World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 635
In the evening, under beautiful sunset glow mapping, the yard in City Lord's Mansion is especially beautiful, but what is more beautiful is a white clothing female is taking a snow white long sword to wave. Appears regarding Shen Xiang's suddenly, Du Yanyao has also been unalarmed by strange sights, she also thinks that is not clear, why Shen Xiang can always easy approaches her, since the trade fair started, she has not seen Shen Xiang, this makes her many somewhat worry. Where for serveral days did you go to?” Du Yanyao asked in a soft voice, if before were, she will not ask. Attends the trade fair, I saw that Yan Zilan, she complying has let you with her practice, when you did not make City Lord, looked for her that's alright!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: This is using conveniently also the sword!” After Du Yanyao hears, was happy, but always icy she, is only lightly smiled, for all that but actually appears especially beautiful. This is Immortal Sword, definitely uses conveniently!” Du Yanyao said: You have the means, can make Zilan Immortal Woman let me with her practice.” Was right, that Fan Yakun has looked for your several times, has not thought that this fellow makes such big trouble in the family, unexpectedly such quickly can withdraw.” Shen Xiang one startled, hastily asked: He now where? I am he deliver, this fellow can run Mortal Martial World from here, truly somewhat ability! What mistake did he make in the family?” He entered in their Fan Family forbidden land, has robbed several graves, this is the capital crime, but he can now safe and sound participates in Alchemy Competition, definitely had been levelled the senior statesman in family by him.” Du Yanyao said: He the Fan Family restaurant in city, you looked for his that's alright.” Shen Xiang goes out of City Lord's Mansion hurriedly, rushes toward that Fan Family restaurant, in this Sacred Dan World, except for Du Yanyao and Du Hai, only then Fan Yakun knows his details, moreover knows very clearly, now Fan Yakun came, he naturally greeted.

The Fan Family restaurant is giant, Shen Xiang heard that in inside middle small lakes, outside this giant restaurant, very big rivers is also surrounding, to enter the restaurant, but must pass through one to decorate luxurious bridge very much. Enters in the restaurant, Shen Xiang directly asked that the storekeeper said that must see Fan Yakun, but that storekeeper also knows that some people can look for Fan Yakun, therefore hastily welcomed the restaurant topmost level Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang saw that manner graceful Fan Yakun quickly, he wears magnificent clothes, noble aura is threatening, in the hand also takes a shining fan, fan above is inlaying sparkles completely luminous stones. Brother Shen, I know where you regardless, can raise a storm to come, after Ha Ha......” Fan Yakun sees Shen Xiang, clear and resonant voice said while loudly laughing. This does not have anything, I sooner or later will go in any case back, therefore I do not have what worry.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, walked into a luxurious living room, sat by a sapphire table, was drinking a very precious liquor. Fan Yakun laughed: You came not long, to melt Du Yanyao this iceberg, this was makes many famous family juniors admire, in Sacred Dan World, even if were in Primal Chaos Mountain , many people want to take her, was only her grandfather is too fierce, therefore does not dare to come.” Shen Xiang smiled, he and Du Yanyao intentionally acts in a play. Heard that Brother Fan has also made many matters in your family, you can now leisurely here, looked at the Brother Fan skill not to be small!” Fan Yakun mentioned this matter, waved to sigh: Not to mention, I had been made to participate in Alchemy Competition by them, this matter I also secretly hear, Big Shot of major influences chip in the secret, if whose the person of influence obtains first, then wins.”

How Oh? hasn't Yanyao mentioned with me?” Shen Xiang asked with amazement: If I did win? How also to calculate?” Du Family has not participated, because Du Family Patriarch is closing up, takes the lead without this fellow, other Du Family old fellow do not dare to chip in easily! I also heard that Primal Chaos Mountain knew after this gambls in secret, but also sends for mixing, looked possible!” Fan Yakun to rejoice in other people's misfortune tunnel: My Fan Family had more than ten old fellow to get down the initial capital, if Brother Shen also participated, Ha Ha......” I definitely am inferior to Brother Shen, therefore I come to here also to join in the fun, if no potential to strive to defeat, then Sacred Dan Sect this Zhuang Family wins.” Shen Xiang feels the chin, said: If other Primal Chaos Mountain or people obtain Alchemy Competition first, then to make Sacred Dan Sect occupy big convenient?” This is natural, the probability that the Primal Chaos Mountain person wins is quite big, heard that Primal Chaos Mountain is not only to stir yellow this Alchemy Competition, they also to obtain that reward, is anything rewards as for that only then in starting to announce that in brief is good thing that's it, otherwise Primal Chaos Mountain does not want to obtain.” Fan Yakun said. Shen Xiang also very cares about that reward, he sought for Suppressing Devil Bloodline, but then fishes a big ticket to walk in Sacred Dan World. Brother Shen you are more careful, you take away Primal Chaos Mountain two Primal Chaos Fire Token, kills Guo Huaqing and Lin Yushi, they will definitely not give up, although these two people are not popular in Primal Chaos Mountain, but Primal Chaos Mountain to defend their dignity, must grasp with you!” The Fan Yakun urging said that Brother Shen can also appear in Sacred Dan World, he knows that Brother Shen must certainly participate in that Alchemy Competition, because in that case, can stimulate the potential of person to the person, can refine the successful good opportunity strange pills one time, so long as succeeds one time, gained in the experience, next time will build up will be easy. Shen Xiang neutralizes Fan Yakun to chat night to return to City Lord's Mansion in the restaurant, the preparation must face the Primal Chaos Mountain alchemy master, he also feels excited, can look for his trouble as for the Primal Chaos Mountain person, he such was not worried, because Du Hai said that will help him level.

Returns to City Lord's Mansion time, Shen Xiang suddenly feels light burning hot, but a person face in City Lord's Mansion is uncomfortable, the whole body is the sweat, understood at a glance that they are hot. Such matter?” Shen Xiang blocks one maidservant who runs outward, inquired. City Lord practice flame, the whole body braves heat, we cannot bear, has to be far away, was too fearful!” The maidservant the whole body burns at this time burns, Shen Xiang gave her to transport cool water attribute True Qi, making her feel better immediately, expressed gratitude to Shen Xiang hastily. Shen Xiang has Universe Fire Spirit, naturally cannot feel any heat, he arrived in the Du Yanyao dwelling, sees only here plant to be dried up, is braving the smog, but Du Yanyao that house, turned into the ashes. This makes Shen Xiang worry, he worried that the Du Yanyao practice flame time qi deviation, Du Yanyao still cultivates in the underground secret room now, burn the hot air wave to ascend unceasingly from, making the pond in courtyard seethe with excitement, looks at Shen Xiang to be fearful and apprehensive, hastily moves toward the entrance of that underground secret room.