World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 621
Immortal Beast, so long as adolescence gets up, that with the Immortal same strength, but White Flame Heavenly Wolf is very strong in Immortal Beast, especially grown time, so long as buys this Immortal Beast egg, hatches inside small wolf, later cultivates again well, will then have an efficient assistant. Moreover can enable its to become own mount, rides White Flame Heavenly Wolf, this has the face matter. Zilan Immortal Woman is the legendary female in Sacred Dan World, unexpectedly can get so far as this type of Immortal Beast egg really worthily, I have wanted to follow her practice, but she actually tactfully rejected.” Du Yanyao said with a sigh. Estimate is she was worried that your father for this reason, then all day will be entangling her.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. I want also to be, although Zilan Immortal Woman not alchemy, but her status actually and alchemy master is equally honored, person who because she cultivates the soul specially, she has some secret method, can help the person cure the soul of damage, moreover can practice strange strength through the soul, what is more mysterious, her soul can departs from the body, the flying apsaras escape!” Hears the Du Yanyao words, the Shen Xiang heart jumps, isn't this cultivates Divine Dao? He guessed that this Yan Zilan has Divine Soul together, can therefore preserve in transcends tribulation, remoulds fleshly body again, she had tried to find out in this aspect tens of thousands years, practice Divine Dao, this is actually not easy! Shen Xiang eyes glittering, must find one to practice the Divine Dao person not to be easy, he also understood that the moods of these people, that feeling can make them feel very lonely, even is frightened, the [say / way] that because they practice and others are different, but similarly is easy formidable strength, even leaves others to be stronger, will be worried that others regard as the different races oneself, then encircles kills him. Naturally, Yan Zilan is a very beautiful charming female, therefore she was not worried about this aspect. Perhaps I have the means to let you with her practice, but I must discuss with her alone!” Shen Xiang at present one bright, said. „Do you have the means really?” Du Yanyao some believe do not look at Shen Xiang.

You must believe me!” Shen Xiang smiled: When the time comes your father entangles her to be too tight, may make her dislike to you, your mother, definitely also will eat her vinegar!” Du Yanyao lightly snorted and said: This simplicity, my father also admires to her, so long as I made my mother to saying his several, he definitely does not dare to entangle others again, he pursued Zilan Immortal Woman to be so long, should give up.” Shen Xiang has rubbed the nose, said: Your mother can let loose, making your father outside so wild, my wife in Mortal World, I do not dare to act unreasonably!” Du Yanyao spat one lowly: „ This does not have the matter of means that my father is powerful, is a womanizer everywhere, my mother cannot control, moreover this was too common in the famous family aristocratic family. That White Flame Heavenly Wolf price rose dramatically to 100 five one billion crystal stones, moreover competes is being still intense, Shen Xiang estimated that does not have five ten billion crystal stone with, because crystal stones were too many regarding these people, this Sacred Dan World is so big, every other a period of time, will breed massive crystal stones mineral lode. If in the Heaven World's words, has replaced crystal stones with immortal stone, is also better than top grade crystal stones. Because Heaven World's environment and here different, the thing that breeds will have very big difference, but Sacred Dan World is quite temperate, suits breeds high level spirit herb and crystal stones these things, but Heaven Level is very very big, the thing of breeding is all sorts of strange and unusual, in ore aspect, the superiority be bigger than Sacred Dan World.” Su Meiyao said. Finally, White Flame Heavenly Wolf by 70 billion prices, was taken by the Du Yanyao father, naturally, this not only because of the Zilan Immortal Woman reason, but itself on value price. Shen Xiang thought that the total assets of possible big influence in Mortal World is also only this number, naturally, he guessed.. Many thanks everybody accepts this invite!” Yan Zilan smiled charming, she said: What following is a stone, this was once by the blood of Ice Dragon has dyed the stone, dragon blood is seeped to the stone in together, this stone has had the change, was not only firm, but also the fire-resistant ability was very strong, but can also release from ice cold strength comes, this refines the Sacred Level dragon tool high grade material!”

That great egg was moved, what trades is together and a person that big ice piece, in the snow white ice piece, can see some garnet traces in inside, but sending out the cold air, making the conference site very cold. Imperial Dragon blood energy! This is the high grade dragon blood stone!” Long Xueyi shouted: Was only a pity that you cannot afford!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile: Later I need time, put your blood that's alright!” Snort, this is natural, white dragon blood of this dragon, is very precious, any Ice Dragon Fire Dragon in my eyes is the dregs, even if they are Imperial Dragon Clan!” Long Xueyi smelly fart said. Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace is the Fire Dragon stone refines, is Sacred Level dragon tool, Sacred Level dragon tool surmounts existence of immortal tool, is much better compared with ordinary sacred tool. But now some unexpectedly people with this type the material that refines Sacred Level dragon tool sells, this lets some Refining Master vibrations. But now fights for this Ice Dragon stone is some Refining Master, the price quickly rises to 30 billion. Those who make Shen Xiang accidental is, during that Primal Chaos Mountain Lin Yushi unexpectedly also joins to grab the moment to take a picture, his strength has not arrived at the Nirvana Realm person, unexpectedly is taking that many crystal stones, this makes many old fellow be but actually surprised, a moment ago Shen Xiang and Lin Yushi, when outside has the conflict, by these old undying powerful Divine Sense, they naturally to outside matter knowing things like the back of one's hand, but is watches the fun. Although the Ice Dragon stone is precious, but must refine Sacred Level dragon tool also to need to invest is willing to be many, the value is also limited, finally by 70 billion ends, Shen Xiang only knows the person who buys that Ice Dragon stone is an old woman, pushes with the people in the following these positions.

According to the convention, begins the third thing increases the atmosphere generally, therefore this thing will possibly make crystal stones consume!” Yan Zilan with pair of glittering the water glare eye, is taking a fast look around these theater boxes: This thing was the same with the Ice Dragon stone, was related with the dragon, but this was not the stone, but constantly spirit herb, named Jade Dragon Flower!” Hears Jade Dragon Flower these three characters, the audience erupted a tumult, Du Yanyao also exudes one to shout lowly. But Shen Xiang actually frowned, because he had not heard this Jade Dragon Flower, making him feel what has doubts, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, expresses an exclamation: Appeared!” „Is this thing?” Shen Xiang hastily inquired Su Meiyao. Sacred Level dragon medicine, breeds with Jade Dragon life element, the use is many, can help the person obtain strength, can make formidable Immortal rapidly restore the injury, can make Immortal break through at crucial moment, has not thought that unexpectedly has the idiot to take to sell!” Su Meiyao clenches teeth saying: Later you must for pill who we refine, Jade Dragon Flower is constantly main medicine!” Shen Xiang has tarried, he knows that now that Jade Dragon Flower is Sacred Level herbs, but must help Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou restores the strength, needs to refine Saint pill for them!