World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 615
Shen Xiang unexpectedly had not been wounded by that sound wave, this makes the people be at a loss for words, astonished incomparable, now their ear ache, but Shen Xiang by the frontal attack, a matter did not have, letting the person is unable to understand. Du Yanyao has been hanging the heart, worries incomparably, she before and Xie Donghao has fought, fully realized that strange sound wave fierce, but Xie Donghao struck a moment ago fully, is overbearing incomparable, that fights with the fists, a Du Yanyao mind blank, she will be worried about Shen Xiang by sound wave strength tearing of that terror. But Shen Xiang not only had not been injured, instead also breaks through that strength, carries on the wild counter-attack, the people can clear seeing, the body of Xie Donghao wreak havoc by the Shen Xiang's crazy fist, each fist falls on the body of Xie Donghao, the fist can fall into the flesh and blood, digs in the Xie Donghao mouth the wind blood, the skeleton break, calls out again and again. kā chā, Shen Xiang including bringing the Devil Subduing Energy ten layers strength palm blade, is dividing fiercely on the shoulder of Xie Donghao, that strong strength, unexpectedly inspires from the shoulder place the arm, arouses the intermittent blood splash, looks frightening, creepy feeling. Shen Xiang's each fist, is Devil Subduing Energy ten layers strength, and has used Dragon Force, knocks out the fist each time, the martial arts contest stage because of withstanding that terror Dragon Force shivers slightly, the diamond common fist hits on that frail body, the consequence can be imagined. Although Xie Donghao suffers so the attack of savage, but had not actually died, has not fainted, he can feel clearly body interior each inch turns into the smashing the sore spot, that strength continuously, enters in his body, tears the muscle, meridians and skeleton his within the body, is painful he to live to might as well die. While the present, executes Grasping Soul Devil Curse quickly, takes his Sound Attack Devil Art!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang at present one bright, this kind of devil art also calculated well, if because of this Xie Donghao study the essence, he cannot such easily resist. Saw that Xie Donghao must die, Shen Xiang five fingers, a racket covers above in Xie Donghao Heavenly Spirit, revolution Grasping Soul Devil Curse, after searching Sound Attack Devil Art, absorbs again this memory, fuses in his memory. As his Divine Soul expands, his devour others remember time becomes the rapidness, but Xie Donghao meets the pain to be incomparable, because that is just like such as the soul to be torn to be the same.

Xie Donghao roared crazily: Shen Xiang your this Evil Devil, your unexpectedly......” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, Xie Donghao sound suddenly stops, stares that is covering entirely the eye of blood thread greatly towering, lay down died in the ground. This fellow unexpectedly can give to remember entire Sound Attack Devil Art, but has not actually learned, now unexpectedly convenient I!” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, obtains this Sound Attack Devil Art, making him very excited. Shen Xiang steps down the stage slowly, people cannot help but took a deep breath, sees Xie Donghao by the Shen Xiang savage devastation, the people think somewhat funnily, because beforehand Xie Donghao says the boastful talk to Shen Xiang, must suffer Shen Xiang to live to might as well die, who knows that finally is actually he ends up to turn out this pitiful fate. Comes the scene prison to look at person of martial arts contest, has Sacred Dan Sect, there are to let other influences, they dull have also looked, they compared with those present, naturally saw that the Shen Xiang use martial arts is out of the ordinary, otherwise is unable to contend to have Sound Attack Devil Art Xie Donghao absolutely! Sees Shen Xiang to step down the stage, Du Yanyao grazes gently, hastily asked: You are all right!” Saying, her was feeling the Shen Xiang's body, where wants to have a look at the Shen Xiang wound to arrive. Shen Xiang said with a smile slightly: I am all right, his fist truly was very a moment ago strong, but light has the imposing manner, so long as fleshly body enough, True Qi is vigorous enough, can shoulder!” He said dexterously, but looks like in many people are difficult, moreover he also has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor this type to resist various shape energies divine armor, the defensive power is certainly strong. We have won, walks!” Du Yanyao was worried that Shen Xiang has the matter, held him to leave compared with martial stage, the victory of Du Family, was the people are obvious to all, this also means that Du Family can take over control of Saint Dan City over a hundred years.

After returning to City Lord's Mansion, Du Yanyao is worried. „Are you all right really? Perhaps has the internal injury!” Du Yanyao asked kindly. Hehe, if wanted did I remove completely have inspected to you?” The Shen Xiang laughter said: I did not mind that was looked up by you.” Du Yanyao spat one tenderly, purses the lips saying: Others care about you, your unexpectedly plays tricks on others!” I am all right, does not need to be worried my, although that Xie Donghao is strong, but he too relied on that sound to kill the merit, I had the means to cope with his sound to kill the merit from the beginning, regardless of were strong, did not have the effect to me, was similar to he understood that are many some fierce martial skill, traded is coming to hit with me, if I want to win him, that was really not easy.” Shen Xiang earnestly said. Shen Xiang is grasping many martial skill, once were restrained several types, he also has the fierce martial skill use. Du Yanyao smiles: Really is thank you, you, this contends in martial arts our Du Family, no matter sends the fierce talent, must lose without doubt!” You also are really, unexpectedly has wasted White Jade Lotus Seed on me in vain!” Although Du Yanyao said that but in heart actually surges warm feeling, because she knows that Shen Xiang cared at that time very much her injury, anything does not think, makes her swallow directly.

Shen Xiang badly said with a smile: How then you do want to thank me?” Thanked? Du Yanyao remembers before Shen Xiang, has said to her, must make her permit by the body , is the man makes that type of darkness during eclipse clothes, matter that the human body wadding entangles...... Thinks of here, the face of Du Yanyao becomes red, why also does not know, she associates to before she was in heat, is entangling Shen Xiang she wanted the matter, remembered oneself that time to caress flatters, but blurred appearance, her face was boiling hot. Du Yanyao wants to thank Shen Xiang very much, but actually does not know how must thank, her previous time sees Good Fortune Fruit of Shen Xiang that half wicker basket, knows that Shen Xiang does not lack herbs these things, moreover Shen Xiang still obtains that Purple Flame Dragon Flower in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest. Sees the Du Yanyao color of face feeling embarrassed, Shen Xiang to say with a smile: Bidding goodbye that my previous time said takes seriously, if I act unreasonably outside, definitely will be scolded by my young woman!” You are good to your woman really!” In the Du Yanyao heart loses, she sighed secretly, said: Shen Xiang, you killed that Xie Donghao, Sacred Dan Sect have definitely borne a grudge your, I certainly will make when the time comes our family protect you, this you did not need to be worried!” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: This I am not actually shy, I dull will not be long in this world!” Sees the Du Yanyao surprised facial expression, Shen Xiang then saying: I am not the person of this world, I come from Mortal World!”