World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 614
The Shen Xiang's strength is what kind, he is not clear, because he just broke through, others do not know that but he has the confidence to defeat Xie Donghao. Although Xie Donghao has Sound Attack Devil Art this terrifying martial arts, divine art and devil art that but Shen Xiang cultivates, take a broad view at Sacred Dan World, grasps many fierce Fiendgod martial arts person, does not have many. On martial arts contest stage, the Xie Donghao item including the cut-throat ray, stares Shen Xiang stubbornly, the fist is grasping very tightly, on the forehead sticks out suddenly fierce blue veins, his character character must say: Shen Xiang, I will not make you die very with ease!” During the speeches, sound waves have formed, Shen Xiang only sees the present space to be shaken to ripple, is similar to ripple such on tranquil water surface. Came, shakes the loose sound wave with shake strength quickly!” Bai Youyou hastily shouted. The Shen Xiang palm shakes, to that the invisible sound wave strikes void, on the palm Dragon Force overflows, shake strength is similar to the beast of prey sends out intermittent scary roaring generally, shakes the martial arts contest stage to rock, with that the sound wave clashes, arouses storm, the sound wave crack and shake roaring sound mixed together, the static rolling hears, uncomfortable incomparable. The storm stopped quickly, many people were blown the hair to be dishevelled, have eaten many dust. Snort!” Xie Donghao sees Shen Xiang unexpectedly to keep off the sound wave attack of his suddenly, this makes in his heart somewhat angry, but he still does not think that Shen Xiang can defeat him, he has very big confidence to his Sound Attack Devil Art. Along with Xie Donghao coldly snorted, a stronger sound wave, is similar to Tsunami general surging forward raids together, shake strength that the deafening sound billowing such as the thunder flushing engine knock, the sound wave is surging, unexpectedly can penetrate formation on martial arts contest stage, shakes around martial arts contest stage ground split open. This turbulent invisible sound wave, stretches across the entire martial arts contest stage, sweeps away all obstacles general, toward the Shen Xiang passage in the past. Speed is so slow, the might is very definitely strong, did Shen Xiang have no place to go?” Person shouted.

Although sound wave invisible, but shakes the space to arouse the ripple, can actually see its trail, at this time seems like similar to a transparent giant beast, makes threatening gestures, sends out roars intermittently, must embezzle Shen Xiang! „Do Dragon's Roar of the Nine Heavens this move of you grasp what kind of?” Su Meiyao suddenly asked. Shen Xiang smiles lightly: I already want to try, but is because True Qi is insufficient, fleshly body is not very formidable, cannot display, now should suffice!” Has sufficed, if has not sufficed enough formidable fleshly body, perhaps the sound wave can shock your throat, True Qi is insufficient, the might is also insufficient, is unable to stimulate specific below the strength shape, therefore is unable to display!” Su Meiyao said. Dragon's Roar of the Nine Heavens is Azure Dragon Roar evolution later martial skill, has very high request to fleshly body and True Qi, when achieves requests certainly, can display successfully. Looks that sound wave that Xie Donghao releases is similar to Tsunami Ge Ya comes generally, five elements of True Qi of Shen Xiang within the body flies from five beast image, True Qi that violent collision together, erupts melts Universe True Qi instantaneously. After Shen Xiang feels in the dantian that group strong Universe True Qi, revolution divine art, that wild Universe True Qi fierce welling up his throat, sees only his big mouth one, the day shakes dragon roar suddenly that startles to appear together. The sound of that cloud penetration crack stone, making the ear of person have the ache of tearing, everyone could see that Shen Xiang has also displayed sound wave martial arts, and is very formidable. Intense sound wave that Shen Xiang releases, with Xie Donghao hits together violently, as if two stars collisions are common, blow out the intermittent wild energy, two sound waves both are invisible colorless, but after collision together, unexpectedly explodes lightens many light glow, glittering crazy thunder and raging fire. Quick, peaceful, the Xie Donghao whole face is panic-stricken, the hair is dishevelled, he is unable to believe that some unexpectedly also people display so fierce sound wave martial arts to come, but at this time that [say / way] stern overwhelming power dragon roar, but also recollection in horizon, heavily pack, prolonged.

The Shen Xiang pupil dodges the none remaining, looks at Xie Donghao lightly: This sound wave martial arts, is not too difficult!” Estimated that you are also study same, I will make you experience true fierce Sound Attack Divine Art!” The Xie Donghao complexion is fierce, swoops toward Shen Xiang, waves, sees only his arm to send out one whistling the howl, this unexpectedly is also a sound wave. Time that Xie Donghao swoops, is similar to gust roars general, is having very scary imposing manner, the time of attacking, releases not weak sound wave. Sees Xie Donghao to come, Shen Xiang double palm Qi Dong, revolution Dragon Force, two crazy fierce Shocking Heaven Palm release rock the earth strength, arouses two overlapped shake strength, shocks Xie Donghao to release the sound wave. such insignificant ability!” During the Xie Donghao speeches, the sound wave forms once more, turns into invisible the palm strength of that shake, but the person also arrives around Shen Xiang, that banding the arm of strange sound wave strength, is similar to the big axe is common, chops to chop under. A Shen Xiang congealing eyebrow palm raises, unexpectedly must resist that by the meat palm is similar to the sound killer axe that the sharp knife chops generally. Shen Xiang gets rid swiftly and violently, when Xie Donghao must chop chops him, his palm in dividing on the Xie Donghao wrist|skill, pā pā pā pā......” the consecutively ten Heaven-shaking thunderclap crack, hear to pass through the ear to be common, gets up in the Xie Donghao ear bank explosive. Only hears Xie Donghao to send out chilly severe howl to call the person, blood fog fills in the air, shakes along with sound wave, scatters the four directions, but a hand of Xie Donghao is dropping the blood, because his hand unexpectedly disappears, the breaking place of his wrist|skill full is the hashed meat, understands at a glance his palm breaking by very formidable strength! Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Fellow who sits the well view day!” The person who Devil Subduing Energy ten layers, in Heaven World and Mortal World, can learn is few, the might terror is peerless, especially Shen Xiang using Dragon Force releases the time, that strength can hit a mountain easily crushes.

Xie Donghao is wild with rage, that face is fierce, explodes exclaims: I must meet a cruel death you, I must drink your blood, your meat that eats!!” Saying, a fist was rumbling, although was the void fist, sound wave strength that but on his fist released, actually shook all person tympanum stabbing pain, in that instantaneous, unexpectedly lost the sense of hearing, by the ear, only then incisive roaring was making a sound together, some people by this terrifying sound wave, had been shaken blood flowing from every orifice, went crazy to call out. The sound wave attacks on Shen Xiang instantaneously, although the people are uncomfortable, but same looks at the martial arts contest stage steadily, they believe that the Shen Xiang's body will certainly fall like the clay figurine in the place falls broken. Xie Donghao strikes fully, the speed and might are unexpected, Shen Xiang cannot come the response, he only felt that instantaneous, his body seemed passed through by thousands of root long needles general, the body was being cut the sharp knife surely. Must kill me, delusion!” Shen Xiang loudly shouted, flies to leap up forward, breaks through that sound wave, stands in front of Xie Donghao! Shen Xiang double fist dance, Dragon Force emerges, Devil Subduing Energy arouses again and again the thunderclap crack, the fist of thousands, strokes crazily on the body of Xie Donghao.