World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 631
Shen Xiang after disguise change appearance, but if the short distances and these old fellow together, will be recognized very much easily. Sacred Dan Sect estimated that now must thank you, because you have killed Lin Yushi and that Guo Huaqing, they did not need to compensate that 200 billion crystal stones, Du Hai this old fellow do not say, made his relieved participated, he will help you level.” Su Meiyao said. In the Shen Xiang hand has Purple Flame Dragon Flower, if Purple Flame Dragon Flower after cultivates, perhaps can also evolve Golden Flame Dragon Flower, when the time comes was promotion dragon medicine, although compared to be also not as good with that Jade Dragon Flower, but little said that can also sell on 100 billion crystal stones. I have Purple Flame Dragon Flower, should be qualified for attending this advanced trade fair!” Shen Xiang said that steps into that huge bidding block, goes to a living room. Responsible person unexpectedly is Yan Zilan this outstanding person, but this is the Sacred Dan Sect business range, moreover is such upscale business, she is responsible for is also very normal matter. Sees Shen Xiang, Yan Zilan is somewhat surprised, the brow wrinkled slightly, then hints other people in this luxurious living room to leave. „Are you Young Master Shen?” The Yan Zilan doubts asked that but on face was actually hanging her charming delightful smiling face, making the person look very enjoyably, wished one could to spit completely own secret. Shen Xiang mounts the beard on face to pull, said with a smile: Zilan Immortal Woman had said that must visit to express gratitude to me, I now am somewhat troublesome, therefore can only visit to make you look like I apologize!” Yan Zilan he he the chuckle gets up: Young Master Shen was really a charming person, Yanyao just had looked for me this morning, said that you had the matter to with me chat alone, you came for this?” Although Yan Zilan expensive is one generation of Immortal Woman, but faces Shen Xiang this strength faint person, does not have what rack, are treated equally with Shen Xiang, the politeness treats, this makes Shen Xiang think very happily. „It is not, but the present was, but this matter waited to discuss again.” Shen Xiang said that Yan Zilan has poured tea to him, Shen Xiang is appreciating her graceful every action and every movement, looks her complexion is hanging light smile, somewhat cannot help but lost.

Yan Zilan sits on a Shen Xiang opposite chair, the peach cheek belt smiles, looks that Shen Xiang drinks the tea that she is making. Shen Xiang has slightly drunk one, said: I must attend that advanced trade fair, does not know that my security can be safeguarded? Naturally, if the Primal Chaos Mountain fellow comes, then I have bad luck, if other people must grasping to sell to Primal Chaos Mountain, your Sacred Dan Sect is responsible for?” This you could rest assured that Sacred Dan Sect is certainly responsible, even if the Primal Chaos Mountain person comes, must give us Sacred Dan Sect several points of Bo Mian!” Yan Zilan said with a smile: Then Young Master Shen you must show something, can prove one are qualified for participating.” Shen Xiang recalled 200 billion losses for Sacred Dan Sect, Sacred Dan Sect Dean looked in this share, no longer ruthless Shen Xiang has killed that Xie Donghao, was better to the Shen Xiang's impression. Shen Xiang has put out Purple Flame Dragon Flower, after Yan Zilan sees, hastily stands up, arrives in front of Shen Xiang instantaneously, carefully looks at that Purple Flame Dragon Flower, she is responsible for the Sacred Dan Sect business, naturally is person of being able to judge the quality of goods, does she such meet does not know this Purple Flame Dragon Flower? „Did this thing suffice?” Shen Xiang asked. Has sufficed, Young Master Shen please on time attend our advanced trade fair tomorrow morning, when the time comes you are this advanced trade fair youngest person, you must be more careful, by these grandfathers deceiving.” After Yan Zilan one startled, said with a smile hastily. As for the registration expense, pays for Young Master by Zilan, is Zilan gives the Young Master apology ritual!” Yan Zilan has not certainly offended Shen Xiang, but Sacred Dan Sect suspected that Shen Xiang steals that Jade Dragon Flower, but Yan Zilan apologizes to Shen Xiang for Sacred Dan Sect. Such being the case, then also really many thanks!” Shen Xiang holds the fist in the other hand, says with a smile, the registration fee will want hundreds of millions crystal stones, Shen Xiang naturally not to reject.

Then Yanyao said that you must with the matter that I meet alone, what matter is also?” Yan Zilan asked in a soft voice. Shen Xiang looked at all around: This is important, can have a better place speech?” Now Yan Zilan will not despise Shen Xiang, can kill Primal Chaos Mountain that to let the penalty elder who the person is panic at the news, this has the strength to be insufficient, but must have the courage, has the background! Shen Xiang kills Guo Huaqing, after having robbed inside Primal Chaos Fire Token, unexpectedly also dares swaggering to come back, moreover his strength also Nirvana Realm, this bold character Yan Zilan has to see, but looked like Shen Xiang this person is not bold, but was a lunatic! Therefore Yan Zilan also believes matter that Shen Xiang said that is important, then she brought her room Shen Xiang. Here is the Zilan Immortal Woman fragrant boudoir!” Shen Xiang sucks in was fluttering the direction, is so unscrupulous, lets the Zilan Immortal Woman cannot help but fragrant cheek one red, can enter man Shen Xiang of her room, but first, and so bold. Young Master Shen, you can say now!” Yan Zilan puts out a chair, making Shen Xiang sit down, but she actually sits , is spreading on the bed of purple bedding. Shen Xiang complexion suddenly becomes earnest: Zilan Immortal Woman, I must confirm first, has about your hearsay real? Is your transcends tribulation time is defeated, but the soul actually still , after then remoulds fleshly body, became an immortal on the accident?” Real!” The Yan Zilan nod said. At this time Long Xueyi said: I had determined that she cultivates Divine Dao, but she takes this road not to be smooth, touches the stone to cross river, danger(ous), could not do well on the fragrant disappearing jade very much has damaged, you can help her!”

Shen Xiang lowers the sound, said solemnly: Now Zilan Immortal Woman, you practice, but Divine Dao?” This lets Yan Zilan tender body, the complexion sudden change, she uses one type to have the vigilant look to look at Shen Xiang, probably is looking at the different races to be the same, she knows that she neutralizes the [say / way] that others walk to be different in this world, she worried that this matter passes on, will be pushed aside. Does not need to be worried, franks, I also practice Divine Dao, but I and you are different, some of my person of directors, have the cultivation technique practice, understood when the use cultivates Divine Dao strength that produces, I think that you should be now a person are alone ** rope, therefore bogs down!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. This makes Yan Zilan more surprised, she had certainly heard cultivates Divine Dao person very little and very few, this is also many people pursues, but must breed Divine Soul to be quite difficult, moreover she also heard that Divine Soul can be robbed by others, therefore she does not dare to practice the Divine Dao matter to disclose herself. But now she hears Divine Dao unexpectedly to be also same as Martial Dao, has the practice way of systematization, has cultivation technique! I can teach some and practice the Divine Dao related thing to give you, but you must accept my condition.” Shen Xiang said. The instruction has cultivation technique about Divine Dao, Long Xueyi had too, if as expected, Shen Xiang also here dull a period of time, can teach to Yan Zilan little.