World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 617
Other expert are to go to seal that space crack now, but this Du Kangsheng appears every other day here, seems like very long-drawn-out. You felt relieved, after you killed Xie Donghao, if Sacred Dan Sect dares to look for your trouble, our Du Family will certainly help you shoulder!” Du Kangsheng has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Many thanks.” Du Kangsheng said while loudly laughing: You anxiously are making that many crystal stones now, wants to attend the auction? However I urged you not to think, let alone you, when the time comes were I possibly are unable to participate, that crowd of old fellow to attend this rank meeting, finished ahead of time, one to 18 space cracks stopped up completely.” What?” Shen Xiang and Du Yanyao call out in alarm, old undying that in the Du Kangsheng mouth said that naturally is these stands the fellow in Sacred Dan World peak, like small that their this Nirvana Realm do not arrive, that was wants not to think at the auction. Does not use such desperately, even if no these old fellow, presents Immortal Level or Heaven Level spirit herb, you are also hard to snatch, the auction is Sacred Dan Sect undertakes, I find that will auction by that time also compares low level other herbs and things.” Du Kangsheng smiled: Naturally, if these thing settled on by these old fellow...... Hehe.” „Did father, have grandfather's news?” A Du Yanyao face worried that asked. On the face full was Du Kangsheng of smiling face, the complexion sank immediately, he was sighing shaking the head: No, but does not need to be worried, your grandfather his strength, although is not Sacred Dan World is strongest, but his skill is not small, he is not first time such bewildered missing.” Even if your grandfather not in Du Family, nobody dares to move our, you do not need to be worried that crossed Sacred Dan Gathering, some people will take over control of the position of your City Lord, when the time comes you can return to the family to receive the reward, later you did not need to handle some miscellaneous matters for the family, can make you practice and alchemy relieved.” Du Kangsheng walked, Shen Xiang has doubts, because that Du Hai has not returned to Du Family, otherwise Du Kangsheng definitely knows.

The matter that since Du Hai has not come back him told own son and granddaughter, Shen Xiang does not raise, he knows that Du Hai such did, should have other intention. Yanyao, what precious thing will the auction present generally?” Shen Xiang asked that if made extremely rare and precious spirit herb be bought by others under his eyeground, he will be very grieved. Previous time auction, presented three Immortal Level High-Grade herbs, you should know that this type of thing will not take generally to sell, is these anxiously considers the people of quarrying a mountain vertical faction to receive in exchange for a large sum of money wealth with this, these time will have any thing to appear, I do not know.” Du Yanyao shakes the head sighs, she also wants through the auction, to purchase herbs that some need. Now these old fellow have had free time, is leading the haughty disciple or the descendants attended the auction, they are very difficult to snatch some good things, these old fellow stand erect in this Sacred Dan World for many years, is grasping countless wealth, gets rid boldly extravagant, moreover attaches great importance to face-saving, by thing that they stare, they will snatch generally badly beaten. Shen Xiang was a pity that these high level herbs , because wanted in his hand, he can duplicate one big piece, but perhaps in others hand, will unravel in alchemy, he thinks to feel the pain. Shen Xiang, what herbs do you need to collect?” Du Yanyao sees a Shen Xiang face to be depressed, asks. Good I want, but I want quite commonly used Earth Level Low-Grade Dan herbs now.” If Shen Xiang wants better grasps to refine Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, must refine three commonly used pill, but he has two types now. Du Yanyao said: Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, I can help you get so far as.” This I had!” Shen Xiang shakes the head. Great Life Essence Dan?” Du Yanyao continues to ask.

I also had!” Shen Xiang sighed. Du Yanyao somewhat is surprised, if she wants to get so far as these herbs, but must through the family and his father, the person but who Shen Xiang came from Mortal World has. In family also some unexpected winners, but these pill are not commonly used, is used to build up the words of hand to be also insufficient.” On the Du Yanyao face is having the apology: Sorry, cannot add on your anything busy in this aspect.” No problem!” Shen Xiang said that the resources in this Sacred Dan World also calculated to enrich, quite commonly used high level pill herbs had, but these in Mortal World were the things of appearing briefly. The time passes fast, in an instant, hundred years time Saint Dan Auction started, place that conducts in compared with martial stage nearby huge stone building, only then has the status, lives is being the person of payment certain expense can go, if there is a precious thing to auction, will become the distinguished guest in this bidding block. Shen Xiang sees many person luxurious horse-drawn vehicles of afar, stops outside the bidding block, although the strengths of these people are very strong, but they take the carriage to also manifest the status are honored, moreover that is not the ordinary carriage. Going in unexpectedly must have 10 billion net worth, Yanyao you, I must keep them out!” Shen Xiang knew after this news, appears very surprised. If I am not City Lord, does not rely on my father, I do not have the qualifications to come, this Saint Dan Auction prepared for these old fellow, we are only join in the fun, open mind.” Du Yanyao is resigned-looking. Shen Xiang currently has almost 2 billion crystal stones, this placed Mortal World is also young rich and powerful people, at his present age, but in this Sacred Dan World, is specially unqualified goes in that Saint Dan Auction field. Roar ~~~~

Du Yanyao and Shen Xiang suddenly hears the beast roar that is furious together to transmit, with heat sweeps across, but, but the ground slightly is also shivering, they look immediately to the place that the roar transmits. That is transmits from another street, the sound just appeared shortly , the people see a whole body blue great lion to run to come, the whole body braves the blue flame, looks like the overwhelming power is scary. This is Wild Fury Lion such a matter?” Shen Xiang surprised saying, on this blue Fire Lion also sits a person. This Wild Fury Lion strength generally is 9th level Spirit Beast, but is the red flame. This Wild Fury Lion has Fire Spirit, should be blue Fire Spirit!” Du Yanyao complexion seriously said, hastily grazes, but that Wild Fury Lion from distant place quickly arrived, all the way the high-sounding talk, on spreading the stone brick street has been leaving the footprint. Looks, on the street stepped on pits, the ground splits, is burning the blue fire, such makes does not pay attention to the Saint Dan City law. As City Lord Du Yanyao, cannot certainly sit by and do nothing, moreover this person is provokes radically her dignity. Yo, are you Saint Dan City City Lord Du Yanyao? Really is the same with the hearsay, is cold beauty of sign, such woman most made me want to conquer!” Rides laughs in the Wild Fury Lion above man was saying that the language is very frivolous, making Du Yanyao be angry.