World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 620
Du Yanyao is Saint Dan City City Lord, therefore she independent distinguished guest theater box, Shen Xiang now sits with her in the inside comfortable chair here, by the special transparent wall, looks at a big piece of person who under sits at the same time. Can come in the person in this bidding block, is greatly richly greatly expensive, the person of strength outstanding, even if not in distinguished guest theater box, can see some Immortal to mix in the crowd, waits for the auction formally to start. Shen Xiang sought to regard, has not seen Lin Yushi on these seats, in other words, Lin Yushi is also the distinguished guest theater box, generally only then sold some precious thing, will obtain this treatment. That Primal Chaos Fire Token is really fierce, inside flame should be Primal Chaos Fire in Legend, this flame unexpectedly was also being preserved, is really inconceivable!” Su Meiyao said: This is the flame most primitive time, although looks like very muddy, but if the fires of these Primal Chaos Fire depuration, will be very definitely strong!” This Primal Chaos Fire fierce?” Shen Xiang asked that remembers strange quantity of heat that Lin Yushi released, he can certainly guess correctly that Lin Yushi was grasping this type of flame. This is the flame of Primal Chaos time, is only muddy is tyrannical, is hardata-titleo-control, the flame of that Lin Yushi use, should refine this Primal Chaos Fire, otherwise Primal Chaos Fire hardata-titleo-control!” Su Meiyao said: Fierce is actually very fierce, but after all Lin Yushi use is not true Primal Chaos Fire, true Primal Chaos Fire, should be very difficult to control!” Bai Youyou said: In brief, this Primal Chaos Fire Token inside flame is very fierce, later when you meet use the Primal Chaos flame or with other fierce flame attack you, this Primal Chaos Fire Token can completely these flame resisting!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Such one, I can restrain the Primal Chaos Mountain person!” Primal Chaos Fire Token is the good thing, but similarly also very danger(ous), because this is Shen Xiang robs from the Lin Yushi hand, once is known by Primal Chaos Mountain inside person, he troubled. Shen Xiang, Sacred Dan Gathering finished, do you want to leave Sacred Dan World?” The Du Yanyao mood somewhat loses asks. Has not known, if had not been chased down, Sacred Dan Gathering finished, I will close up a period of time well, when the promotion strength, returned to Mortal World again, can win many time in Sacred Dan World to me!” Shen Xiang has annoyed the Primal Chaos Mountain person now, he thought that he can only support Sacred Dan Gathering to finish at most.

Or you also go back that Primal Chaos Fire Token, you and Lin Yushi can carry on the duel, but you are not the Primal Chaos Mountain person, attains Primal Chaos Fire Token, this will certainly ask for by Primal Chaos Mountain!” Du Yanyao sighed. Has eaten the thing of mouth, Shen Xiang is impossible to spit. This Primal Chaos Fire Token to Primal Chaos Mountain very important?” Shen Xiang touches the chin, asked. Um, does not have the honored status person in Primal Chaos Mountain, does not have this thing, this is equal to Primal Chaos Mountain sacred object, does not have many in Primal Chaos Mountain, that Lin Yushi definitely has very high status in Primal Chaos Mountain!” Du Yanyao complexion seriously said. Manages him, who called this idiot such high-sounding talk, convenient I! If so, this fellow definitely does not dare to tell Primal Chaos Mountain immediately, lost sacred object, this must be blamed!” Shen Xiang smiled. The auction started, the person who presides over the auction is a noble solemn beautiful woman, the manner is long-drawn-out, smiles wear a look of sweetly, looks makes people pleasant. „Isn't this woman Sacred Dan Sect Zilan Immortal Woman, Yan Zilan? This is a legendary character, because she crosses Nirvana Ninth Tribulation time failed, but has not actually died, has preserved the soul, finally cultivates for ten thousand years through the soul, remoulds fleshly body, then breaks through bewilderedly, becomes Immortal!” During the Du Yanyao speeches, expression with deep veneration, could see she respects that Yan Zilan. A Yan Zilan appearance, the conference site becomes very peaceful, so long as is not the blind man, line of sight condense on this graceful bearing remarkable beautiful woman. For serveral days everybody's seal space crack stay up till dawn, thinks that to as scheduled attend this auction, such being the case, this auction will not make disappointed!” The Yan Zilan charming smile, sound is wear a look of melodious, is appearing an especially appealing charm. I thought that more people are see the immortal face of Zilan Immortal Woman!” The sound conveys together, making Du Yanyao tenderly snorted get up, because of that sound her father Du Kangsheng.

Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Your father really personality people!” Who does not know that he pursued the Zilan Immortal Woman many years, but has not gone well!” Du Yanyao low snort|hum said. That Yan Zilan truly has many woman no one difference maturity charm, that noble solemn makings, as well as her delightful good smiling face, can hook to move the heart of man. The Yan Zilan chuckle several, said: Now starts the first something by auction of this auction, this is a White Flame Heavenly Wolf Immortal Beast egg, if hatches, will be born male small White Flame Heavenly Wolf, but when the time comes you see can be Shapeshift little brat!” She spoke, some people lifted -and-a-half person of high pure white great eggs to come up, look at Shen Xiang to be dumbfounded, this was the Immortal Beast egg, which some unexpectedly people sells! Now he knows why this auction did not have the leeway that the people of their this rank fought, this thing base price they could not withstand. „, What has to be good to make much ado about nothing, Little Bai Female Dragon haven't you seen? The words said that these Immortal Beast eggs directly do not live from the body, so long as is Shapeshift turn into a human Demon Beast, in the reproduction, the metropolis gentlemen gets down a beast to work, so is big like the fist, then bases on this beast to work, cultivates, finally forms the great egg, requires very long time.” Long Xueyi is a dragon, her births and other Demon Beast are different, but is mostly the same except for minor differences. Base price two one billion crystal stones, are interested in raising the Immortal Beast words, do not miss this opportunity, Oh! that the Immortal Beast young son does not obtain the Yan Zilan voice is interesting to listen, chuckle, said: Franks, this Immortal Beast young son is the girl accidentally obtains, but also asked everybody to accept this invite!” The base price 2 billion, Shen Xiang shook the head sighs: This woman is really popular, depends on her these words, many must pursue her man, definitely will snatch the broken head!”

Father also will definitely participate in......” the Du Yanyao words just saying that Du Kangsheng in another theater box on shouted: 3 billion!” Some Shen Xiang suddenly doubts, like Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou this fierce woman, why will have these many personal enemies, but others this Yan Zilan, have one group of protectors. 4 billion!” 6 billion!” „......” Increases price in frenziedly is carrying on, although this Sacred Dan World with the Heaven World same higher world, but same has many crystal stones mineral lode, but here is floor martial artist are also quite many, therefore the crystal stones use same is very big.