragon Pearl, I will have the strong strength completely?” Shen Xiang curious asking. Comes little, the words that you eat one time, will support to explode you!” Bai Youyou said. Or this, you give me Dragon Pearl, I digest at the same time, pours into your within the body, then you while revolution Blazing Dantian, fuses these energies, to make you promote cultivation base fast, I will reduce strongest Dragon Force Dragon Pearl inside energy!” Long Xueyi said. This also?” Shen Xiang one happy, immediately nods assent. Minor matter, you can obtain the Dragon Pearl energy like this anytime and anywhere! However wants devour Dragon Spirit not to be good, that must need you to use the time to go to devour!” Long Xueyi said: I am the dragon, must in the energy Dragon Pearl compress Dragon Force to be very simple, you are best to prepare to build up!” Shen Xiang gives Long Xueyi Dragon Pearl, quick Long Xueyi started, he only felt that an energy band the wild imposing manner, suddenly is emerging in his body, is galloping in the whole body every large or small meridians, making him feel incomparably comfortably. He revolves Fire God Art, Blazing Dantian is erupting the strength of smelting to all the limbs and bones of body, smelts these Dragon Force, turns into these Dragon Force his!

Shen Xiang suddenly discovered that after Dragon Force enters true element grains inside, unexpectedly had the strange change, Dragon Force did not have attribute, but after entered Vermilion Bird beast image inside, became has attribute, fire attribute Dragon Force, because of the Dragon Force quality very high reason, can make true element grains shine quickly, because these Dragon Force were the process highly compressed to turn, so long as empty true element grains were poured into by these Dragon Force, quick shone the ray. Has not thought that the effect is so good!” Shen Xiang is exclaiming in surprise secretly, then closes one's eyes to practice earnestly. At this time his fleshly body is very formidable, he does not need to worry that is unable to hold the boundless energy. Next morning, Shen Xiang comes up from the underground secret room, then sees Du Yanyao in he. Shen Xiang overnight, increased more than 3000 true element grains, although now he takes a walk, but in the body actually same smelts Dragon Force that Long Xueyi is giving him to transport. But Long Xueyi said that she cannot continuously do this, because this consumes her magic power, if too frequent, will cause these Dragon Force to be not very pure, this method cannot use for a long time, otherwise and he will have the influence to Long Xueyi. Walks, ended to the martial arts contest starting from this morning, does not have the relaxation time.” Du Yanyao becomes very serious, she regards as important this martial arts contest. Shen Xiang is actually very relaxed, sits when the carriage, that wonderful feeling that while the revolution Fire God Art practice, feels that continuous Dragon Force to be emerging his body has. Influence altogether eight that attended the martial arts contest, each influence are most can only send out three people, when the time comes will draw lots, draws to assigning the bamboo slip, must defend the arena, once lost, that person must be eliminated!” Shen Xiang frowned: „Did that side that if becomes the holding the arena stage, owe in a big way? That is fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out!”

When the time comes two arenas, will be divided into two groups, as a City Lord side, we will defend an arena, another is their seven influences decided that grouping will also be conducted in the ballot!” The Du Yanyao complexion becomes incomparably ice-cold, she also knows why for many years did not have the influence to be able consecutively two to govern the Saint Dan City reason, because is the reason of person giving an open challenge. Becoming the side of person giving an open challenge, majority will give way at the final martial arts contest. Then, holds the arena finally, is two arenas carried on the duel!” The Shen Xiang corner of the eye beats, they must face the challenges of three influences, altogether is nine people, will not have the too much time to rest. The Du Yanyao nod said: If my first losing, I cannot carry on the following martial arts contest, including finals! If that was true, you a person top the finals.” Is very bigger than martial stage, when a circular huge construction, on middle plaza has two circular martial arts contest stages, the martial arts contest stage is covering formation, prevents the martial arts contest, affects all around, but has also been filled with the person compared with martial stage, this is the Sacred Dan Sect sponsor, therefore Sacred Dan Sect can receive the field fee, can scoop up a ticket. When the time comes holds Sacred Dan Gathering time, is held in this inside. Person who Shen Xiang sees other influences, is some young people, each one strengths are intrepid, majority are the Tempering Realm peak, Shen Xiang only knows Xie Donghao one. But other people know Shen Xiang, now Shen Xiang arrived at Du Yanyao so to be why marketable, because looked like Du Yanyao this female to be few, can the alchemy strength be also strong, in eight influences that attended the contest, had Du Yanyao one female.