World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 632
practice Divine Dao humanity is rare, in entire Sacred Dan World possibly not over ten, moreover these people will not mention the way that oneself practice with other people and others are different. However, had heard the Divine Dao person are many, especially these powerful Immortal people, because that is a easier become god road, but must breed Divine Soul extremely to be difficult, but has the rumor, Divine Soul can plunder others, therefore lets practice the Divine Dao person, goes into hiding carefully oneself. Yan Zilan lowers the head slightly, the congealing eyebrow is pondering, can have cultivation technique to practice, definitely will let her twice the result with half the effort. What condition do you want me to accept your?” Yan Zilan asked. Lets Yanyao with your practice, does not need to receive her for the disciple, but lets her with you, if she comes across any difficult problem, you can direct two that's alright.” Shen Xiang said: This condition should too be not difficult!” Yan Zilan sighed one lightly: „It is not truly difficult, she has had this meaning, but I thought that I practice Divine Dao, cannot be too intimate with other people, otherwise was discovered that I do not know that what consequence meets.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This you do not need to be worried but actually that cultivates Divine Dao not to be discovered easily, you don't conceal very much?” Yan Zilan nodded: My Divine Soul is when I cross the Nirvana Tribulation failure is born, I am therefore had not died completely, has preserved the soul, used for ten thousand years to remould fleshly body, although has used for ten thousand years, but my fleshly body actually be much more formidable than before, then bewilderedly broke through, afterward I discovered that I not only wanted body cultivation and True Qi, but must practice that Divine Soul to break through unceasingly.” Is only I practice Divine Soul time, does not have any experience, nobody instructs, can only treat as the soul to practice Divine Soul equally, although also has the effect, but speed actually very slow!” Nine Turn Dragon God Technique is in Imperial Dragon Clan cultivates Divine Soul supreme cultivation technique, the condition that needs is also very harsh, is not Yan Zilan suddenly can begin. But in Imperial Dragon Clan not only then Nine Turn Dragon God Technique this cultivates Divine Soul cultivation technique, many other, are in Imperial Dragon Clan some Old Dragon founds, is used to give cannot achieve the Little Dragon practice of request.

As for that Divine Dao cultivation technique, I can teach sutra to you now, the content are not many, the short time can make you ripe, I think that the time you should be able to comprehend!” Shen Xiang sees Yan Zilan to visit him with an impatient look, his lightly smiled. Yan Zilan waved to arrange barrier, arrived at side Shen Xiang, has filled to the brim one cup of tea to Shen Xiang, she sits side Shen Xiang now. Shen Xiang has drunk one cup of tea, is sucking in beautiful woman Youlan of fragrant, then starts to teach that Divine Dao cultivation technique personally...... To next morning, Shen Xiang has hit a yawn, said with a smile: Can with the Zilan Immortal Woman dull evening, but also is really a very happy matter...... This is the Extreme Profound Divine Soul Art first part, altogether has three parts!” The Yan Zilan chuckle was saying: Although Zilan has not started to practice, but recited this sutra time, has actually untied many difficulties in Zilan heart, was really deeply grateful!” Sees Yan Zilan to smile so beautifully, making Shen Xiang look is lost in thought. Must thank me, helping me look after Yanyao that's alright!” Shen Xiang smiled. Um, my meeting, that advanced trade fair must start, I lead you to enter the arena!” Yan Zilan stood up, arrives in front of the mirror to comb simply, then carried over the room Shen Xiang. Zilan Immortal Woman......” Shouted that I Zilan that's alright, does not need to look on as an outsider.” Yan Zilan cracks into a chuckle, has puzzled she many years of matter, finally has been solved, at this time her is also very happy, moreover she was not thinking one are lonely, because also some people practice Divine Dao, and has given back to she very big help.

Zilan, should better not to mention to Yanyao about this matter, this is also good for her, in order to avoid she does not reveal carefully, encounters the unnecessary trouble, some people to practice Divine Dao, will resort to all means surely, when the time comes takes the words that she threatens, was very troublesome.” I know!” Yan Zilan nodded. Shen Xiang follows in her behind, has walked into a basement, this inside decorates very succinctly, only then some chairs paste in the wall, encircles, has ten positions. They have not arrived, when they came, you naturally knew regularly.” Yan Zilan sits in Shen Xiang position, in the mind was recalling Shen Xiang just taught to her Extreme Profound Divine Soul Art, although understands somewhat strenuously, but she is still excited, after all she currently had a map, although is somewhat complex, but she has the confidence completely to understand. Zilan, do not study first, so as to avoid falls into, you must preside over this trade fair!” Shen Xiang has pulled her Luo Xiu, says with a smile. Yan Zilan smiles to Shen Xiang: Does not have the means that I really very much want to practice now, I thought that depends upon this cultivation technique, quick can break through the bottleneck.” Then I congratulated you first, right Zilan, the Sacred Dan Sect business is you governs?” Shen Xiang asked that now he and Yan Zilan relationship is so good, if wants from her there purchase massive Earth Level pill, to be definitely relaxed. Um!” The Yan Zilan nod said. I urgently needed want some Earth Level pill now, can you give me an aspect?” Shen Xiang whispered.

Does not have the issue, after , said again that now my goods in hand are not many, will cross a period of time Sacred Dan Sect again to me a number of new goods, will make me be responsible for selling, I best will select to give you, will give you a very low price.” Yan Zilan also whispered, the complexion hangs is wiping smiles sweetly. In this underground secret room, Shen Xiang and Yan Zilan chatted a moment later, some people came finally, person Shen Xiang that first came did not know, although seemed like the middle-aged appearance, but came from the Yan Zilan manner, this person of strength was very strong. Quick, other people also came! Shen Xiang!” old man of wear golden color pattern Chinese-style gown has recognized Shen Xiang, on the face full is the accident, he is Sacred Dan Sect Dean. Shen Xiang is very calm, laughed: Right, I make your Sacred Dan Sect not need to compensate 2000 hundred million crystal stones, don't you welcome me now?” Snort!” Although Xie Shilong coldly snorted, but he actually has to acknowledge that Shen Xiang has truly helped his busy, but he cannot, because this matter and Shen Xiang are intimate with, otherwise was known by Primal Chaos Mountain, perhaps also will pursue. In other people, Shen Xiang has seen only such several, when the previous time in the rank meets has seen some old fellow, majority have not come, other these new faces definitely are not the common people, otherwise is unable to sit here. You and Primal Chaos Mountain matter I pay no attention, since you can be qualified for attending this advanced trade fair, then my Sacred Dan Sect will treat impartially, does not divide in any case, everybody please sit down!” Xie Shilong bright sound track, since sees Shen Xiang has handled some row of matters, he does not treat as ordinary little brat Shen Xiang, matter that Shen Xiang handles, absolutely is Sacred Dan World these for several thousand years most Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering.