World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 619
Shen Xiang is the person who submits unwillingly, others more want to make him lower the head, he not! Although Du Kangsheng suppresses him with incomparably formidable strength, does not make him move, but he actually does not hesitate all, to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, rose dramatically by own strength. At this time his strength has far exceeded his limit, Long Xueyi's strength, his physical strength and True Qi strength fuses the together person, strength rises suddenly crazily, that speed cannot believe Du Kangsheng. What is most frightening, in the Shen Xiang hand suddenly left a great blade of azure light sparkle, the knife is carving Azure Dragon, the solemn silence, is full of the dignity, as if ancient times Azure Dragon took possession in this blade on, instills into strength along with Shen Xiang, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade sends out deep dragon roar. Shen Xiang exhausts strength, the draw is lifting Divine Blade, is looking panic-stricken Lin Yushi to that. Two dragon roar suddenly erupt, one is Shen Xiang roars, another is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Sees only Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly in Shen Xiang hand to let go to fly to shoot, except that the azure light sparkle, seizes the person dazzling, is separated from Shen Xiang's after huge Divine Blade, unexpectedly turns into small Azure Dragon, but that imposing manner makes people feel to dread. Azure Dragon that Divine Blade turns into, makes threatening gestures, angry roar again and again, daring, with lightning speed, passes through the Lin Yushi body, afterward turns into together azure light, returns to the Shen Xiang's body on, vanish from sight. But above the chest of Lin Yushi, actually left one to pass the hole of back, the lip was generally big! You...... You......” Lin Yushi had not died, see only his hastily to put out under a grain of pill pellet clothing/taking, that chest above hole unexpectedly quick fast-growth grows the flesh and blood, restores to such as the beginning appearance completely. The Shen Xiang body shakes, the fist grasps, the complexion is serious, but also wants to get rid once more!

A moment ago Shen Xiang's attack, Du Kangsheng this Immortal, shocked, the strength that because Shen Xiang unfolded, has surmounted Peak Realm absolutely, but Shen Xiang actually Peak Realm martial artist! Sufficed!” Du Kangsheng arrives at side Shen Xiang, Lin Yushi has not died, this makes him relax. Because he is Primal Chaos Mountain comes out, he can kill me, but can't I actually kill him?” Shen Xiang sound ice-cold, unemotionally looks at that Lin Yushi. Looks at Shen Xiang a moment ago not awfully, the people worried for him, so long as is the person in Sacred Dan World, hears Primal Chaos Mountain these three characters, likes thunder reverberating in one's ears, sees the Primal Chaos Mountain person, is evades, but far it, let alone was provokes. But Shen Xiang was insane, unexpectedly must kill the Primal Chaos Mountain person, Primal Chaos Mountain inside casual old fellow stamps the feet, entire Sacred Dan World must shiver. Du Yanyao was also worried that Shen Xiang provoked this Primal Chaos Mountain to lose the life, after she calmed down, hastily asked: What you have to show that is you are Primal Chaos Mountain?” Snort, I will remember your, from started a moment ago, became the Primal Chaos Mountain enemy!” Lin Yushi looks at Shen Xiang angrily, his indifferent graceful makings vanished a moment ago do not have. Lin Yushi has put out a token, this token seems like the shape of flame, is similar to the maple leaf like that but is the dusky color, above also braves disorderly Qi mist. But what alarmed and afraid is, strange heat that in that disorderly Qi mist erupts, that unexpectedly is a flame!

This is Primal Chaos Fire Token, you know that this means anything!” Lin Yushi sees all around person one face to dread, raises head slightly, a face proudly. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: actually you are only a fellow of bullying, I also think that you fierce, makes others admire depending on own skill, that called the real skill, depended upon oneself back Primal Chaos Mountain to come out show off one's military strength, others also dreaded your back Primal Chaos Mountain, if did not have Primal Chaos Mountain, you in our eyes were not!” Saying, Shen Xiang was grasping void, after the people saw his fight, thinks that he must attack Lin Yushi, but was actually not, because he also stood in same place, but after he grasped void, in his hand unexpectedly left that Primal Chaos Fire Token! Ha Ha...... Can I also pretend to be the Primal Chaos Mountain person now?” Shen Xiang is looking at Primal Chaos Fire Token in hand, laughs, then throws into the ring. All people were shocked, complexion full is completely astonished, is similar to the stone carving looks at Shen Xiang generally! Nobody knows that he such is separated that far distance to rob Primal Chaos Fire Token in Lin Yushi hand, but no one cared that his anything achieves, but cared that his unexpectedly has robbed Primal Chaos Fire Token, moreover received storage equipment. Separates takes the thing spatially, this was Long Xueyi suddenly taught to Shen Xiang's small Divine Ability a moment ago, was space Divine Ability, needed magic power to arrive at certain time can achieve, moreover very consumed magic power, Shen Xiang casually had grasped a moment ago, did not have most probably. But he actually harvests greatly, has gotten so far as that Primal Chaos Fire Token, according to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's appraisal, that is the treasure. „Were you insane?” Du Kangsheng took a deep breath, looks at Shen Xiang, hints him to hand over that Primal Chaos Fire Token.

Killed me not to hand over.” Shen Xiang smiled lightly, looked at Du Yanyao, said with a smile Yanyao, we a bit faster went in!” In the bidding block definitely has many old undying, they also look outside all with Divine Sense, but has not actually prevented, therefore Shen Xiang thought that will compare the security, at least that Lin Yushi could not play the breeze, these old fellow attached great importance to face-saving, moreover they took seriously this auction, if Lin Yushi disturbed in inside, surely did not have the good fruit to eat. Although Du Yanyao also thought that Shen Xiang was insane, but actually hits in heart to support to the Shen Xiang's procedure, her hastily is pulling the Shen Xiang's arm, draws the Shen Xiang half step to walk into the auction market. You are blatantly provocative Primal Chaos Mountain!” Lin Yushi roared, he also a little feared regarding Shen Xiang now, because Shen Xiang got rid to him a moment ago, that crazy behavior disregarded all consequences radically, if were not Du Kangsheng prevents, perhaps Shen Xiang has been going all out to fight with him. Du Kangsheng long sighed, he also really very much worried that now Shen Xiang becomes his son-in-law, has such a son-in-law, that is not the good matter, although his war appreciates the Shen Xiang's procedure, but he such does, will only annoy hostility of Primal Chaos Mountain, that is the consequence very serious matter. Shen Xiang does not fear any Primal Chaos Mountain, he currently had enough strength, opens Space Gate to return to Mortal World together, Primal Chaos Mountain must send for Mortal World, passed martial artist of Nirvana Realm eight tribulations at most, but that in Mortal World, cannot threaten the Shen Xiang's life. If not in the bidding block has old undying in many Sacred Dan World, no one dares to go, because Shen Xiang has annoyed the Primal Chaos Mountain person, if no these old undying in inside, will have the possibility Primal Chaos Mountain person very much because of the Shen Xiang procedure, got rid to ruin the entire bidding block.