World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 626
Some time ago Shen Xiang when outside the bidding block emitted this blade, made these old Immortal be interested, now they can seeing of short distance, by this package of Divine Blade shocking the person, these old Immortal were the people of being able to judge the quality of goods, saw this quality of blade above immortal tool! Young, the strength Nirvana Realm person, can take such fierce fellow walk rivers and lakes, is very easy to think that he has the thick background. Sacred Level dragon armor? I must have a look but actually fiercely!” During the Shen Xiang speeches, lifts up high Divine Blade, the Universe True Qi steaming combustion in within the body, turns into Universe Fire, emerges in Divine Blade, sprays the steaming flame, making this look like more fearful the blade. That incomparably scalding hot air wave, along with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade sprays the produce fire flame the time, covers in the auction market, frightening incomparable, especially these alchemy masters, they are to the person of flame very understanding, but this type is the same with the ordinary flame, but actually so fierce flame, their first seeing. If there is a color, can see whether actually Shen Xiang has Fire Spirit, but Universe Fire seems like different from the ordinary flame. Guo Huaqing this person who comes out from Primal Chaos Mountain, by Shen Xiang this type of strange flame frightening, although cannot constitute anything to threaten to the person of their this rank strength, but if adolescence gets up, that is compared with their flame stronger many. Kneels in Lin Yushi of ground, looks wear a look of frightened Shen Xiang that chops to chop to come the raging fire steaming great blade, his body also emits a fiery red ray, body above suddenly reappears one set of red scales, this is Sacred Level dragon armor that he said! Gives me to break!” Shen Xiang brandishes a sword cuts to fall, feels not the small resisting force, by red energy that Sacred Level dragon armor releases preventing, his True Qi revolution, melts the turn into dragon strength, the auction stage is shattered by this terror wild strength immediately. hōng hōng hōng...... The continual deafening sound transmits, blows out red light, only heard Shen Xiang to explode has roared, blood wind shot, a head of dripping with blood was rolling on auction stage, Lin Yushi time at the point of death, the complexion full was desperate and frightened, both eyes were towering, die extremely ugly, but on his body was also broken the defense because of Sacred Level dragon armor, shook crushes. Shen Xiang is shaking the hand of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is shivering slightly, resistance strength that Sacred Level dragon armor produced a moment ago, shakes his hand tingling pain.

Looks at the head of that ground, Shen Xiang said: I killed him, now?” Guo Huaqing unemotionally said: Primal Chaos Fire Token was your, but...... So long as is not the Primal Chaos Mountain person, but has Primal Chaos Fire Token, is our Primal Chaos Mountain mortal enemy, therefore......” The Shen Xiang complexion sudden change, was grasping Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, retreat several steps. If you can hand over Primal Chaos Fire Token, then can write off!” Guo Huaqing said with a sneer. Shen Xiang clenches teeth stubbornly, this Guo Huaqing is Immortal, came from that mysterious Primal Chaos Mountain, the great strength of strength, is he is unable to imagine, he is not certainly able with the Guo Huaqing resistance. The people also peacefully look that secretly admires this Guo Huaqing method, oneself in a few words, made Shen Xiang kill a Primal Chaos Mountain criminal, if the Lin Yushi back person investigated that his Guo Huaqing can also shirk to say on Shen Xiang the responsibility. Shen Xiang does not want to give Guo Huaqing Primal Chaos Fire Token, although he has not known temporarily Primal Chaos Fire Token has any wondrous use, but Primal Chaos Mountain sets out such a character to recover, obviously this Primal Chaos Fire Token is important. Although prefers, but Shen Xiang took, he grasps that gray Primal Chaos Fire Token stubbornly in the hand, clenches teeth looks above is carving these mysterious spirit pattern, was feeling above that ancient times great changes aura, this made him not abandon. Brings!” Guo Huaqing sees Shen Xiang not to hate to call, waves void, a Dao Qi vigor flies to shoot, strikes on the Shen Xiang's abdomen. Shen Xiang puts out a blood, blood sprinkles on Primal Chaos Fire Token, only sees ash-gray Primal Chaos Fire Token suddenly to emit an intense white light, after the people this ray shines, the skin burning hot pain, these powerful old Immortal are no exception.

Stands also feels in Shen Xiang behind Du Yanyao very uncomfortably, that quantity of heat, as if must be the same the blood evaporation of her within the body, she only felt that within the body is flooding the tyrannical scalding hot energy, thought that own body must explode immediately. Besides Shen Xiang, on the scene, the package carries on the arm old Immortal in distinguished guest theater box is also so, this unexpectedly made them lose revolt strength! But Shen Xiang in that instantaneous, massive news emerges in his mind, has about that Primal Chaos Fire Token, he knows why now Primal Chaos Mountain that took seriously this Primal Chaos Fire Token. Because in Primal Chaos Fire Token is hiding the Primal Chaos World secret, but the news in Shen Xiang mind is also in chaos, he only knows that collects uneven seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, dripping into dragon blood can activate Primal Chaos Fire Token! But Shen Xiang when fuses Suppressing Devil Bloodline, integrated in the massive Poisonous Dragon blood, therefore on him also some dragon blood, can activate this Primal Chaos Fire Token! Primal Chaos Fire Token besides hiding the Primal Chaos World secret, but can also act as weapon to use, can release a strange ray, by thing that this ray shines, will turn into the quantity of heat! But now Primal Chaos Fire Token just activated, the strange ray that erupts is intense, cannot withstand including powerful Immortal! Uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade quickly, cut that old fellow!” Bai Youyou shouted. Shen Xiang stares, revolution within the body all True Qi, melt the turn into dragon strength, pours into Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade completely. Returns the blood by the blood!” Shen Xiang roars, the step such as Ben Thunder, leaps before that Guo Huaqing body, cuts a blade horizontally, ten thunderclap crack are similar to the innumerable crazy thunder resound generally, after Divine Blade accepts this strength, the knife becomes the heaviness, flew to divide the past time, contains strength of belt, trillion jin (0.5 kg) heaviness, were promoting that sharp knife edge, fierce chopping on that Guo Huaqing nape of the neck.

The white light that Primal Chaos Fire Token releases vanishes, the people restore the vision, immediately has been shocked, is growing up the mouth, looks on auction stage that to make people feel that unbelievable suffocates. The head of Guo Huaqing falls in the ground, with that Lin Yushi crash together, but Guo Huaqing that headless body straight standing there, is also spraying steaming warm-blooded. Looks in the Shen Xiang hand that the great blade of drop blood, the people swallows saliva, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has killed Primal Chaos Mountain that impartial and just penalty elder, these old fellow cannot believe that what they see is real! The Guo Huaqing prestige frightens Sacred Dan World, but actually dies in little rascal hand that now, in does not arrive at Nirvana Realm, the people are hard to accept such fact! This wants to kill my fate!” Shen Xiang flings the great blade, flings to do the above blood, when he wants to take away this corpse, was actually blocked by Du Kangsheng. If I am you, now immediately is far away from here, above local security hides above place!” Du Kangsheng loud voice said. Shen Xiang grasps void, two storage ring on that Guo Huaqing finger grasping, left the bidding block fast.