World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 634
Shen Xiang obtained that Immortal Mansion Ring, moreover immediately drops blood owner recognition, integrated in his soul, can along with his intention control, hidden enter in the body not to be discovered. However what makes him somewhat depressed is, he still cannot see inside, but can feel inside space, but he can actually put inside Immortal Mansion, but consumes the spirit, moreover needs a big stretch of open area. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are also very excited at this time, can move into luxurious Immortal Mansion because of them quickly. The advanced trade fair had ended, many people are having the regret, because they look helplessly little rascal has changed a broken ring with Purple Flame Dragon Flower, this makes them hate the tooth to be itchy. After the conclusion, Shen Xiang by the Yan Zilan quietly region to her room. Zilan, did you think that we very much likely have an affair now!” Shen Xiang said grinningly, very optional lying down on Yan Zilan that fragrant purple bunk. Yan Zilan not life Qi/angry, beautiful smile: Your this young mischievous ghost, my this also for your own good, if leaves other people to know that you and I are so intimate, will then annoy Primal Chaos Mountain also to trouble compared with you!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I know certainly that who called our Zilan Immortal Woman to be liked by everybody, the flower saw the flower to bloom, even if were the women cannot have jealousy to come to you, with, let alone man! If who took Elder Sister Zilan you, that affirmation dies happily!” Loquacious, no wonder Yanyao such girl will be coaxed by you docile, can be your fiancee!” Yan Zilan was praised by Shen Xiang, smiled beautifully was sweeter, actually did not lose that noble solemn makings. The female and own relationship that sees this maturity graceful bearing are so intimate, Shen Xiang was somewhat excited, but this has Fairy of very powerful strength. So long as you want, I can also marry your!” Shen Xiang cracks a joke to say. Snort, had Yanyao, you so were corrupt, did not fear that I did tell her?” The Yan Zilan charmingly angry [say / way], that appearance looks at the Shen Xiang mind rippling person intentionally, wishes one could to fall down her, is hugging the bosom.

Relax, you also marry my words, Yanyao because will have such a good elder sister to feel happy.” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle: Elder Sister Zilan likes including the women, she definitely cannot life Qi/angry!” Do not be loquacious!” Yan Zilan purses the lips slightly, charmingly angry. Shen Xiang this, lies on the Yan Zilan bed, but Yan Zilan sits in the bedside, is listening to Shen Xiang that Extreme Profound Divine Soul Art other sutra carefully. Yan Zilan Divine Soul is formidable, comes to one's ear does not forget, Shen Xiang said that her energy remembered, therefore Shen Xiang will teach not to be difficult, moreover to a fragrant graceful bearing beautiful woman. He teaches Extreme Profound Divine Soul Art following sutra to Yan Zilan, at this time the Yan Zilan intimately clothing he, is also pouring tea to pour water to him, to feel grateful Shen Xiang, she also accepted the Shen Xiang's request, helping him pound the back, pinches the leg...... This is she always has to handle the matter, for all that but in her heart actually such does not conflict, because chatted she to be very happy with Shen Xiang. In the Yan Zilan eye, in Sacred Dan World other people are the different races, has Shen Xiang is her similar, but she originally amiable, at this time and Shen Xiang is more intimate. Shen Xiang and Yan Zilan together two days, with this gentle such as water beautiful woman together, making him very satisfied. From the Alchemy Competition also a little time, I takes advantage to teach using the magic power Divine Ability magic arts to you now, but this are not many!” Shen Xiang said. Yan Zilan nodded, at this time she was more excited, she knows certainly that magic power is formidable, but she does not understand the utilization. What Shen Xiang first teaches is 72 Transformations, this undergoes the Long Xueyi agreement, after memorizing 72 Transformations, is three days later. Yan Zilan looks at Shen Xiang with a strange look: That Jade Dragon Flower is you......”

Hehe!” Shen Xiang spits the tongue. This made Yan Zilan pinch the meat on Shen Xiang arm, was angry to say gently: actually you are do, you added at that time makes I apologize...... humph, humph, your courage is really big, if were discovered that that ended!” Shen Xiang can teaches Extreme Profound Divine Soul Art and 72 Transformations to Yan Zilan, represents is trusting her, but Yan Zilan also knows this, she naturally cannot reveal. „Amn't I am all right now?” The Shen Xiang laughter said that also has pinched the white hands of Yan Zilan. Next time will not want, this very danger(ous), but why don't you take away the flower?” Yan Zilan asked curiously. Half sufficed me to use!” Shen Xiang smiled: Continues to pass on merit laws, I have not known that now Primal Chaos Mountain will be what kind of me, if were chased down by them, I must hide very long a period of time.” Yan Zilan Youyou sighed, the Shen Xiang's situation truly made her worry that at this time she has been regarded as the most intimate person Shen Xiang. Light has 72 Transformations to be insufficient, but must attack some Divine Ability, these I not study, I now could not have used, but I can teach to you first.” Shen Xiang said that these Divine Ability were Long Xueyi's, Long Xueyi did not say, Shen Xiang has not known she was grasping that many fierce small Divine Ability. Quick, trade fair had ended, rests one day later, is Alchemy Competition, when the time comes will be well-attended, many famous experts, but Shen Xiang has also completed his heavy responsibility. I must go back, for serveral days Yanyao could not find me definitely to be worried!” Shen Xiang jumps from that bed, is stretching the body. Um, when she does not make City Lord, you make her come here, I also to Sacred Dan Sect will propose when the time comes that I must rest, when the time comes I can with her anchorite a period of time.”

Yan Zilan helps Shen Xiang reorganize the clothes, in eyes full is the tender feelings, looks her is shivering the beautiful pupil under eyelash, Shen Xiang cannot help but suddenly holds in the arms her. Zilan, I look for you after a period of time again, I also need to purchase a number of Earth Level pills!” Shen Xiang is sucking in the delicate fragrance in her beautiful hair, is caressing her fragrant back lightly. Yan Zilan has not thought that Shen Xiang meets suddenly to hug her, her face is pasting the chest of Shen Xiang that warming up, is listening respectfully to Shen Xiang's that violent rapid heartbeat, her face blushes slightly, the heartbeat is also speeding up. Um, gives me!” Yan Zilan should say gently. Shen Xiang loosened her, is caressing her face gently, lightly smiled: Practices Divine Dao well, you are not lonely one person, has me to accompany you!” In Yan Zilan heart one warm, nodded, but Shen Xiang displays Divine Ability, turns into a butterfly to fly from the window, flies toward City Lord's Mansion. Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said: Your this little rascal, unexpectedly is in front of my to do this matter, but you also really have many skills!” Sister Meiyao, you felt relieved that when I make time , helping you move, you can live in the big house quickly!” Shen Xiang said with a smile.