World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 627
Shen Xiang left after the period of time, person in the bidding block is still silent, they are also shocked in this matter type. They also know that after Guo Huaqing that ray shines, in the short time lost the battle efficiency, the body or the spirit are beyond control, they have profound understanding, but Shen Xiang has used this instance, with that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, cuts the head of Guo Huaqing. Yan Zilan knits the brows: What to do now should? This won't Young Master Shen consider the consequence?” Preserves these two corpses, the Primal Chaos Mountain person comes time, explains the matter, here has these many people to testify is Shen Xiang kills, will not blame our!” Sacred Dan Sect Dean suddenly appears on auction stage. At this time old man asked: If Primal Chaos Mountain blames us not to grasp Shen Xiang takes, what to do?” We do not have that necessity to help Primal Chaos Mountain make an arrest.” In the Xie Shilong surface said that but was actually worried that Shen Xiang emits that strange ray to come again, when the time comes death is he, many expert on the scene, have thought takes Shen Xiang, then gives Primal Chaos Mountain, but thinks that the Guo Huaqing death, they did not dare fight. After Shen Xiang leaves Saint Dan City, directly uses Heaven's Crown Gate, opens together Space Gate, goes to Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, uses this magic treasure in this higher world, this made him lose many strength. These two storage ring, died along with the master has ruined, in another has Primal Chaos Fire Token together!” Su Meiyao has not known fierce of that Primal Chaos Fire Token now. Two Primal Chaos Fire Token, but altogether has seven!” Shen Xiang excitedly said, then told Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou Primal Chaos Fire Token inside secret, this also made her feel that roused. Primal Chaos World? When our Imperial Dragon Clan has Legend, the world inaugurates, retains the most primitive that world, that want advanced compared with Heaven World many, as for inside what kind, I am not clear! In Primal Chaos Fire Token should not only have to go to the Primal Chaos World means that may also eagerly anticipate you to seek for something.” Long Xueyi said.

Although that Guo Huaqing storage ring has damaged, but he obtains this Primal Chaos Fire Token, has made up for disappointment in his heart. This Guo Huaqing does not dare to make Primal Chaos Fire Token vanish, which otherwise he will also use type and master altogether life or death storage equipment.” Su Meiyao said. Although Shen Xiang the deep place is flooding in green poisonous mist Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, but here makes him feel very safe. But Sacred Dan Gathering Sacred Dan World for ten thousand years every hundred years a time grand meeting, but is only first day, had that many matters, Jade Dragon Flower is robbed half, on the bidding block, died two Primal Chaos Mountain important personages. Lin Yushi and Guo Huaqing death, vibrates entire Saint Dan City, moreover this news also by extremely quick speed spread to other cities. Those who make Sacred Dan Sect quite happy is, because Lin Yushi died, therefore they do not need to compensate that Jade Dragon Flower, that is 200 billion crystal stones, if later Primal Chaos Mountain does not investigate, they do not need to bear this serious loss. I just inquired news that the Sacred Dan Gathering following program must postpone for ten days!” Long Xueyi uses Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, inquired the news in Saint Dan City, she continued saying: Sacred Dan Sect was said probably must wait for the Primal Chaos Mountain person to approach the corpse, wiped after your buttocks was clean, can continue, they must make the Sacred Dan Gathering following program smoothly, otherwise Sacred Dan Sect this time lost in a big way the successive.” Shen Xiang feels the chin, calculates was saying: Ten, I want to go back to continue really to participate in Sacred Dan Gathering Alchemy Competition, I have registered!” „After auction ended, is the trade fair, heard that can trade the thing by the thing, in my hand has many precious herbs, can perhaps trade some my no rare and precious herbs.”

Su Meiyao said: First waited for ten days to say again, if after the Primal Chaos Mountain person has come, you should be able disguise change appearance to participate.” Shen Xiang puts out Primal Chaos Fire Token that just obtained, his happily said with a smile: „The Primal Chaos Mountain person does not have dragon blood, is unable to let this Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition, but actually! If I drop the blood again, Primal Chaos Fire Token that this just obtained, will emit that ray, although the time is very short, but enough I killed people!” Considers this, therefore he decided that temporarily just did not obtain Primal Chaos Fire Token drop blood owner recognition that after waiting, he meets troublesome uses again, no matter when the time comes compared with his many person, will die under his blade! You now are best are lane are many some Soul Creation Fluid, to trade fair time will be perhaps useful.” Su Meiyao said that Shen Xiang just entered into Soul Martial Realm late stage, the promotion strength also needs to wait for a period of time, the alchemy words, cannot be wholly-absorbed in this environment, can only such do. Shen Xiang puts out he dropped blood owner recognition Primal Chaos Fire Token, carefully looks at the above these traces, this Primal Chaos Fire Token turned into the silver-white color, not like before gray ugly. Is grasping Primal Chaos Fire Token, his intention moves, felt that oneself magic power and True Qi were being absorbed by this Primal Chaos Fire Token, but Primal Chaos Fire Token also releases that strange white light, he uses Primal Chaos Fire Token to a tree, urges to send the water jar thick white light beam, the ray erupts together instantaneously, penetrates the innumerable trees, sees only the middle of these thick boughs, suddenly left circular big hole. Attained the white light penetrating power to be very strong a moment ago, was very far, Shen Xiang does not know that had many trees to be penetrated, he has been trying to other directions, that feeling made him dark crisp. That ray, if shines to the human body on, will make in within the body of person give off heat, making in human body all turn into the flame, but the energies of this trees are too few, therefore the flame only appeared very short did not have instantaneously!” Long Xueyi said: Naturally, your True Qi must be very strong, can stronger to be affected by this Primal Chaos Fire Token.” The Shen Xiang nod said: This Primal Chaos Fire Token can absorb between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi and Immortal Qi voluntarily, forms that type of unusual flame in inside, I can absorb this type of flame to practice, pass this to come to be formidable I Fire Spirit!”

After he has tested the Primal Chaos Fire Token might here, has changed a place, calms the mind condense Soul Creation Fluid. Enters into Soul Martial Realm late stage, after fusing Suppressing Devil Bloodline, his present condense Soul Creation Fluid is faster, were more, even if high level spirit herb, he can duplicate one big piece to come out fast. Five days pass by, his condense Soul Creation Fluid had big cylinder these many, this is taken care of by Su Meiyao, when above he needs spirit herb time, he can let Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou duplicates fast. Yo, your this brat so is how long-drawn-out, ran?” The distant place broadcasts together the sound, making Shen Xiang inspire. This sound is the Du Yanyao grandfather, Du Hai! As the sound conveys, Shen Xiang also saw a valiant old man to appear before him.