World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 629
Shen Xiang had asked Du Hai concealed the reason that he went back, Du Hai said the matter that at that time he came back only then Du Family some old fellow know, these days that he left, Du Family has not presented any big matter, therefore he must consider to go into seclusion. Du Hai has also urged Shen Xiang, making him not tell Du Yanyao and Du Kangsheng, therefore Shen Xiang sees Du Yanyao now, had not said. You did not say that must participate in Alchemy Competition with me? Also, I had said that must let you with Zilan day Ji practice, Hehe.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. But your present situation very danger(ous), although Primal Chaos Mountain has not said anything, but definitely will investigate your, on that Guo Huaqing also has Primal Chaos Fire Token together......” Shen Xiang stretched oneself, says with a smile: I, if were worried that will not come back, felt relieved!” Saying, he has put out Immortal Sword, this was he initially killed that Zheng Chu to obtain, although was inferior Immortal Sword, but compared these treasure tool stronger to be too many. Sees this to sparkle cold light, sprays intense aura treasure sword, Du Yanyao is acclaiming one: This Immortal Sword, does not know that which famous expert's hand stems from!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This gives to you!” Du Yanyao some cannot believe that must know immortal tool are not here many, moreover is expensive, is more expensive than some Immortal Dan, but regarding her who Nirvana Realm does not arrive, immortal tool was rarer, even though he has a fierce father and grandfather, but she most also only then some fierce treasure tool. Shen Xiang also finds that can refine immortal tool Refining Master, are quite few Sacred Dan World, only then Heaven World are many, therefore the Refining Master status here is also very high, therefore causes immortal tool to be few, is very expensive.

Franks, this thing was I kills one fellow who came from Heaven World to obtain in Mortal World, the fellow respective strength was very strong in Mortal World, therefore this thing has more than enough in Mortal World.” What Shen Xiang said is the truth, Zheng Chu is in Suppressing Devil Temple the quite important character, if were seen his Immortal Sword by Devil Subduing School in others hand, then definitely will annoy troublesome. Du Yanyao is also martial artist, moreover usually also with the sword, this she naturally likes Immortal Sword, but was too for her precious, her grandfathers have not given such precious thing to her. Du City Lord, do not rub gently, this point not like ordinary you!” Shen Xiang grabs the sword hilt, has handed over. Du Yanyao has not received, but looks at Shen Xiang with a strange look: Why can give me such precious thing? You can sell out, but can also obtain many crystal stones!” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle: Because you are my fiancee, on the same day on auction stage, you isn't a fiance calls me?” This makes Du Yanyao gawk gawking, on face reappears at once wipes to blush, she maintained the Shen Xiang's time before the bystander each time, was said that Shen Xiang was her fiance, but she truly also very much wants to marry Shen Xiang, but that to let Shen Xiang attended the play that the Saint Dan City palm jurisdictional control contest performed. Such, the fiance gives your gift, don't you want?” The Shen Xiang laughter said that this makes Du Yanyao blush, receives Immortal Sword this. Before Du Yanyao and Shen Xiang, has a tacit agreement, after is they passed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, can deepen among them the sentiment. Thanks!” Du Yanyao has brandished this Immortal Sword, said with a smile gently, with Shen Xiang together, she discovered own actually also had gentle side.

Is familiar with well this sword, I rested first.” Shen Xiang has hit a yawn, returns to the room. He was considering now if wanted collects to be many some resources as if Mortal Martial World in this Sacred Dan World, because he must on Mortal Martial World dull very long a period of time, here many Mortal Martial World very deficient things, if he can bring massively, then he establishes his influence in Mortal Martial World, can definitely at the height of power. Although Earth Level pills in Sacred Dan World are not many, but contrasts Mortal Martial World appears, so long as he has enough crystal stones, can purchase much from here. Shen Xiang they discussed in this issue and Su Mei. Purchases the immortal tool words not to be cost-effective, here immortal tool is very expensive, but you definitely cannot gather in a short time that many crystal stones, when used to purchase some Earth Level pill, that can buy, returns to Mortal Martial World, you take advantage of this rich resources, decides to win over many people to ally his influence!” Su Meiyao said. When the auction, Shen Xiang also knows that some immortal tool prices, truly very scary person, now he also has to cancel this thought. Next morning, Shen Xiang opens the door, sees Du Yanyao to stand in the entrance he, but also is carrying a delicious dessert and fruit, looks at the Shen Xiang directing current saliva. My suddenly remembered me not to eat the delicious thing for a long time!” Shen Xiang rubs hands to say with a smile, although he has not needed these things to supplement the consumption of body, but he eats some good things, for him is also enjoyment. Du Yanyao sees Shen Xiang that greedy appearance, pū chī to smile: This does personally, only then my grandfather can eat the thing that I make personally, my fathers cannot.”

Shen Xiang welcomed in Du Yanyao the room, then wolfed down, did not fear that was seen his ugly table manners by this beautiful woman City Lord. Words that you like eating, later I can do daily to you eat!” Du Yanyao said with a smile sweetly. Um, right Yanyao, I think, when returns to Mortal Martial World, purchases large quantities of Earth Level pills, what good way do you have?” Shen Xiang asked. Heard Shen Xiang saying that must return to Mortal Martial World, in the Du Yanyao heart was secretly uncomfortable, she did not hope Shen Xiang to leave very much, she wants to see Shen Xiang daily. In Sacred Dan World, does the pills business was Sacred Dan Sect, Zilan Immortal Woman is responsible for the Sacred Dan Sect business, waited for the trade fair from the beginning, I looked for her, looked to be able with her approximately a time, let you and she meets alone!” Du Yanyao said. Shen Xiang finished eating that cakes and pastries and fruit quickly, he has hit satisfied belch, said with a smile: I when the time comes certainly have the means to let you with her practice.” Du Yanyao needs one to direct her to walk a person of unusual road, Du Hai and Du Kangsheng, although the strength is very strong, but is not suitable, Du Hai can only Legend Du Yanyao alchemy technique, moreover all day disappears, Du Yanyao such worships Yan Zilan, therefore Shen Xiang, when returns to Mortal Martial World, must help to complete this wish. Sacred Dan Gathering has postponed ten days later, starts once again, today is the Sacred Dan Gathering second program, is lets come from far away to carry on the exchange or trades something, here gathers these many people, can let most people with the thing that the thing exchange or is buys itself to want.