World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 623
Let the matter that Shen Xiang worries about occur, because had to buy mainly immediately has taken delivery of goods, but Shen Xiang first time uses this type baseless changes Divine Ability, this has certain difficulty for him. Hurry up, immediately must trade!” Long Xueyi urged, if were she uses the camouflage, that was very actually easy, but Shen Xiang's Nine Heavens Mental Exploration and 72 Transformations grasped do not have Long Xueyi to be good, is unable to make half to come out that Jade Dragon Flower. Knew!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, in the mind had recalled one that is putting the Jade Dragon Flower box as well as all around all, then starts to utilize magic power, in magic arts according to 72 Transformations, along that transparent box, little construction illusion. Shen Xiang heard the sound of footsteps, this made him pick up the speed, when the opening the door sound got up, he just completed. Was OK!” Shen Xiang shouted. Now no matter the inside of that transparent box has any sound, looked that from outside does not have any change. Long Xueyi changed in the transparent box a big mouth bird, bites half that Jade Dragon Flower fast, then turns into magic power to fly from fast. However, in that hall old Immortal has not occurred, because they by illusion hoodwinking eye, that Jade Dragon Flower is well. The gate opened, Shen Xiang withdraws magic power fast, illusion vanish from sight, that Jade Dragon Flower true shape appears, what happened as for inside, Shen Xiang does not know that but half Jade Dragon Flower has also succeeded in obtaining, this makes him relax secretly. With such of Long Xueyi estimate, his magic power truly consumes quickly, with most person. Yan Zilan just wants to announce next something by auction, but complexion actually suddenly changes, but quick restored.

Many people have looked at her beautiful cheek, can catch her a moment ago the complexion change, understood at a glance that had the matter. Asked everybody to make the rest slightly, was good to prepare then more intense bidding!” Yan Zilan lightly smiled, then steps down auction stage. Du Yanyao knits the brows to look some old man that below suddenly comes out: They have sealed off the bidding block, exactly what happened?” Shen Xiang also sees some old man to give to stop up the gate that comes, but in his heart secretly is funny, because they no matter how look up, is impossible to detect that is he does. For the auction can carry on smoothly, occurred to steal this matter definitely not to be publicized, but losses that causes, naturally is compensates by Sacred Dan Sect, that is 1000 hundred million crystal stones! Hehe, they do not know now such process, others buyers see, be only half do not want, moreover makes Sacred Dan Sect give him a way of living! That Lin Yushi must make Sacred Dan Sect compensate him now, troublesome!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly. Did not have 50% Jade Dragon Flower, quite in discarding, will lose very high pulse energy person, but Shen Xiang has Soul Creation Fluid, moreover Su Meiyao also understands the preservation, he does not need to be worried about this. I saw one crowd of old undying to gather in backstage that hall, I must withdraw am good, so as to avoid being discovered by them!” Long Xueyi startled [say / way]. Shen Xiang sits on the chair, looks at the following these discuss spiritedly people, at this time some suddenly people knock on a door, Du Yanyao walks to open the door, only sees Du Kangsheng to stand in out of the door: Yanyao, having the matter must make you go, can only you come.” Du Yanyao looked at Shen Xiang, then leaves with Du Kangsheng, Shen Xiang understood at a glance that is the Sacred Dan Sect person asks her to go, because she is here City Lord, needs her to send more people to come to go on patrol in all around, seeks for the suspicious person.

Du Yanyao goes to a hall, saw ten features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality old man, their complexion is serious, several also angry, she to these old man gave a salute, asked about the situation. Some unexpectedly people catch up under our noses cause trouble, steal half Jade Dragon Flower, too did not pay attention to us.” A old man anger sound track, this is Sacred Dan Sect Dean, Du Yanyao knows him. This person still in this, we must certainly look for him, what person but can this be?” The Yan Zilan complexion also becomes very serious, she looks at Du Yanyao saying: Du City Lord, can you order seal the city, does not allow anybody to leave, the thing of this discarding was too precious!” Does not have the issue!” Du Yanyao has put out a White Jade token, has sent a news. This person of strength is very definitely strong, does not have the trace not to have the shade, what means has he used? Moreover he should be able to steal Jade Dragon Flower, but why can leave behind half? He has stolen half, can say that is useless to him, is this to show off his skill? Is provoking we?” old man is congealing the bird, said slowly. Lin Yushi indifferently said: I no matter who rob, in brief you must pay me an entire Jade Dragon Flower price, defers to the auction the price to pay, that remaining half give you!” The loss of Sacred Dan Sect compared with the Shen Xiang estimate must mostly, 2000 hundred million crystal stones, even if big sect also meets the meat pain a while. My loss is older than you, I lost Primal Chaos Fire Token!” Lin Yushi looks at several Sacred Dan Sect high levels, coldly snorted. Mentioned that Primal Chaos Fire Token by Shen Xiang ingenious robbing, these old man immediately at present one bright! Du City Lord, your fiance has an ability probably, can separate takes the thing spatially, although I not on the scene, the matter that but outside has I can see clearly.” old man said.

This makes other old man stare at Du Yanyao. He a moment ago continuously with my together, if he has the sound, I definitely will discover!” Du Yanyao facing that many sharp eyes, can still keep cool, said indifferently. Must look up this brat maliciously, perhaps is he steals!” Lin Yushi said with clenched jaws: You are his fiancee, naturally will help him speak, we are untrustworthy you!” Yan Zilan lightly smiled: Tries with Truth Stone apparent, but if others have not stolen Jade Dragon Flower, we also this did say? This has harmed others self-respect, although his strength did not arrive at Nirvana Realm, but he of unknown origin, if the back had a fierce hidden world family, offended others not to be good!” Shen Xiang's origin, only then Du Yanyao and Du Hai know that Du Yanyao complies with Shen Xiang not to pass on, therefore had not said that but Shen Xiang also lets many influence attention now, but these influences have utilized the huge resources, cannot look up the Shen Xiang's bottom. Snort, is the hidden world family also what kind of? Primal Chaos Mountain will certainly not let off his!” Lin Yushi anger sound track. The person who your solemn Primal Chaos Mountain comes out, had completely the superiority there, your cultivation base was so high, unexpectedly was also robbed Primal Chaos Mountain sacred object by Shen Xiang, did you have a face to mention your Primal Chaos Mountain? If I the Primal Chaos Mountain person, I thought that loses face!” Du Yanyao coldly said, she did not hear others to speak the Shen Xiang's malicious remarks. Shen Xiang was suspected by others, in her heart is also very angry, but here is in Sacred Dan World fierce old fellow, she also can only endure.