World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 633
The people of this advanced trade fair came neat, Shen Xiang discovered that Yan Zilan was not a host, similarly was also carries out the transaction. last night, Shen Xiang made Su Meiyao duplicate Purple Flame Dragon Flower with Soul Creation Fluid, the opportunity has used up him condense two cylinder Soul Creation Fluid in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, can make that half Purple Flame Dragon Flower turn into one, energy that obviously this Immortal Level herbs needed how many. I begin!” Xie Shilong put out one has looked like the soft willowy green bead, inside was passing the green gloss, secret green light glow, was similar to the current of water flows in that bead generally. Sees this bead, several old man of being able to judge the quality of goods stare greatly the eye immediately, has expressed a slight exclamation. Wood Emperor Fruit, was an ordinary arboreal growth the hundred thousand year has tied, to cultivating wood attribute the person had very big help, can be used therapy, inside was containing very rich vitality, was a Immortal Level High-Grade fruit, but you had Soul Creation Fluid, you can come out using the Soul Creation Fluid type, this was very easy to obtain to you.” Su Meiyao said. I want to trade Fire Emperor Fruit with Wood Emperor Fruit, or is the fire attribute fruit and flowers herbal medicine or pills of same level rank.” Xie Shilong said. Xie Shilong is Sacred Dan Sect Dean, naturally is also alchemy, but he has not been considered as Dan Immortal, Dan Immortal can refine High-Grade and top grade Immortal Dan alchemy master, but Xie Shilong can only refine low-grade Immortal Dan, although also calculated in Sacred Dan World well, but compared to Du Hai this Dan Immortal, he was much worse. Other nine people in this secret room, had not responded, although this Wood Emperor Fruit is rare, but attraction actually, therefore nobody is willing to trade, this makes Xie Shilong somewhat awkward, this is very disgraced matter. I have half Immortal Level middle-grade Qilin Fruit, if thanked Dean to think that appropriate......” yellow-haired old man was stroking the beard, said slowly. Qilin Fruit, this is the Qilin beast blood of fire attribute has bred, generally grows in some burning hot volcano, is the Qilin beast the place that likes going. Xie Shilong had considered, nod said: Good, finalized!”

Then, the first exchange achieves, Shen Xiang does not get rid now, because he does not know what one need, therefore he, only then others revealed when some good things, Su Meiyao thinks, he will get rid. After more than double-hour, several have exchanged successfully, although also some Immortal Level herbs, but is Shen Xiang from now on will not need, is some refiner material, cultivation technique and magic treasure these things. Yan Zilan with the refiner material that treasures, has traded middle-grade Immortal Sword. Now only then two have not revealed their thing!” Xie Shilong looks at Shen Xiang and wear simple old man, 50% people present are to conceal identity, is some hidden world expert, did not know Xie Shilong. That old man lightly smiled: I thought that this little brother should not have what goal, participates to join in the fun purely.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Is, but in my hand truly something want to take to trade, but has not seen satisfied, does not know that must trade anything good.” That old man has put out a silver ring, lifts up high, had been demonstrating to the people, said: This ring named Immortal Mansion Ring, inside has Immortal Mansion, needs time, can put this Immortal Mansion, does not need time can also let Immortal Mansion in the ring, this ring most major characteristics, can install the live person toward inside, plants the living creature, inside has piece of Immortal field, is used to plant herbs is best!” Takes!” After Su Meiyao hears, immediately gives Shen Xiang this instruction: In this ring and your hand that invisible ring stems from the same person's hand, initially gave me the person of ring is Sacred Dan World comes.” Brings luxurious Immortal Mansion along, this makes the people change countenance, but that old man words have not said: This Immortal Mansion puts, the defensive power is very strong, has many large formation to protect, but needs massive crystal stones to take the formation energy storage, when necessary, this is also a treasure of maintaining life!” This truly is the good thing, on the scene has several people ready to make trouble, waited for that old man to pledge the condition of exchange.

Old Senior, this ring should be able the stealth, to fuse together with the soul!” Shen Xiang asked. That old man one startled, asked back: „Do you know? I just about to say this, have you heard this type of ring?”Um, listened to Senior to mention, you said that condition of exchange, I want! ’ Shen Xiang said. old man said with a smile: Perhaps the little rascal head, you cannot change my this treasure ring!” Friend, you said that's it!” A old man urging said that this Sacred Dan World fierce Refining Master originally few, but refinement this very difficult storage equipment are less, let alone a luxurious Immortal Mansion refined into ring, inside can also install the live person. That old man said immediately: I need to trade high level herbs, best is quite commonly used, as for is anything, that must wait for me to have a look in hand to be best.” Quick, several old man have put out some herbs, even some just exchanged, but majority are only Immortal Level middle-grade, Immortal Level High-Grade also has, but that herbs often does not use, the use is not very big. Takes Purple Flame Dragon Flower, the absolute value, after waiting, you arrived at Immortal World, knew this storage ring expensively, if by the rank, should be sacred tool!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang hastily has put out Purple Flame Dragon Flower, sees that wash bowl size, is similar to the dragon spurts purple fire common fire, people till changes countenance, looks at this dazzling Purple Flame Dragon Flower steadily. This is Purple Flame Dragon Flower, is not no need I to say!” Shen Xiang has smiled saying with a smile.

Those present, several are the alchemy masters, seeing this just like the big flower of purple dragon torching, in the heart the envy to drop the blood, they do not think clearly, Shen Xiang such little rascal, why will have this type of thing, moreover with exchange. Because this Purple Flame Dragon Flower undergoes careful training again the words, but can also become Golden Flame Dragon Flower, when the time comes was Sacred Level dragon medicine, was very precious. If these old fellow are the Shen Xiang's elders, now Shen Xiang definitely will be scolded the stream of abuse by them, but these old fellow also can only look to stare on helplessly now. Xie Shilong already wanted this high quality fire attribute herbs, but he does not have the means now, because everyone could see that Shen Xiang wants to obtain that ring very much. Truly is Purple Flame Dragon Flower, has not thought that the lifetime can see!” That old man has gawked the good moment, praised. Old Senior, exchanges your Immortal Mansion Ring with this, should be very fair!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. That old man laughs, nodded, exchanges with Shen Xiang.