World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 625
The auction continues to start, if has any precious herbs again, Shen Xiang cannot start again, will have the first time, Sacred Dan Sect will not have let the second occurrence. A moment ago in these old men, there is Sacred Dan Sect Dean?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to ask. Has, to Truth Stone that named Xie Shilong, Xie Donghao is his grandson!” Du Yanyao to Shen Xiang one fruit juice, said but actually. The Shen Xiang doubts said: But he saw that my hatred does not have, if not he does not care, is he hides in heart, I his haughty grandson killing!” Du Yanyao said: This is the battle between younger generation, moreover in the life and death duel, he naturally will not investigate in this aspect, otherwise others mentioned this matter, first will say that his grandson strength was faint, the technique was inferior to the person, will involve then him, said that he was small-minded anything. But hates your me not to know at heart.” The thing that then auctions is long spear, the pure green, releases intermittent green lightning glow, the long spear spear head is also winding around the light green fog, understood at a glance that this thing is not simple. High-Grade immortal tool, the thing of this rank may be rarely seen, the value should want higher compared with that Ice Dragon stone, this is the end product!” Du Yanyao said with amazement. Oh, can only look mouth-wateringly!” Shen Xiang sighed. This does not have the matter of means that our ranks, can come to open mind were good!” Du Yanyao said with a smile, she discovered that since with Shen Xiang together, is always nonchalant shows the rare smiling face, perhaps she very much wants to smile in front of Shen Xiang. The auction continued to be very long, Shen Xiang also calculated to open mind, the thing of rank, was some precious things, immortal tool, Immortal Medicine and Immortal Fruit, some precious refiner ores, cultivation technique, mineral lode transfer, Immortal Dan...... These things each same are expensive, is not the average person can afford, the auction had ended, although sees precious herbs to be bought, but Shen Xiang is also grieved, because these herbs do not vanish that type, so long as later he has enough wealth, same can get so far as. Although the auction ended, but Yan Zilan suddenly said that the important goods lose, must who exits from here, is taking Truth Stone, proved one have not stolen that Jade Dragon Flower.

Doing this makes the people exude complaint, but cannot be what kind, after all they have not taken, moreover together was suspected, complied. The preparation must start, boundless pressure suddenly, making the people feel a restlessness. Who!” Sacred Dan Sect Dean, Xie Shilong yelled. Guo Huaqing!” Hears these three characters, these old Immortal shake. Lin Yushi is ashen-faced! Du Yanyao is also the complexion big change: Primal Chaos Mountain Guo Huaqing, I listened to the grandfather saying that this person wielded the penalty in Primal Chaos Mountain, was quite famous in Primal Chaos Mountain and Sacred Dan World, impartiality and justness that became famous!” Auction stage above suddenly presented grey robe old man, on the shamelessness that experienced hardship to the full ties tight, both eyes like the blade, full are the ice-cold cold glow, is taking a fast look around the person in field. I come to here to have two matters, but also asked everybody to coordinate! First, Primal Chaos Fire Token was won by the bystander, I must be responsible for recovering. Second, Jade Dragon Flower was stolen, I must be responsible for recovering.” Guo Huaqing sound ice-cold. Shen Xiang knows that the trouble came, he does not want such to hand over Primal Chaos Fire Token. Lin Yushi, you come out, you steal Primal Chaos Fire Token and Jade Dragon Flower flee Primal Chaos Mountain, you think that we don't know? You have committed the capital crime!” The Guo Huaqing sound such as thunder common deafening sound, is sharp-eyed, in the look is having the anger, is staring a theater box stubbornly. Shen Xiang is secret, because before him, already guessed correctly that this Lin Yushi walks secretly from Primal Chaos Mountain, moreover that Jade Dragon Flower and Primal Chaos Fire Token are also he steal.

Lin Yushi that delicate and pretty face full is pale, he that arrogance vanished without the shade before, on trembling arriving auction stage, kneels in front of that Guo Huaqing, this Primal Chaos Mountain manages the person of penalty, the strength will not be definitely weak, will otherwise not let do the old fellow scruples. „The long and short of the story of matter I knew, then robs the Primal Chaos Fire Token person from his hand, but also please come out!” The Guo Huaqing bright sound track, the expression is gentle. In the Shen Xiang heart sighed, has to leave the theater box, but Du Yanyao also followed in him behind. Guo Huaqing is sizing up Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang be sheared by the blade probably equally uncomfortably. Primal Chaos Fire Token?” The Guo Huaqing sinking sound asked. Here!” Now Shen Xiang has not to prefer takes, he was a pity the thing that this has not warmed up must hand over. „Can you know this Primal Chaos Mountain sacred object?” Guo Huaqing coldly asked. Naturally knows that this truly is the good thing.” Shen Xiang said truthfully. Why do you also want to rob? Your this has offended the Primal Chaos Mountain dignity!” Guo Huaqing complexion sank, the sound is bringing several points of might. Is he must kill first my, moreover he is also taking this Primal Chaos Fire Token show off one's military strength, therefore I have to snatch, otherwise I will kill him, then robs his all!” Shen Xiang does not fear death said that this makes many people break into sweat. Du Yanyao at this time also loudly said: Senior, your Primal Chaos Mountain has your Primal Chaos Mountain custom, the bystander goes in must observe inside custom surely, but Saint Dan City also has the Saint Dan City rule, after this Lin Yushi enters a city, not only causes the destruction, but also provokes my this City Lord, destroys my weapon, but must kill people, our somewhat strength, perhaps already was his under ghost.”

Du Yanyao knows that this Guo Huaqing takes seriously rule, impartial and just, therefore she also dares such to speak. Right, Lin Yushi damn, so long as he offends your death penalties, kills him, takes away his all is also natural!” Guo Huaqing coldly must look at Lin Yushi, like giving up on person. But, so long as Lin Yushi has not died, you have still robbed Primal Chaos Fire Token from his hand, if you want to obtain Primal Chaos Fire Token justifiablily, first kills him, your present fight!” Shen Xiang suspected really one misunderstood, all people on the scene also think the person, this Guo Huaqing unexpectedly must Shen Xiang to kill their Primal Chaos Mountain! Your also not fight?” Guo Huaqing is watching intently Shen Xiang. The Lin Yushi whole body shivers, he loses one's voice shouted: „To kill me? Does not have the gate, even if I stand kill to you here, you also gave up any idea of that makes me keep a drop of blood, Ha Ha...... You could not kill me, quite in robbing Primal Chaos Fire Token, Primal Chaos Mountain will grasp according to this with you, handled you!” On me has Sacred Level dragon armor to protect the body, even if you have Sacred Level dragon tool, does not have enough strength, is unable to break my defense, my fleshly body and soul were being protected by Sacred Level dragon armor, you could not kill me!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: This is uncertain!” Saying, in his hand azure light was dodging, a formidable aggressive azure great blade, sent out low and deep dragon roar, knife above Azure Dragon was lifelike, is lending the stern aura, as if came from permanent.