World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 610
First has killed people, moreover massacres the Coiling Dragon Mountain person, this makes entire in the person compared with martial stage exclaim in surprise, although deceased person, but these watch thinks very satisfying! The martial arts contest stage has two, but paid attention has Du Yanyao here, because she is the focal point of audience, moreover is a very attractive woman. Estimated that she should compatible with Youlan, he he, has not thought that this Du Yanyao unexpectedly is also a violence female, but she be calmer than Leng Youlan is much more elegant.” Su Meiyao said with a smile. Shen Xiang was also long implored one breath, he regarded with a special fondness to Du Yanyao. The head of Pan Zhensong was used intense flame instantaneous burning down to not know the outcome by Du Yanyao, now only the remaining headless corpses, this makes these then probably with the person of Du Yanyao martial arts contest, the pressure increase, they could certainly see that Du Yanyao regards as important this martial arts contest, her first on so savage , is punishing one as a warning to others, making them be tactful. It seems like I cannot treat it lightly, this Sacred Dan World crouching tiger, hidden dragon, I not careful words, will perhaps plant!” Shen Xiang was urging itself secretly, then cultivated carefully, smelts the Long Xueyi transportation to give his Dragon Force. Another martial arts contest stage, was actually a side of holding the arena lost, but held the arena that side not to defeat completely, because of their also two people, but can also continue to compete, if these two people lost again, then their this influences were eliminated. If Du Yanyao does not hold the arena successfully, then must rob the arena by Shen Xiang, and clings to tenaciously, loses to him till their this group of other people of completely, can enter the finals, therefore this is very difficult. After Pan Zhensong was massacred, another two Coiling Dragon Mountain juniors unexpectedly do not have the anger, understood at a glance that their interior disagrees, but is one's turn the named Dugu Clan influence to come to power. Secretly those who let Shen Xiang worry, this Dugu Clan person whole body baleful aura, has a pale corpse face, looks like looks like corpse such, but his eyes actually fills killing intent.

Du Yanyao is similar to faced with the archenemy is also ordinary, expression is dignified, feels that heading on baleful aura, her palm sweats, she only thought that this Dugu Family person, does not have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures slaughters the crazy demon. This person of unexpectedly has bloodline of Devil World person, practice is also devil art, moreover detoured, builds up person on one's own side human not human and ghost not ghost, you are best to deal with this fellow, he now is not a person, is not the Devil World person, but is Evil Devil, in his heart, only then slaughters!” Bai Youyou hurriedly said. Shen Xiang hastily stands up, walks to say to Du Yanyao: Yanyao, allows me to come!” So long as holds the arena this side some people not to be eliminated, after a martial arts contest, can change players. Seeing Shen Xiang must come to power, the people that these observe are curious immediately, many people stand, they only heard that Shen Xiang gets rid very savage, not only has killed City Lord, but also hits the paraplegia the Du Yanyao cousin! The Du Yanyao original manuscript planned one fight, making Shen Xiang have the abundant energy to attend the final finals, but Shen Xiang actually walked now, is holding her hand. Shen Xiang has rubbed gently that soft creamy white hands, said with a smile: „Are you untrustworthy I? In I most liked coping with this type to be evil the fellow of evil aura!” Du Yanyao trusts certainly Shen Xiang, otherwise did not plan that made him hit to play in the finals, she personally saw Shen Xiang by a person of strength, destroyed completely an demon wolf army, although she can also achieve, but actually cannot look like Shen Xiang to do that attractively. Shen Xiang cultivates Suppressing Devil divine art, Devil Subduing martial arts, fuses Suppressing Devil Bloodline, inborn is the Demon and Devil difficult adversary, even if Demon and Devil compared with him, he can restrain Demon and Devil!

Du Yanyao looked at that inexplicable frightened Dugu Family martial artist, was saying to the Shen Xiang gentle voice: You are careful!” Um!” Shen Xiang is smiling the nod. After Du Yanyao steps down the stage, only hears Dugu Family male said with a sneer: You also underestimate our Dugu Family renowned heartless butcher. Du Yanyao, if this brat died, I did not mind that you remarry to me!” Good-for-nothing, my husband will finish this this evil life!” Saying of Du Yanyao coldly, mentioned husband time, her face slightly cannot help but red, complex mood suddenly emerged the atrium, her suddenly thought that Shen Xiang was her husband is a good matter. Xie Donghao has blown a whistling, said: Dugu Family, your heartless butchers should not be disappointing!” So long as on first layer dull a period of time martial artist, had heard majority of that heartless butcher, with such that Bai Youyou said that did not have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, wholeheartedly only then slaughtered, by the puppet of Dugu Clan control, was similar to the good-for-nothing is ordinary, lost the human unique sentiment! Naturally, this heartless butcher is very strong, it is said his strength once swept away entire Dugu Family young one generation, be only 1-2 Dugu Family days can trig him reluctantly. In the person compared with martial stage mentioned their hearing to this heartless butcher, making many people immediately panic-stricken, similarly anticipates the fight of Shen Xiang and this heartless butcher. Shen Xiang is looking at carefully that carefully heartless butcher, cannot help but in heart secret sigh, this is a very good man, but now actually becomes this appearance.

The heartless butcher resembles suddenly has been ordered to be the same, suddenly sends out low and deep roaring hiss, frightening incomparable, an eye covers entirely the blood thread, looks like very fearsome. Most makes his pair of suddenly that the person fears turn into the black hand, at this time on that pair of big palm is braving black Qi, seemed like the space is twisted by evil strength that in his palm released was the same. Such fellow unexpectedly can safe and sound adolescence in this Sacred Dan World!” The Shen Xiang brow selects, why does not know, his suddenly wants to destroy completely this heartless butcher very much, Suppressing Devil Bloodline suddenly of his within the body seethes with excitement, on his double palm braves faint trace golden Qi mist, but quick was received by him. Heartless butcher, has killed him!” Under Dugu Family juniors shouted, that heartless butcher resembles the wild animal to be common, sends out sad and shrill roaring hiss, is stepping the serious step, runs toward Shen Xiang, strength when big ratio martial stage, ran erupts by him to shake to shiver. Although the speed of heartless butcher is not fast, but that imposing manner is scary, every treads one step, will erupt very strong strength, pours into the ground . Moreover the body also spout the evil looking aura. Looks at that leisure running speed, many people calmly will possibly deal, but when the heartless butcher is away from Shen Xiang also one zhang (3.33 m), that tall and strong body suddenly turns into together black light, hits on the Shen Xiang's body!