World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 613
Can fight these many people on the arena, is not the common people, but actually by a Xie Donghao long and loud cry, the body turned into the blood fog now, this lets those present, cannot help but deeply has inhaled cold air, the complexion is the panic-stricken color, because this martial arts was too fearful! This is the Sacred Dan Sect treasure, Sound Attack Divine Art, was too fierce!” Sacred Dan Sect is very strong, this divine art murder time, will not have very big sound, but can actually so dead, it seems like later runs into the Sacred Dan Sect person, is hiding by far!” Du Yanyao and Shen Xiang facing such a fellow, do not know that the result will be what kind of? Perhaps Du Yanyao and Shen Xiang will die, Sound Attack Divine Art was really too terrifying!” Shen Xiang is still practicing, it seems like a short time did not wake!” In the field discuss spiritedly, the people anticipate Shen Xiang and Du Yanyao, finally and Xie Donghao showdown. Has not thought that Sound Attack Devil Art was regarded divine art, is really funny, this Sacred Dan World person was also too ignorant!” Bai Youyou said with a sneer. The martial arts contest arranged hastily, to start to carry on to play in the finals very much now, but Du Yanyao has not actually restored, Shen Xiang still in cultivating, this made Du Yanyao somewhat be worried, but she stood on martial arts contest stage, she planned, if Shen Xiang has not waked, even if, she knows that she was somewhat selfish, wholeheartedly wants to strive for victory, this not only made her pressure very big, let Shen Xiang so, therefore Shen Xiang in this case will practice. But Shen Xiang still in crazy turns into true element grains the strength of granting now, at his time, he in this condition one already ten days.

How outside did not know!” Shen Xiang somewhat is also impatient at this time, he worried that can delay the Du Yanyao matter, he has complied with Du Yanyao, must help her win the competition. Xie Donghao rises with a spring, jumps the martial arts contest stage that Du Yanyao was, his face becomes somewhat fierce: Thing that Du Yanyao, I cannot obtain, I will not make others obtain, relax, I will not massacre that brat, I will only massacre you, making that brat love dearly, Ha Ha......” If Du Yanyao surface cold frost, coldly said: You have worked as thing me, therefore I had not planned must marry you, therefore I will not have to your feeling, therefore I will dislike you, you and Shen Xiang missed far!” Her words probably poke the Xie Donghao sore spot, making Xie Donghao fly into a rage, roared low and deep: I will show that I am stronger than Shen Xiang, but you look to disappear absolutely, I can want to kill you, makes into the waste him again!” The Xie Donghao forehead is exploding the blue vein, both eyes are red, must spurt the produce fire flame to be ordinary likely, he hates Shen Xiang, because he thinks that was Shen Xiang has robbed Du Yanyao, although he had many women, but in addition was inferior that Du Yanyao, he longs for obtaining the Du Yanyao body and mind, but Du Yanyao actually not only did not pay attention to him, instead loathed him, this let enlarge hate in his heart, but Shen Xiang's had, making him pass the burden this hate to Shen Xiang on. slut, dies!” Xie Donghao scolded one lowly, then sent out together the melodious long and loud cry, this was that Sound Attack Devil Art. Du Yanyao is Du Hai this name shakes Immortal World and Sacred Dan World Dan Immortal granddaughter, therefore she experiences very broadly, knows that the sending merit principle of this Sound Attack Devil Art, she already was prepared, condense strength forms a special shield, resists that toward the sound wave that she raids. That sound wave is strong, moreover mysterious incomparable, looks like very gentle, but hits shield above that after Du Yanyao condense comes out, actually sticks out suddenly intense sonic bang, swings a hearing uncomfortable noise, some people of not being able to withstand, unexpectedly was shaken spits blood.

Obviously this Sound Attack Devil Art is terrorist, just in Sacred Dan World, was called Sound Attack Divine Art, regarding this type also evil martial arts, generally will be called devil art, reason that will call divine art, will be only Sacred Dan Sect to use time, justifiable. Du Yanyao carried on five intense martial arts contests, True Qi in within the body has almost exhausted, now she can condense leave the shield to resist one move at the same time, is good. Snort, looked when you can support!” Xie Donghao coldly snorted, is mad the sinking dantian, the condense energy, exudes a bigger howl, that sound wave trace is clearly discernible, is similar to the wave surges to go toward Du Yanyao generally rapidly, the space was shaken to twist by this sound wave. Du Yanyao exhausted strength, condense left Gang wall to resist together, but that strong sound wave actually passed through Gang wall, but Gang wall actually suddenly exploded, that sound wave shaking the powder, such one, sound wave strength will weaken. -- Du Yanyao shaking to spit blood by the sound wave, flies the martial arts contest stage. In this time, winds around white Qi mist suddenly on Shen Xiang body to erupt, resounds a air/Qi howl, is similar to the ripple ripples all at once from his foot, but releases True Qi, can let True Qi sends out intermittently long buzz call the long and loud cry, obviously his True Qi is vigorous. The Shen Xiang body dodges, hastily caught has overcome Du Yanyao of stage. Injures heavily!” Shen Xiang frowned, then smiled: Then gives me!”

Saying, he has put out grain of White Jade Lotus Seed, puts in the Du Yanyao mouth, this makes alchemy masters some on the scene call out in alarm, White Jade Lotus Seed in Sacred Dan World is also very precious herbs, even if Sacred Dan Sect this pills big faction are not many, but Shen Xiang unexpectedly such gives others to eat, this is wastes radically! A Shen Xiang breakthrough, Su Meiyao immediately told Shen Xiang the Sound Attack Devil Art matter, she and Bai Youyou had known about this Sound Attack Devil Art that they will point out this Sound Attack Devil Art shortcoming, making him better coped with that Xie Donghao. After Du Yanyao eats up White Jade Lotus Seed, the complexion was better, supple sound track: Thanks, be careful!” Her words are not many, but is actually full of the infinite tender feelings, Shen Xiang can break through promptly wakes up, making her pleasantly surprised, Shen Xiang was hugging her a moment ago, she can feel Shen Xiang within the body that vigorous and fearful strength. After Shen Xiang entered that strange condition, making him win a lot of time, entered into Soul Martial Realm late stage successfully, making true element grains in his dantian double, had 160,000 grains! Cannot kill Du Yanyao, this lets Xie Donghao angry, but he thought that can kill Shen Xiang to be also good, this will at least let Du Yanyao grievedly. Snort, even if you can even if breaks through, is useless!” Xie Donghao is very confident to own Sound Attack Devil Art, especially sees Du Yanyao to be wounded to fly by the sound wave that he releases to leave office. Can calm the mind to practice in this environment, this makes these prisons look that old man of competition admires, but Xie Donghao did not think that this has anything, because he has treated as the deceased person to regard Shen Xiang.