World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 616
„...... Mortal World?” Du Yanyao some cannot believe: „Are the Mortal World people so fierce?” Naturally is not, I am only the luck am quite better!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Why then you don't stay here? But here Sacred Land of alchemy master, depending on your aptitude, can definitely obtain here influence to regard as important, I can recommend Du Family you!” Du Yanyao asked puzzled. My wife's friend of mine in Mortal World, three realms great war quickly must approach, I must fight side-by-side with them! Said, I do not want attached in any influence, only if my quarrying a mountain vertical faction!” Shen Xiang earnestly said. After hearing Shen Xiang, must leave Sacred Dan World, Du Yanyao suddenly thinks very sadly, her is very sad: Later will you also come Sacred Dan World?” Meeting, but that possibly was very long later matter!” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, he decided greatly, next time will come Sacred Dan World again time, strength that he grasps, will not be threatened by any influence absolutely. Du Yanyao knows certainly that the Mortal World person must arrive at Sacred Dan World is very difficult, she asked in a low voice: Shen Xiang, you go back, can...... Also takes me?” Shen Xiang sees Du Yanyao at this time that moved facial expression, sighed slightly: Yanyao, you went to Mortal World only to destroy you, you stay here to be better, especially when dealt with Nirvana Tribulation, you must know our martial artist, has wanted that stage, had other thoughts to handle other matters!” Du Yanyao nodded, her grandfather has also said such matter with him, because when the time comes knows the own beloved person vanishes in puff of smoke under Nirvana Tribulation, is very uncomfortable. But Du Yanyao in Sacred Dan World, there is her grandfather Dan Immortal to protect, when crosses Nirvana Tribulation, will be more relaxed. „Can you promise me, later must come Sacred Dan World to look for me!” Du Yanyao asked in a soft voice. Um, I will certainly come, you must promise me, when the time comes must wait for me here!” Shen Xiang has smiled saying with a smile.

Du Yanyao revealed beautiful charming sweetness to smile, nodded: Certain!” „Is the flow that Sacred Dan Gathering starts what kind of?” Shen Xiang asked that he very much had doubts, why Du Hai came back, a Du Yanyao news has not received. Starts first day is the auction, because the present is the special body time, fierce old antique stops up these space cracks, therefore they will not participate, in this case, the auction will not have actually very intense fight, naturally will not have high level herbs.” Shen Xiang eyes dodges, Sacred Dan Gathering gathered many alchemy masters, although does not have what powerful old fellow participation, but in Sacred Dan World the rich resources, when the time comes the auction definitely also will have many high level herbs. „After auction ended, is the trade fair, making many alchemy masters exchange other pills or goods in secret, finally was Alchemy Competition, Alchemy Competition finished, Sacred Dan Gathering also announced that finished.” Du Yanyao knows that Shen Xiang is not this world, the patience said. Shen Xiang said: Yanyao, can you help me?” I cannot achieve, I certainly will also find the way to help your!” Du Yanyao should say immediately that she wants to thank Shen Xiang very much. In my hand has some True Elemental Dan, I want to change into crystal stones these True Elemental Dan, I must attend the auction, this Sacred Dan World pills rich resources, I want to purchase some Mortal World unusual spirit herb.” Shen Xiang said. Some how many can True Elemental Dan let go?” Du Yanyao is Saint Dan City City Lord, is a alchemy master, the way resources is a lot, moreover she uses her grandfather Du Hai relationship, is easier to achieve. Can sell ten hundred million crystal stones probably!” Shen Xiang said. Ten hundred million crystal stones? This is easy to do, gives me!” Du Yanyao smiled: If insufficient, I can you, not need, you needed any spirit herb also to me to say.”

Shen Xiang puts out several storage pouch to give Du Yanyao, said with a smile: You want to help to change into crystal stones these, needs time I said again, but I will not borrow you in vain.” Du Yanyao received storage pouch in Shen Xiang hand, immediately leaves City Lord's Mansion. Su Meiyao said: „If no old fellow to participate, rare and precious high level herbs are not definitely many, if there is old fellow to attend the auction, even if Du Yanyao taking advantage of crystal stones to you, you also snatches these old fellow.” When the time comes again said that so long as I now collected some Earth Level Low-Grade Dan that's alright, should not compare Mortal World to be difficult to look in this Sacred Dan World?” In the underground secret room, Su Meiyao lies down is putting on, wears one set of purple skirt, the coquettish look such as the silk looks at Shen Xiang, is caressing Shen Xiang's that firm and resolute handsome face lightly, she discovered that she liked being individually uncorrectable, to this little man to be afraid very much died he. Since loves one another after Su Meiyao, Shen Xiang sees her each time, cannot help stirring up kiss with her, made that their passion surges upward, although has not handled a more further matter, but they are satisfied. Sister Meiyao, I will certainly make you several restore to the same day peak strength, kills your personal enemies!” Shen Xiang is hugging untidy Su Meiyao, is caressing her black hair lightly, said firmly. Our personal enemies may be many, moreover many are the character people of Immortal Devil two shook winds and clouds!” Saying with a smile that Su Meiyao eats: I am very confident to your this little rascal, I also want soon to restore the strength, when the time comes can truly become your woman!” Saying, her was patting the Shen Xiang's pants crotch that strong thing, giggle has smiled slightly tenderly, this made in the Shen Xiang heart ripple, immediately caressed the spirit that flattered to press this under the body, was holding that attractive cherry small mouth, kissed once more violently...... Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao kiss really vigorously, Long Xueyi suddenly said: Your future father-in-law came!” Father-in-law who Long Xueyi said that so long as is the Du Yanyao father, Du Kangsheng!

He above!” This frightens Su Meiyao hastily to return to ring, but Shen Xiang hastily is also reorganizing the bedding, scatters the body that Su Meiyao leaves behind to be fragrant, goes out of the underground secret room quickly. Shen Xiang walks from the underground stone chamber, sees Du Kangsheng to sit in that poor small hall even, Du Yanyao also pours tea in the one side. Sees Shen Xiang to come out, Du Kangsheng stands up, said with a smile: Your matter I listened to Yanyao saying that this was 15 hundred million crystal stones!” Shen Xiang received storage pouch that throws, his True Elemental Dan at most is also only value 33 hundred million crystal stones this, some that this are many, are Du Kangsheng present certainly as a gift to him. He looked that knows Du Kangsheng surmounts Nirvana Realm Immortal, this crystal stones in his eyes naturally is not anything. Shen Xiang gave a salute, said with a smile hastily: Has not thought that brat this matter will alarm Senior.” I heard that you butcher Xie Donghao this brat, immediately came!” Du Kangsheng said while loudly laughing: Xie Donghao this young bastard is entangling Yanyao all day, I already want to kill him, is only extremely strong concerned about his grandfather, but was now good, even if you massacre this brat, his grandfather cannot say anything!”