World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 618
Shen Xiang was worried that Du Yanyao of unknown origin will be plotted against by this person, his hastily walked, stands in Du Yanyao behind. Rides the blue Wild Fury Lion male Zichang very beautifully, the long hair is with the wind elegant, the skin fair like the jade, the eyebrow after the careful trim, the lip is also wiping a favor thing, his face monster flexure, the chin is very sharp, this attractive looking unfamiliar on him, simply was clearly blind. If he is dressing up, absolutely female who can camouflage a peerless beautiful woman. Such a beautiful must make the man who women envy, quick bring to the attention of many people, in the entrance of bidding block, many famous family juniors, especially some females, sees this handsome man, cannot help but the eye braves the star, but has the man of special fondness, is secretly excited. However, Du Yanyao was actually not confused by that cheek. „Don't I now or Saint Dan City City Lord, you know the Saint Dan City custom? You rode this danger(ous) thing to batter in the city, destroyed the entire street!” Du Yanyao coldly said. I know certainly that this is incorrect, but I am bent on having such to do, can you take me to be what kind of?” The man said with a smile lightly, smiled very charming, but made Shen Xiang look wants to spit. Effeminate of this cynical, should punch his maliciously, hits his mother not to recognize him to come!” Long Xueyi also felt that is not very feeling well. Du Yanyao anger sound track: Such being the case, your obediently is staying in the dungeon!” Saying, in her hand suddenly was presenting a long whip, has brushed toward that man, at the same time, that is similar to elephant general blue color Wild Fury Lion, sends out roars together shocking, is opening the big mouth, sprays blue flame toward Du Yanyao. Snort!” Du Yanyao coldly snorted, the white hands wield, one group of purple flame fly to shoot from her jade palm, toward blue flame reversion impact that sprays in the past, as if blue flame completely devour generally, enters in that big mouth, moreover arouses an explosion, explodes the mouth of that Wild Fury Lion fully is the blood, such as the blade tooth disrupts completely.

But on the long whip is binding purple Qi mist, that makes the person whole body sweat burning hot, Du Yanyao has purple Fire Spirit, and has many fierce Fire Vein, the flame is overbearing, at the same time brushes, making all around temperature rise dramatically suddenly. Because the man Wild Fury Lion goes crazy to jump down, but the Du Yanyao long whip as if steadily the eye was the same, will also lengthen, hits accurately to that falls gently on at the same time the man. Your this woman, should lying down well take care the man on the bed!” Male said with a sneer, the hand like lightning, opens the whip that wielding of Du Yanyao hits. This man is such conveniently wields, relaxed gives the parry the attack of Du Yanyao, what is shocking, in the Du Yanyao hand that whip, unexpectedly suddenly turns into the ashes! Understood at a glance that was burnt down, but the people have not actually felt any quantity of heat and Fire True Qi! Du Yanyao sees own long whip to be fired the ash instantaneously, the complexion big change, but her whip good treasure tool, is not casual can fire the ash, her hastily retreat several steps. Your unexpectedly has destroyed my weapon, you in the provocative Saint Dan City rule!” The Du Yanyao anger sound said that in the hand left a long sword, understood at a glance that she will not give up. The man said with a smile: Rule? Is competent, can change rule, you cannot hit me, I do not kill the woman!” But I actually kill the man! Man who especially that type has a pretty wife, I most like ruining him!” The male sinister smile looks at Shen Xiang, wields conveniently, frightening scalding hot strength suddenly, the people only see one group of mist suddenly to fly to shoot toward Du Yanyao. Du Yanyao one startled, moves sideways to shunt hastily, but that [say / way] such as the arrow is common, is bringing strange and formidable scalding hot strength Qi mist, actually still flies to shoot, unexpectedly attacks Shen Xiang's.

Shen Xiang has been looking, in vigilant, he heard the words of man a moment ago, has completed the protection, his frown selects, unexpectedly puts out a hand to resist. On his palm is binding the fierce appearance glove, that is God Slaughtering Hand, moreover in flesh, but also is melting Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, so long as he does not fear this strange strength. However, he by this strength shocking, that is a heat beyond description, must know that he fused Universe Fire Spirit, comes out after earth core, little has the flame to threaten to obtain him, but now this terrifying heat, is a strange flame, if were not he already prepared, perhaps he also by this in flame wounding! Du Yanyao is my, is tactful a point to let her on obediently, she only will be spoiled in your hands by you!” Male indifferently said, but in the look actually reveals incomparable surprised, because Shen Xiang can receive his type of strange flame with ease. Snort, I die not with you! Who no matter you are, I must take you today!” Du Yanyao has gotten angry, the whole body braves steaming purple flame, the black hair chaotic dance, because that male unexpectedly must kill Shen Xiang, status of Shen Xiang in her heart is important. It seems like I must introduce oneself one to be good, I called Lin Yushi, from Primal Chaos Mountain, today how I wants to come to see this Saint Dan Auction!” The male words, making all people be shocked. This unexpectedly is the Primal Chaos Mountain person, but this Primal Chaos Mountain in Sacred Dan World all influences have scruples! Although Du Yanyao is surprised, but she no matter actually these many: Is Primal Chaos Mountain, you provoke I, must be punished!” Just trod one step, heard loudly shout to come out together: Yanyao, stop!” Person unexpectedly of frontline propaganda is the Du Yanyao father, Du Kangsheng! Du Yanyao frowned, on the face full is the scowl, the tender body is mad trembles, but she stopped.

Although Du Yanyao stopped, but a Shen Xiang actually arrow step flies to leap up, the speed is peerless, making that man be caught off guard, although knows that some people attack, but actually without enough time resists. Bang! Shen Xiang flickers to check, stimulates to movement Dragon Force, Shocking Heaven Palm is ordinary just like the thunder, the long jab on that Lin Yushi abdomen, incomparably powerful shake strength, erupts from the body of Lin Yushi, passes through the ground, all around stone brick ground, split open must be similar to the spider web average person. A Shen Xiang palm has not ended, that palm was having a suction a moment ago, does not make Lin Yushi fly to shoot, when he must make a fist, a boundless pressure raids, making Shen Xiang almost kneel. unexpectedly was Du Kangsheng has prevented him! Stops to me!” The Du Kangsheng sound is dignified, shouts to clear the way. Lin Yushi must kill him a moment ago, depended on this, Shen Xiang has enough reason and his irreconcilable. He cannot look at Lin Yushi show off one's military strength, where no matter he came from, the person who so long as wants to trample his life, must die! You must die!” The Shen Xiang forehead emits the blue vein, left arm suddenly blows out a white light, True Qi that his roaring acoustic shock making a sound entire Saint Dan City, the body spout, is similar to gets angry Dragon to roar innumerably general, scary incomparable.