World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 611
Speed suddenly of heartless butcher changes quick, making Shen Xiang somewhat be caught off guard, he sees the heartless butcher to turn into together black light, his body is similar to by a giant pillar is attacked to be the same. Although he does not have to resist with enough time, but after his body feels that evil looking strength, the release of instinct Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi resists, in his powerful fleshly body, Suppressing Devil Bloodline is seething with excitement, in the blood multiplies one type to resist the Demon and Devil strength strange golden brilliance specially. Saw the heartless butcher a moment ago dashing of that suddenly, all people think that Shen Xiang at least also met the severe wound, but has not thought that Shen Xiang withdrew several, the heartless butcher attacked in his body above strength, was melted in that by him instantaneously completely, that evil looking energy, moved his body, was similar to likes a stone dropped into the sea general, vanished I without a trace. How possible!” The Dugu Family person cannot believe at present all these real, because he knew about strength of heartless butcher that by words that move attacked a moment ago, certainly not possibly as if nothing has happened. Du Yanyao also worried for Shen Xiang a moment ago, especially sees that heartless butcher suddenly dashed the past time, making her be worried, but she sees Shen Xiang to be all right now, relaxed, she to that heartless butcher fierce early had hearing, but a Shen Xiang pressure does not have now, if traded to be her to come up, she definitely cannot like Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang's arm suddenly overflows transparent Qi mist, if carefully does not look, is very ugly, but this is the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi fiercest shape, invisible colorless, making the person not induce, this he after fusing Suppressing Devil Bloodline has practiced. Snort, I also think you fiercely, mediocre!” Shen Xiang sneered, the under foot slides, arrives at that heartless butcher, lifts up high the arm, by the hand for the blade, is slashing to the shoulder of that heartless butcher under. kā chā, the arm of that heartless butcher had been unloaded by Shen Xiang, making that heartless butcher pain probably exude one to roar, to Shen Xiang is being a fist, the fist braves black Qi, the strength is greatly infinite, tears the air, hits to the Shen Xiang's bridge of the nose. Saw this fist must hit De'ao gets down the time the Shen Xiang's nose, that heartless butcher actually suddenly stopped, carefully looks, outside the Shen Xiang's body, has together the transparent True Qi guard shield, has prevented a heartless butcher that crazy fierce angry fist.

Is this invisible colorless strength, the person many people on the scene shocks, because this strength is fierce, unexpectedly can be quietly heartless butcher that tyrannical strength melting. You in my eyes, look like a child!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, toward the nose of heartless butcher is a fist. The Shen Xiang's fist looks like ordinary, when moves the nose of heartless butcher, actually suddenly erupts together the deafening thunderclap, is similar to horizon suddenly remembers the startling thunderclap, this was Shen Xiang has displayed Devil Subduing Energy, was only one, but was containing that strong Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, to the person of heartless butcher whole body evil aura, the might increased several times. The heartless butcher exudes one to call out, the entire nose was hit De'ao by Shen Xiang, a face is bloody, looks like fierce fearsome. The angry heartless butcher dance an arm, is whipping to Shen Xiang carelessly. The wrist|skill of Shen Xiang detain heartless butcher, to the chest of heartless butcher is being a palm, bang, the deafening sound horizon, saw only the back of heartless butcher spout blood fog, unexpectedly is given the engine'knock' by Shen Xiang with strong strength! Looks at heartless butcher back that bloody big hole, people cannot help but creepy feeling, the heartless butcher of Dugu Family that evil reputation remoteness, unexpectedly 2-3 is solved, moreover everyone could see that Shen Xiang has not used the strongest strength, looks like looks like plays to be the same. After the heartless butcher falls to the ground, unexpectedly has not died, suddenly held the Shen Xiang's ankle, moreover is healthy to emit black Qi, black Qi condense together, is very wild.

Wants from exploding?” Shen Xiang loudly shouted, the foot such as lightning thunder, Dragon Force wells up to the thigh on crazily, a fierce foot, kicks the arena the heartless butcher, falls in the side of Dugu Family that two person. Meanwhile, body suddenly of heartless butcher explodes, billowing rumbled reverberates in the sky, that tall and strong body turned into the innumerable hashed meat, the ground also much left a big hole, the lime soil that pounds is similar to the storm scrapes off to the four directions generally, but Dugu Family that two people are in an extremely difficult situation, the whole body bloodstain, was also bombed an arm. „The Dugu Family reputation is always good, now unexpectedly makes the so despicable matter, unexpectedly yields mutually your puppets and others perishes together, the good despicable method, judges you to violate regulations now, not having the qualifications to continue again, hurries!” A old man sound ice-cold, is bringing anger. Dugu Family that two men have not thought that Shen Xiang will respond is so prompt, and has used very suitable strength, kicks their side the corpse of heartless butcher intentionally, what most makes their indignant is, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has still poured into stronger strength in the body of that heartless butcher, moreover accurate control that strength, making that strength not affect other people. Asks for trouble!” Du Yanyao said with a sneer, she is happy, because Shen Xiang compares, made Dugu Family be annihilated, this can make them not use facing that many martial arts contests. Now so long as they win again five, can defend the arena, enters the finals! Following gives me, you must keep the strength!” Du Yanyao gets on the martial arts contest stage, said to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang nodded, steps down the martial arts contest stage, staying of Jing Jing (quietly) in the one side , to continue to practice, Long Xueyi that Dragon Pearl inside energy turn into dragon strength, the transportation has been giving him, letting him at the finals, has promoted, to have a bigger stratagem which ensures success.

Perhaps if, you can enter into Soul Martial Realm late stage at the finals with enough time, Fire Dragon Martial Spirit of your within the body becomes stronger, so long as your Fire Dragon Martial Spirit arrives at the peak of mortal, you can enter into Tempering Realm, perhaps when the time comes you can utilize fire Dragon Fire Spirit!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looked at the Du Yanyao that face earnest and dignified facial expression, he closes the eye slightly, revolves many divine art practice, enabling oneself to smelt these Dragon Force fast. Obtains the Saint Dan City palm jurisdictional control, is important to Du Yanyao, Shen Xiang does not want to disappoint her, therefore plans as far as possible at the finals, enters into Soul Martial Realm late stage! Falls into the practice condition Shen Xiang, does not know to outside all that entered the spatial deep condition, but on martial arts contest stage, is actually thick as thieves, sound very big, but Shen Xiang actually same can calm the mind to practice. Under condition of earnest practice, Shen Xiang smelts the speed very rapidness of Dragon Force, can the Dragon Force fast compression that Long Xueyi transports in the dantian, lightens true element grains!