World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 624
Lin Yushi before that many people, was so scolded by Du Yanyao, this makes him become angry out of shame, air/Qi that delicate and pretty face azure red. Zilan, you go to call that brat!” Sacred Dan Sect Dean said. Yan Zilan some do not hope, but left the hall, she has seen many shape shapes ** person, therefore she knows that Shen Xiang is not good to cope, reckless must attack that Lin Yushi from in outside, is not difficult to see, moreover Shen Xiang has also robbed Lin Yushi Primal Chaos Fire Token. Du City Lord, you also with!” old man said. I do not go!” Du Yanyao low voice snort|hum said that in her heart is in the fit of temper. Du City Lord, here lost such precious thing, you as here City Lord, you have certain responsibility!” Sacred Dan Sect Dean coldly said. Du Kangsheng sees these old fellow so to create obstacles for own woman, secret life Qi/angry, when he wants to speak, Du Yanyao sound ice-cold, is bringing anger: Why old Immortal of your strength peak lost the thing, can make my this small City Lord be responsible for? This first layer is not the place that you should come, you had the matter here, but also blames my is not? If I am capable of safeguarding your property safeties, I will definitely not receive your air/Qi here!” Snort, your strength was so formidable, throws thing not only not to engage in introspection, but must make my this girl shoulder the responsibility, I, if my grandfather, definitely will smile his tooth!” Who is Du Yanyao? Granddaughter who Du Hai this Dan Immortal most loves, otherwise she does not dare so to speak in front of these old fellow. Shen Xiang sits in the theater box leisurely, drinks the delicious fragrant fruit juice, the gate is opening, greeting the nostrils elegantly simple fragrant floats, making him immediately full of energy, turns head to look. Only sees that to wear Yan Zilan of noble purple skirt, her wear a look of delightful smile, very graceful walked, so near distance looks at this whole body thoroughly ripe woman, Shen Xiang naturally well looks at a care.

Young Master Shen, something want to let you backstage hall of auction, there accident sentiment, needs the Young Master help.” The Yan Zilan smiling face and as well as that graceful interesting to listen to voice, making people be hard to resist. But Shen Xiang realizes anything quickly, he also sits on the chair now, has not set out, he smiles lightly: What busy makes me manage? I am only small martial artist, what can help?” Does not understand the reason, Shen Xiang he will not step into that expert surrounding the place, otherwise he is unable to escape even with wings! Yan Zilan believes that most men affirmed asked followed her, but Shen Xiang does not have, this makes in her heart be startled slightly, but on the face actually same hangs the smiling face of cancelling the person soul, told Shen Xiang the matter carefully. Young Master Shen, this does not have means that for does not bear the massive loss, so long as is the suspect, they will not let off, therefore......” I know, because I in their eyes am only small ants, why therefore they want to do, but I am ants, I have the dignity, I cannot, whatever others slander me, if they want to make me show that made them come, why can make me pass?” The Shen Xiang sound said this strong words calmly, this made Yan Zilan quite admire but actually. Yan Zilan sighed the one breath lightly: Good, I looked that can invite them, I think that they should come!” Looks at Yan Zilan to leave, Shen Xiang relaxed, but is burning with impatience. That crowd of old things will definitely come, should they catch is your words, at least they can save the face, but you do not need to be worried that the thing is I steals, you took Truth Stone saying that was not that's alright that you stole!” Long Xueyi said. Like this manages, I cannot run away now, so as to avoid has harmed Yanyao!” Shen Xiang said.

Not long, in this theater box has been filled with the person, is hoary-headed old man is in the majority, Shen Xiang also saw that Lin Yushi. Lin Yushi sees Shen Xiang, in the eye to spray the flame immediately, but Shen Xiang was actually only lightly glances him to be the same. This is Truth Stone, you are taking this stone, said that the thing is not you steals, can prove your pureness!” old man throws to a Shen Xiang stone. Shen Xiang had already used this thing, he exudes a discontented pshaw intentionally, is taking that stone, said: I have not stolen Jade Dragon Flower!” At this time the people look at Truth Stone of his palm, in the theater box peaceful incomparable, the people stared a moment later, a that Truth Stone sound did not have. Shen Xiang coldly has swept these old man, said with a sneer: Now is always OK, I also planned to auction a thing here, but I actually do not dare now!” What thing auction can you have?” old man disdainfully said. Primal Chaos Fire Token, you dare saying that this thing doesn't have the value? Said compared with that Jade Dragon Flower valuable!” Shen Xiang rebutted with sarcasm. Shen Xiang, you hurry to give back to me Primal Chaos Fire Token!” Lin Yushi roared immediately, that Primal Chaos Fire Token value, their Primal Chaos Mountain person was clearest. Senior also please take responsibility for me, he has robbed my thing, moreover robs in front of this City Lord, this Saint Dan City is you jointly establishes.”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Robbery? You must kill me, what is that? I did not take the dog's life am benevolent, had to plant you to snatch that's it from my hand, but you to my fight words, I decided again do not forgive you!” Du Yanyao coldly said: Lin Yushi, ruins the Saint Dan City street and my weapon, but also to my fight, wants to kill my future husband, depends on this any point, can kill you, if not for some people stop, your persons head China , Australia hung on city gate!” You...... Snort, remembers to me!” Lin Yushi resents said that left the theater box, other people also one after another depart. Young Master Shen, really sorry, has been unfair to you, making you be wronged, but also please forgive!” Yan Zilan has not walked, the song gives the Shen Xiang apology in a low voice. But this Yan Zilan in Sacred Dan World famous Fairy, was known as that the Sacred Dan World number one beauty person, Shen Xiang can not give others the face? He also gets rid of the suspicion in any case, obtained half Jade Dragon Flower relieved. Ok, this and Zilan Immortal Woman does not have relationship, but you want the sincere apology the words, Hehe, that lets Yanyao with your practice!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Yan Zilan has gawked, said with a smile: Yanyao her natural talent is intelligent, will only delay her with my practice, I cannot take on, the girl also has the matter to be busy, first said goodbye, another day will have the opportunity certainly to visit to apologize!” Yan Zilan leaves only the meeting, Shen Xiang feels the chin, praised: Sacred Dan Sect can be formidable, perhaps by this woman, she, although has the formidable strength, but actually does not put on airs, kind, an influence has this kind of woman to handle the business the words, meets twice the result with half the effort, problem-free.” Sacred Dan Sect to retain her, but has gotten down the initial capital, our Du Family also wants to win over her, but had not succeeded, after all we do not have that many pills resources like Sacred Dan Sect!” Du Yanyao said.