World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 609
Du Yanyao coldly sweeps these people, the brow cannot help but slightly has wrinkled, the person strength that because comes is very strong , is very famous, she worried that she and Shen Xiang cannot resist. „Is this your fiance? You make him go to battle, aren't you worried to defend the lving widow?” Keeps the man of beard to say with a smile, this person looks like, although is very genial, but hears his words, Shen Xiang knows this person of hiding a dagger in a smile. Relax, even if he died, I will not marry your!” Du Yanyao coldly said, this makes Shen Xiang cannot help but curl the lip. At this time tall and thin white hair old man walked: Do not waste the time, hurries the ballot decision to group, then starts to contend in martial arts!” In the field also several Nirvana Realm martial artist look in the prison that but these Nirvana Realm should to seal up these space cracks, therefore their time are very tight. Shen Xiang is observing the situation all around, he admires that Sacred Dan Sect secretly, unexpectedly places that the stone system chair in this compared with martial stage, moreover is overlapping, as the matter stands, in can sit many people compared with martial stage around, although has not been filled, but position also several hundred thousand, charge the admission the words, that gains one greatly. The ballot ended, what making Du Yanyao relax, that Sacred Dan Sect not in their this group, but other person giving an open challenge is Ding. Now the ballot decision coming to power order, the person giving an open challenge first comes to power!” old man shouted. Du Yanyao hastily holds on Shen Xiang, whispered: I come up first, I will support as far as possible finally, making you carry on the finals!” Listens to you to arrange!” Shen Xiang optional saying, he also wants to come to see these influences the strengths to be what kind. After the coming to power order decides, martial arts contest must start quickly, Shen Xiang did not know about these influences, does not know that their strengths are what kind, but Du Yanyao at this time on martial arts contest stage.

This Sacred Dan World is the family are quite many, is antique inherits?” Shen Xiang is very puzzled, because in Mortal World, majority is some sect, but in Heaven World is Fire God Palace Suppressing Devil Temple these influences. Sacred Dan World and Heaven World compare to be slightly more, therefore the family many are also nothing unusual, should come out from that Primal Chaos Mountain!” Long Xueyi said. In this first layer, probably is Mortal World is the same, does not have too many powerful fellows, these Immortal will not come to here to disturb younger generation, this is actually good!” Saying that Shen Xiang muttered, he was not worried about Du Yanyao that he knows the Du Yanyao strength was not definitely simple, can have a Du Hai such grandfather, will the granddaughter be weak? „The Coiling Dragon Mountain person, please come to power!” At this time old man high shouted. Shen Xiang, listens to Du Yanyao to mention this Coiling Dragon Mountain actually, in this Coiling Dragon Mountain has Mysterious Realm, therefore is also a strength very strong influence. The one who comes to power with the Du Yanyao martial arts contest is a thin man, he looks at Du Yanyao time, in the look brings to wipe the hate, this makes Shen Xiang secret, depending on Du Yanyao this disposition, many person men will admit defeat in her there. Du Yanyao, my Pan Zhensong calculates the old debt with you today!” The man gets angry slightly said that could see Du Yanyao makes him lose is very big. Snort, although comes!” The Du Yanyao delicate eyebrows raise, said with a sneer. That called the Pan Zhensong man, does not know why can suddenly be so angry, the handsome face twisted very fiercely, has swooped toward Du Yanyao, on a pair of meat fist, stuck out suddenly two groups of purple rays immediately, above glittering the electricity silk, was only instantaneous, the strength of lightning he released probably arrived at the peak to be the same, explodes that energy aura that welled up, was attacking on martial arts contest stage formation, causing the entire martial arts contest stage probably to be covered to be the same by sparkle lightning energy shield. Is Purple Lightning, is really fierce!” Su Meiyao exclaims in surprise one.

Rumbling several deafening sounds, the Pan Zhensong under foot also sticks out suddenly strong lightning strength, is promoting his body, making his body be similar to the lightning tendency is ordinary, divided to hit toward Du Yanyao in the past, his pair was similar to the Purple Lightning great ball common fist, when also had the 1st Stage distance with Du Yanyao, the bang hit, delimited two dazzling purple glow lightnings, these two lightnings had to release innumerable tiny purple lightning instantaneously, was similar to dense and numerous purple lightning rainstorm is ordinary, covered half martial arts contest, grass Du Yanyao covers the past! Du Yanyao delicate eyebrows micro pressed, the jade palm fluttering waves, purple flame shines, is boundless steaming fire Qi, forms several purple fire shields, is burning the steaming flame, resists these to blot out the sky to attack her purple lightning. Purple Fire Spirit!” In the Shen Xiang heart calls out in alarm, feels that type of flame from him the heat degree, this Du Yanyao flame is very strong, he guessed that Du Yanyao possibly has Divine Level Fire Vein, moreover more than one. I estimated that at least takes five Fire Vein, has this degree of flame, look at her, although is icy, but she does not practice ice cold True Qi.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang had Universe Fire Spirit, fleshly body was also very formidable, actually can also feel heat that made him not be feeling well, explained that the Du Yanyao flame was very strong. Other people say nothing, Shen Xiang saw some people full Toure perspiration, must release some True Qi to resist heat that Du Yanyao releases slightly. That formation is unable to filter these quantity of heat! I think you, if releases flame fully, should with her almost!” Su Meiyao guessed. Bai Youyou said: Purple Thunder Spirit and Purple Fire Spirit, this Sacred Dan World famous family juniors are not really simple!” On the martial arts contest stage, from the beginning is Purple Lightning and purple fire showdown, although is daytime, but that two purple energy collision together, are still very dazzling, making the person shock. Pan Zhensong, you now are still not my match, has to acknowledge that you progress quickly!” Du Yanyao sneered, sees only her body suddenly to explode lightens purple glow, the purple shadow comes out from her body Chinese dress together, seems probably is the human form that purple flame turns into is the same.

From purple fire shadow that slender graceful build, this radically is the Du Yanyao shadow, but this is actually not the shadow, Shen Xiang saw that this is Du Yanyao releases a True Qi incarnation that vigorous purple fire True Qi condense comes out. Although Du Yanyao stands in same place, the True Qi incarnation that but she releases flies to shoot, except that appears nearby Pan Zhensong instantaneously, then waves the double fist, the bang hits in the Pan Zhensong body. Pan Zhensong just wants to counterattack, but Du Yanyao actually gently plunders, arrives above him, the jade palm gathers, to his top of the head is being a palm, the palm is similar to a great mountain overwhelms such, is bringing incomparably astonishing strength, is erupting steaming purple flame, hits covers above in Pan Zhensong Heavenly Spirit. But Pan Zhensong is unable to move, the True Qi incarnation that because his body had been released by Du Yanyao takes possession, he only felt that the whole body is burningly painful, then head painfully swollen. Du Yanyao that palm has not been forgiving, hits after Pan Zhensong Heavenly Spirit covers above, the entire head of Pan Zhensong blows out a purple light wave immediately, surges toward the four directions, having one incomparably to burn the hot aura! The head of Pan Zhensong disappears!