World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 622
Dan Immortal looks fortunately, perhaps however the Pill Saint words, do not have including Sacred Dan World, that is illusory existence, where even if there are does not know this fellow! What to do?” Shen Xiang is gripping the fist, he knows that this Jade Dragon Flower and white is quiet they to be important to Su Meiyao, once misses, later must look is difficult. In Imperial Dragon Clan, Jade Dragon very little and very few, is rarer than our White Dragon, therefore Jade Dragon Flower is also precious.” Long Xueyi said. Jade Dragon Flower places in a transparent box, was escorted by four old man, that four old man definitely are the Immortal ranks. Xueyi, do you display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to be discovered now? Has a look at behind of that auction stage, the thing of auction to place in inside, if not place in storage ring, we think the means to steal that Jade Dragon Flower!” Shen Xiang seriously said: „After auction deal, and nobody pays up immediately, should be when among rests time, or conclusion time goes!” We must make the best use of the time, what while has not paid, steals Jade Dragon Flower!” Long Xueyi should say immediately: Does not have the issue, our Imperial Dragon Clan Nine Heavens Mental Exploration is very fierce, I have a look now!” At this moment, Shen Xiang no matter also that many, so long as, he will be reckless, takes Jade Dragon Flower, because that is important to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. Base price 50 billion, everybody please at will!” The Yan Zilan eye braves the extraordinary splendor, appreciates that is looking like is similar to the flowers that Jade Dragon circles, this flower only then the palm of the hand is big, seems like circles by Jade Dragon, above dragon scales and Longxu are clearly discernible, seems living small Jade Dragon like that! In Sacred Dan World, the alchemy master are quite many, the massive wealth also grasp in these person of hands, at this time start to talk competes, is some voice old people, moreover is billions billions in addition!

Many things are placing in the backstage, has ten old Immortal guarding there, does not have no formation, I also induce there to the aura that Lin Yushi remains, it seems like he just left the backstage, is Jade Dragon Flower he brings the auction?” Long Xueyi said. Has the possibility very much, I thought that Lin Yushi runs away from Primal Chaos Mountain, he wants massive crystal stones, perhaps for the quarrying a mountain vertical faction, establishes an influence, this needs massive crystal stones, if sells out that Jade Dragon Flower, enough he operated for a long time.” Su Meiyao said. Then should steal now!” Shen Xiang coldly smiled, steals certainly is not he steals, is Long Xueyi steals. Stole half to suffice, you also Soul Creation Fluid, had half to be able it to duplicate massively!” Su Meiyao said: Also must also to keep half to others, others spent many crystal stones to buy.” Du Yanyao exclaims in surprise one: 180 billion, perhaps if the grandfather, snatches insanely!” Shen Xiang they are discussing with Su Mei now, how must steal this Jade Dragon Flower. Goes to backstage that is impossible, once were discovered that that died! Or main, I use magic power to display 72 Transformations, baseless changes the thing, turns into a big mouth bird, eats half that Jade Dragon Flower, then I receive the merit again, making the big mouth bird turn into magic power to come back!” Long Xueyi said. I am worried when the time comes to be discovered that moreover has more than ten old Immortal in the backstage!” A Shen Xiang eyeball revolution: My magic power is not weak, baseless changes the thing my also energy, I remember that in 72 Transformations doesn't have a camouflage? Changes exactly the same illusion set outside, but you actually carry on inside, so long as the flash sufficed!” Right, but camouflages the change law to consume magic power very much!” Long Xueyi is pleasantly surprised said: So long as several instantaneous time, you should be able to do come!”

Has reached an agreement, must wait for that Jade Dragon Flower returned to the backstage. Because Jade Dragon Flower does not need refined into pill also to have very big use, especially regarding these strength very strong Immortal, arrives at their ranks, must break through the bottleneck more difficult, therefore this Sacred Level dragon medicine, enhances the strength to have very big help to them, therefore, robs becomes very intense. Regarding this auction, each people on the scene think that this is the absolute safety, after all in these luxurious distinguished guest theater boxes, is hiding influence Big Shot of massive high weight, powerful incomparable, robs under their noses blatantly, so long as were discovered that can vanishes in puff of smoke instantaneously. Steals, that is more impossible, because that is not good to steal, must enter the backstage not to be easy . Moreover the backstage also has strength outstanding old fellow to safeguard, in the event of any issue, so long as they make a move, distinguished guest theater box inside old antique instantaneously will rush! Two 100 billion, but also do some people continue?” Yan Zilan has smiled saying with a smile: „This Jade Dragon Flower it is said also effect, after eating up, can have certain probability to obtain Jade Dragon Bloodline, Jade Dragon is a mysterious dragon, Heaven World and Sacred Dan World people knows nothing about him, having Jade Dragon Bloodline can be what kind of? Really curious!” 210 billion!” Together old and sound conveys dignifiedly, before this sound is also , has appeared. Yan Zilan understands the speech, her casual several, unexpectedly makes competition that must end resurge. No wonder your father pursues this woman to be so long, has such words of woman, truly can help him share.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. You? Don't you dare the interest to Zilan Immortal Woman?” Du Yanyao said with a smile. Is interested in being also what kind of? Others are status noble Fairy, I am only a mortal.” Shen Xiang does intentionally to self-ridicule to say.

However Du Yanyao thought that he to Yan Zilan not that strong feeling, she has contacted to the man who Yan Zilan admires, therefore her eyes can see that what she does not know, the Shen Xiang's vision is very high, this is also because in his invisible ring, has Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao these two mysterious beautiful women. Preparation!” Shen Xiang suddenly said to Long Xueyi, because that Jade Dragon Flower had finalized, the price is 230 billion. Centralized spirit!” Long Xueyi said. At this time, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi released Divine Sense and magic power together, displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, entered in the backstage, that was a light and bright hall, Shen Xiang can see that to place in inside Ice Dragon stone and White Flame Heavenly Wolf egg. Jade Dragon Flower is very small, places in a transparent box, the box is placed in stone tables, after that four old Immortal escorts, separately stands in all around of hall, is alerting with rapt attention. Now Shen Xiang must do displays 72 Transformations Divine Ability using magic power, baseless changes illusion, this illusion is that is putting the Jade Dragon Flower transparent box.