World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 612
Du Yanyao has gained victory of martial arts contest, but she looks to the Shen Xiang's time, cannot help but is surprised, because the Shen Xiang whole body is winding around light white light fog, understood at a glance that he is practicing. In crowd, some people saw, cannot help but calls out in alarm. This fellow unexpectedly is practicing, moreover in this noisy environment, he doesn't fear qi deviation? Too danger(ous)!” What is he actually thinking? Can he break through here?” This fellow was insane, cannot be affected in the breakthrough!” Du Yanyao worried very that now truly is not the good time of practice, but she had also known about Shen Xiang that she knows Shen Xiang is a person of working superhigh common sense. Perhaps without enough time, even if you broke through, but must fuse the strength of granting, the time of that need is a lot, is not a day or two can accomplish!” Su Meiyao sighed lightly. Shen Xiang of wholly-absorbed practice had not replied, because there is Long Xueyi, therefore he did not worry that some people will attack him, moreover here will be very safe, he knows certainly that the time is very tight, even if gives him two days of time, is unable to consume these strength of granting. However his suddenly has a feeling, thought one can certainly be good! Also this intense feeling, makes him set firm resolve to break through here, he does not know how at this time must be able to enter into Soul Martial Realm late stage in a short time, and fuses the strength of that vigorous granting, but he believes that he can certainly achieve!

On two martial arts contest stage martial arts contests are very intense, Du Yanyao can become Saint Dan City City Lord, obtains entrusting with heavy responsibility of Du Family, the strength is not a lid, a person in not having situation of time rest, unexpectedly won one after another three, although fights time is very difficult, but she has actually supported, this makes many people admire, especially and that she has contended in martial arts these famous family juniors, thinks very ashamed, because of them with the Du Yanyao martial arts contest, cannot defeat her one after another! Similar age, similar cultivation base, but the strength actually differs such far, this may not only be the talent, the day after tomorrow effort can achieve like Du Yanyao, but also this effort, is often unknown. Immerses in practice Shen Xiang, knows nothing about the matter of outside, at this time he is not anxious, is only very natural revolution divine art, smelts Dragon Force, making Yin-Yang Tai Chi Diagram in dantian revolve, energy compression in true element grains. suddenly, a strange feeling makes him have an misconception, he felt that the time in within the body probably flies than outside, the Dragon Force speed that he smelts, reduces the True Qi the speed of speed and Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram revolving has not changed, is only the time and outside of passing difference! Make him feel what is surprised, his Divine Soul also and outside has separated the relation, he tries and Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao also has the Bai Youyou exchange, but has not actually succeeded, he knows that he definitely wants to fall into some strange condition! Shen Xiang can feel that at this time passing of time, he knows that he cultivated had two days, but actually nobody awakened him, he determined now that his present condition, lets other time and person of differences that he was, his time flowing must be quicker than time other people, therefore caused him to break the relation with outside all, because he was also equal in another space. This Yin-Yang Tai Chi Diagram will such shine, before had not had such situation!” The Shen Xiang heart said that regarding this, he listened to Long Xueyi to say surprisedly, when cultivates very high Realm Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, can Yin-Yang Reversal, passing of change time! But that can achieve in very high Realm, but he can achieve now, he does not know one are such achieves! At this time, outside all people dumbfoundedly look at Shen Xiang, because sits cross-legged in Shen Xiang of ground, suddenly float, moreover in same place is transferring slowly, the body is winding around pale white light glow, the facial expression nature, understood at a glance that this time practice condition is best, is many person long-awaited practice conditions.

The dragon snow their suddenly and Shen Xiang broke the relation, just started to worry very much, but saw the Shen Xiang this time practice condition, they such were not worried, because this was the good matter! He absorbs very quickly, the speed that true element grains shines was quick, look at me to accelerate to give him to transport Dragon Force to be good!” Long Xueyi said: I felt that his body internal time and outside different, this is really the strange event, the practice condition of this type of counter chaotic Yin-Yang, only then cultivates extremely high Realm to achieve Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, even if Imperial Dragon Clan some Old Dragon, few can achieve, does he accidentally enter this condition?” No matter what, this is good matter!” Su Meiyao said. Du Yanyao has not thought that Shen Xiang so will be abnormal, in this environment, unexpectedly can also enter an extremely good condition practice, this makes her admire to Shen Xiang. Broke through, 88,000 thousand true element grains! Obtains the words of strength of granting, is 16 ten thousand true element grains!” Shen Xiang he only felt that he cultivates in this state for three days, but outside passed very short time, this makes him also secretly worry, because he does not know that outside past how much time, he has almost isolated with all now, only felt that own existence, seems in a anything no space. The martial arts contest of two groups of people, was near the end, the Du Yanyao one breath has defeated four people, the present was only last, but on another martial arts contest stage, was the Sacred Dan Sect person the holding the arena stage. Sacred Dan Sect originally three people, but front is defeated, was eliminated, now also two! I must win, Shen Xiang, you can probably wake up promptly!” Du Yanyao this time pressure is not small, she knows that martial artist is very difficult to enter Shen Xiang this extremely good practice condition, she does not want to destroy Shen Xiang to break through, therefore she not only need defend the arena now, but must play the finals! The less than half double-hour passes by, Du Yanyao another intense fight conclusion, her complexion was somewhat pale, consecutively five fought, she has consumed.

Du Family holds the arena successfully, enters finals!” After old man announced that Du Yanyao hastily clothing/taking next several grains of pills, made the best use of the time to restore True Qi. But other martial arts contest stage actually still performs the intense martial arts contest, Sacred Dan Sect is not holding the arena successfully, was hit, but Sacred Dan Sect also has Xie Donghao! This Xie Donghao is a fight has not hit, now is energetic, but that person on arena, has been scarred, understanding at a glance Xie Donghao must win without doubt! Xie Donghao gets on the martial arts contest stage with a smile, teased: I, if you, I meet obediently to admit defeat, at least also will have a dog's life, otherwise......” „To kill me? So is not easy!” On martial arts contest stage that being scarred male said with a sneer. Just spoke these words in him, Xie Donghao suddenly cries loud and long, sees only his sound wave to surge from his mouth, can see the space to be similar to by that sound wave shake in the distant place the wave is ordinary, but this sound wave attacks that man. After Xie Donghao sends out a long and loud cry, the eyes, nose, ear and mouth suddenly overflow blood man, afterward whole person suddenly splits, finally turns into blood fog! Sound Attack Devil Art!” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou simultaneously call out in alarm.